Ram 1500 Gets Sleek, Stylish Look for 2019

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Unveiled today at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 sports a new face and overall look. Not surprisingly, the new Ram is longer, wider and lighter than the vehicle it replaces. With extensive use of high-strength steel, composites and aluminum in body panels and the tailgate, the pickup truck boasts a sleeker, more stylish shape — and it's stronger and more efficient.

The most pronounced changes are to the hood and grille. The 2019 half ton's grille itself is taller and wider with a multibar design for all models except the Rebel, which will keep the large, all-capital Ram lettering along with the "swooping" curve up and over the brand name. All other trim levels get a unique grille design, but will share the Ram lettering through the center bar, meaning that the Ram's head crosshair grille is now gone from the half-ton lineup. (It's still available on the Ram heavy duties — at least until their redesign). Ram also moved the 1500 numbering from the door of the truck to the sides of the hood, where the engine size also is identified.

The hood gets character bulges and stacks similar to the HDs, with a stair-step look that gives it a completely new and imposing look when viewed from a rearview mirror. The waves and bulges in the hood will work well with available Mopar decal packages.

Aerodynamically, the new Ram has smoother lines and the four-corner air suspension will still be available to elevate or kneel at the driver's command. The system automatically lowers when moving faster than 35 mph for less drag. Hidden active grille shutters open and close automatically to help heat or cool the engine bay as needed, which also helps improve how wind moves around or through the pickup.

The Ram 1500 Rebel trim level will continue to be the sportiest of the half-ton models, but it will now be offered in Quad- and crew-cab configurations, along with a choice between a 1-inch-lifted coil spring setup or the adjustable four-corner air suspension. Our guess is that the shorter-wheelbase Quad-Cab Rebel with the coil springs will be a favorite with those who want to customize and modify their rigs to deal with off-road mud and muck.

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The sides of the truck are relatively unchanged, except for softer curves over the wheel arches and the fact that the crew cab is about 4 inches longer now, delivering more legroom to rear passengers. That means a slightly longer wheelbase and overall length.

Beds will still be offered in 8-foot, 6-foot 4-inch and 5-foot 7-inch lengths. And it's worth noting the tailgate of the 2019 Ram half tons, like the previous generation, will have raised black lettering for the Rebel and a newly stylized, more chiseled Ram's head for all other trims. Additionally, the bed height has been raised to better align with the cab windows and help reduce aerodynamic drag.

Sixteen wheel-and-tire combinations — sizes range from 18 to 22 inches — have been completely reworked to offer more choices and to better suit work-duty and trim-level needs. Headlamps get a revamp for 2019 as well, with halogen, full LED and adaptive full LED headlights available. Headlight looks vary by trim level, with Limited models getting a streamlined look, while Tradesman models remain conventionally tall. Taillamps have been completely redesigned to match the front headlamps, offering choices of halogen, LED and LED with blind spot sensors.

The 2019 Ram 1500 can be ordered in 12 colors, eight of which carry over from 2018. The four new colors are Billet Silver, Tri-Coat White, Patriot Blue and Diamond Black Crystal. Some trims can be had in two-tone colors or with a simple black lower panel.

With this 2019 half ton, Ram has created a pickup that is subtle yet dramatic — not an easy thing to achieve with your basic three-box shape.

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Honestly looks better than the mew silverado inside and out

Honestly looks better than the mew silverado inside and out

Seems pretty risky for Ram to go away from the big-rig front end look that they have had since 1994. I am not a fan of the new front end, but the rest of the truck looks pretty good. Interior looks nice. Interesting that they went with mild hybrid on their V-6, should bring them up 2 mpg or so. I think this keeps Ram competitive, but I don't think they will be gaining market share.

Way better looking inside and out than the overdone chevy.

Big Ram Fan here. I gotta see the outside in Person. Still meh about it. I feel that they should of done better with the Headlamps. But the interior is Best in class no doubt. Love what they did. Homerun.

Is it a car or truck, cannot tell these days...

Wow! that looks really good. I like it better then the Chevy!

Now comes the real issue.

Reliabilty and safety.

We will see how FCA does with a from the ground up redesign.

The last one had enough recalls and it was never this extensive.

Very nice looking great interior on the new ram. The chevy looks nice as well always fun to see new things. Truth is we will still only buy fords no reason to change they work.

looks like an old durango

Awesome truck! This may have a chance at number 2 takeover.


Yup Ford will be losing more market share and fast! Good job RAM!

Go get Chevyota Ram!!

Looks good from the side and back. I’m not thrilled with the front end, it looks like a vertcle wall as the bumper does not stick out past the grill and the hood is really long.

looks like an old durango

Posted by: 99fxd | Jan 15, 2018 7:21:34 AM


I was thinking Dakota really.

Their front end styling is quite a departure from their bold, big rig theme. To me, it looks like a Durango from the front. Not very imaginative.

At least there is some long lasting styling here. Ford and Chevrolet have taken on the LEGO look and Chevrolet has gone too far. Too busy.

wow ford truck look ugly now compare to ram and gm,,,

Nice truck. Especially the red on at the top. Of course it's all new and is appealing for that reason alone. But honestly, this exterior design will wear on us quickly and there really isn't any distinguishing styling points that catches ones interest. It's all quite vanilla looking. As for the interior, that hugh center screen just isn't complementary to the overall interior and dash design. There is no sense of flow. The screen seems to break the right and left side of the dash into unfinished sections.

No crasshairs? I’d like to know why.

Looks like they crossbred the GMC and a Ram and ended up with an over priced hillbilly that isnt smart enough to get a GED. That Fiat is ugly.

Why do people call these Fiats? We don't call Ferrari or Maserati's Fiats do we?

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