Ram Airs First Commercial for 2019 Ram 1500

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Ram isn't wasting any time. From the looks of it, the truckmaker will start hitting the airwaves immediately with TV commercials to let the world know there's a new choice in the half-ton pickup truck class: the 2019 Ram 1500. The new pickup debuted at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where it was named Best in Show by sister site Cars.com.

This first commercial — we're guessing several more will be rolled out during the next few months — features the fast-rising country group The Tennessee Kids singing Ram's new theme song while a diverse series of Americans are shown working alongside a new Ram 1500. The song — the familiar "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" — aims its message at the heart of the average truck owner, emphasizing hard work, loyalty and courage.

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Ram will never have the power and performance to match the F-150 Eco-Boost

Ram will never have the massive engine problems that the Ford Ecoboost has had since 2011.

"Best in show" for what?? That gimmicky screen and bland design?

I was going to comment, but after reading the first three comments for this video I changed my mind.

From the reactions I hear from friends and family in the past, these Ram commercials are VERY effective in boosting interest in the brand. Farmers and "country folks" love the nod that Ram gives them. The Ram "Farmer Commercial" during the superbowl in particular. It's probably a contributor to the consistent sales growth Ram has had with a relatively old truck. The other reason would be the massive incentives and subprime auto loans but I digress.

The new Ram got a lot of much needed upgrades (progressive coil springs). The new interior is great (other than that awful shift dial). The 12 inch screen is neat but I have no interest in it. I'm very disappointed they really didn't do anything with the engines other than the mild hybrid system. I hope the new truck does well though.

All I got from this video is bunch of city slickers wanted to play dress up and act country. Dumb ad to me, now the super bowl ad like someone said above was great!

I liked their previous farming, USA, hard work inspired commercials. This one, not so much. It looks like a city slicker inspired fake farmer commercial. "...I got cakes on the griddle" and they show crème brulee? Wow. The Farmer wannabe.

Ram the leader in off road trucks.


Something tells me that commercial was made by Democrats.

Really sad when someone has to spoil the comments by inserting a political comment into it.

It's sad that Ram highlights people in their commercials that won't be driving their trucks too.

On to the truck now...
It looks better than last gen's body, or a little more going on at least. The chrome looks like a Kia Sorrento has been chopped off at the back though.

It looks like those mirrors are convertible tow mirrors too. The things that grind my gears the most on the road are people not using signals, not turning their headlights on at night, and most notable, the guys driving their Dodges with tow mirrors fully extended with not even a trailer hitch attached. Those mirrors are just too much.

excluding the chrome capped mirrors might I add. but the black plastics look like they swing up in some of the photos from the site.

Yeah the Ram tow mirrors folded out with a ghost trailer on the back drives me nuts too. Usually its the truck owner's kid driving the truck around with the mirrors out. Most of the older cummins trucks I've seen lately have been driven by 18 year olds that love being loud and obnoxious, and the mirrors all the way out.

This commercial doesn't do it for me. I loved the super bowl farmer commercial tho. Nearly everyone I know mentioned it at some point over the following days.

Ram will never have the massive engine problems that the Ford Ecoboost has had since 2011.
Posted by: Rammins

Your assertion on Ecoboost is far more anecdotal than factual. On the other hand RAM has had well documented reliability issues across the board. The RAM product has been steadily improving, but not yet out of the woods.
I think this truck, the 2019 is well poised to surpass Chevy Silverado. It is admirable to look two levels up(Ford) as the goal to beat, but keep focus on the next level within reality( Chevy).

That Ram lost 2 things, and now is a sheep,

All these trucks look like they’re ready to compete for loyalty. I heard Toyota is bringing some news to the next auto show and Titan made some frame updates to improve offset crash ratings. Ram’s new frame looks interesting, and Chevy finally centered their steering wheel. Fords got a new diesel in the mix as does Chevy (the Gm diesel looks like it could be the best half ton diesel combo offered but that’s yet to be proven). All in all, when I get ready to buy a new truck in the next year or two, I should have my work cut out for me. I’m not brand loyal, I’d rather they be loyal to me.

Ram will never have the power and performance to match the F-150 Eco-Boost

Posted by: Ecoboost Rules | Jan 18, 2018 4:08:44 PM

STOP! Your comments are embarrassing.

Truck looks nice however that video sucks.

Lame 😒!!!!!!!

Yea, I have like the Ram commercials over the past few years but this one not so much. I like they show different genders and races but too much city and not enough hard work.

@ Ecoboost Rules,

RAM already had more power than the Eco Boost,The 2003-2006 SRT 10 RAM,that was de-tuned at 510 hp and 540 torque..The rating of 505 hp/525 torque was under rated and moved to 510 & 540 and still DE TUNED !!! And with a 4 speed auto or manual trans in the single cab,12 second 1/4 mile truck while burning the tires..I have a 05 SRT 10 Quad Cab I bought new that ran 12.98 with the stock quad cab automatic,I am a X drag racer and can hook them ,still spun 60 ft..13.6 is what I have seen and 5.2 0-60 with tire spinning testers,still had an easy .5 off the 1/4 and .4 off the 0-60 !

RAM RT runs 5.3 0-60 today with the 5.7 HEMI and 8 speed automatic !!

Add a Turbo to the HEMI and its a low 12 second 1/4 mile truck

FYI,you might want to eat your statement,if RAM ever puts the Hellcat engine in its truck Furd 6 cyl Mama Engine is done..

I know the ecoBoost makes power albeit two turbo's,Chrysler had Turbo cars in the 80's that beat 5.0 V8 Mustangs and 5.7 Camaro's !!

Again,the ecoBoost is a powerful engine but its sound is horrid and so is the gas mileage,it cant even get better mpg than a 6.2 GM or a 5.7 V8 RAM ! And the furd is 850 pounds lighter they say and pitting tin can that melts to nothing in a fire (research f 150 fires they melt to nothing like a Semi Truck as they are also Aluminum)..

So,to brag a lighter,aluminum,6 cyl truck is quicker isnt much to brag about,nor is getting worse mpg isnt much to brag about either..

Brilliant Commercial !! Love It !

Ford truck Commercials ,it sounds like the guy talking is seriously Constipated !!!! Buy a Ford,get Constipated !

I would like to remind all those who are predicting total sales domination by the RAM brand that recent sales increases were due to pricing and not primarily anything dominate in the design. With a nearly all new design, the pressure to recover R@D costs will prevent the RAM from being offered with the same incentives and pricing that has allowed them to make their sales increases of recent years.

Best looking truck to come from the Detroit 3 ever. If more people would test drive a Ram, more people would realize what they are currently driving just doesn't equal it.

The 2019 Ram is the most complex truck ever they have ever come out with. The electrical system is ridiculous on it. Considering FCA's brands have lined the bottom of CR's annual reliability surveys for years, an all new truck with an extremely complicated electrical system is a perfect storm.

For a truck ad that's pretty odd.

Showing serious farmers, outdoors, horses, using their trucks to move the mandatory hay bales mixed with urban/city/never ever going to own or drive a truck without the truck yet somehow celebrating it.

The music works the imagry is at least half off (night club, sub way, street walking in the city).

Your engine comments are not relevant. 12 years ago my grandpappy had v10 RAM, yaddda yadda - who cares? Trucks are not seriously designed to go fast. That was never their intent. The SRT, SS454, Lightning, etc are all for, say it with me, MARKETING

Back in 1993 Dodge came out with the new Ram. It was their first new truck in almost 20 years. It turned the industry upside down and suddenly an also ran became a major player. GM copied this truck a lot when the 1999 SIlverado and Sierra came out. Ram blew it for a while and went over the top with the next design by then this '09 came out with it's looks and luxury and everyone else copied that truck in one way or another.
Ram, compared to GM or Ford is tiny in size but I find they are a leader in innovation and are not afraid to try new things.
This new truck is sharp, crisp and clean and I for one, think GM will lose out to Ram in half ton sales over their "busy blunder" and Ford will be forced to continue to improve.

That's a win for all us Ford, GM, Import guys.

so Ram wants to show the 2019, so no one buys the 2018....
or the 2019 ha

At least it wasn't a "real moron" commercial...

Nearly half of the ad is life in the BIG city and the truck only appears in a single urban shot.

Also that's a HORREIBLE salute that "naval officer" (hope it was an actor) gives.

Its a very odd ad.

That’s the problem with country music today. It all sounds just like pop and rap music.

The new Ram logo at the end is even stranger than the ad. That will take a while to get use to.

Nearly half of the ad is life in the BIG city and the truck only appears in a single urban shot.

Also that's a HORREIBLE salute that "naval officer" (hope it was an actor) gives.

Its a very odd ad.

Posted by: Clint | Jan 19, 2018 11:23:28 AM

Just like ur comment. Go kiss your Service manager on your next recall Ford boy. Nobody gives two cents about what you think.

This new truck is sharp, crisp and clean and I for one, think GM will lose out to Ram in half ton sales over their "busy blunder" and Ford will be forced to continue to improve.

That's a win for all us Ford, GM, Import guys.

Posted by: Old GM Guy | Jan 19, 2018 7:32:59 AM


So GM will lose out to RAM this year in half ton sales?

Ram sold 500k trucks last year. GM sold over 800k.

Somehow you believe that Ram is going increase their sales by over 300k this year?

They couldn't make enough trucks if they wanted to. Gm nips on Ford's heels for overall full-size truck sales. In the past they sold more than Ford without the mid-size. A good year for GM and Ram may be doubled up is more likely.

Whatever your smoking bud, WOW!

Really dislike the commercial, but love the new Ram! Impressed with the design, features, etc.

Really great time to be in the pickup market!

The VERY 1st time a 'true' rancher/farmer used a Dodge-RAM, it would be headed to the dealer for repairs. I know, I owned them and that is what happened to each of them. I finally got smart and took the hit and rid myself of them forever,

Looks more like a 2000 Silverado and a Ford edge/Ranger . Not bad looking, just too soft looking, no aggressive truck look, low riding like a car. No engine changes. The new Chevy will outsell it easily, most truck buyers like an aggressive look, the new Chevy is just plain burly, and guys ate chomping at the bit to get one already. My ecoboost is going away soon, I waited to see the new Ram and Chevy, the Chevy with Diesel inline 6 is very appetizing. Also like the GMC Canyon Duramax, which is proving to be very reliable.

@OLDGMGUY. I remember well when the Ram style changed in 92. At that time is was so very polarizing. Some people loved it, some hated it. I remember reading that some Chrysler executive said “we only have 3% of the truck market now, so if only 6% of the people love this new truck we will double our business “. And the rest is history!

That video was an awful way to promote this new truck, should have did a commercial for the new RAM based on the "GUTS-GLORY" motto!

What a stupid commercial. I'm sure Ram will be bankrupt again and looking for another bailout if they keep making commercials like that. Plus their truck sucks in reliability and safety compared to GM and Ford.

I like the New Ram exterior, the interior is OK but that center screen is too much, my gosh way to much to go wrong. Ram electronics have been terrible in my 2017 Ram, so adding more is not good. I like inline diesels, so the V6 eco diesel isn't going to work for me.
I see that GM has an inline diesel in the new 1/2 ton, that is a very wise move, most of us pick up truck owners here in the oil fields prefer the inline diesel engines. Nobody up here buys the gas engine trucks anymore, they use too much fuel and have no torque.

I like this new Ram better than I thought I would. FCA will sell a lot of these and will be knocking on GM and Fords doors. This new design is long overdue. Good to see FCA spend resources on Ram and Jeep, these are both rainmakers for FCA.

I actually kind of like this commercial, but I prefer John Denver's original version of the Country Boy song. At least this Ram commercial doesn't put down its competitors.

Ram commercial, dang I thought it was a Food Network or Insurance commercial.

Ram commercial, dang I thought it was a Food Network or Insurance commercial.

Well the Chev has the Ranger dash and the Ram, had to outdo the GM guys with a Rangerlike front end.

The Ram looks nice though, I do think its the nicest looking of the new pickups, even considering the Ford aluminium wunder trux (they now look really outdated and cheap).

I think the current direction in pickup truck styling is good, moving away from the cheap slab sided boring styling.

My question is if Ram is advertising their new 2019 Ram then when will it be available to the public? It would seem that this would be available very soon otherwise Ram loses the momentum of its advertising.

Ram the truck with no name.

Ram the truck with no name.

Posted by: Stephen Pearcy | Jan 23, 2018 12:15:32 AM

Ram isn't an acronym, it's a name. Only Ford currently produces a truck with no name, the F-150 series. At least FORD decided to give their other full size truck a name, Superduty, to help differentiate the 2 models.

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