Toyota Pickups Rank Among Longest-Kept Vehicles

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Ever wonder which vehicles are being kept the longest? Not surprisingly, several pickup trucks are among the top 15 vehicles that owners keep the longest.

According to a recent study of long-lasting vehicles conducted by, the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma make the list along with the Nissan Frontier.

How did they rank? The Frontier took 14th place, with 11 percent of its owners keeping the mid-size pickup 15 years or more. The Tacoma took eighth place, with 12.4 percent of its owners keeping it at least 15 years. And the Tundra ranked the highest among pickups in third place, with 15.7 percent of owners keeping the full-size pickup at least 15 years.

The automotive research firm looked at more than 650,000 vehicles from model-years 1981 to 2002 sold in 2017. Of the top 15 vehicles, nine were Toyotas, which also took the top five spots and eight of the top 10. The survey also calculated that the Tundra is more than twice as likely to be kept longer than the average vehicle, while the Tacoma is 1.8 times more likely.

Other pickups that owners keep for at least 15 years include the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (8.4 percent), GMC Sierra 1500 (7.4 percent), Ram 1500 (6.3 percent) and Ford F-150 (6.3 percent).

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@ Ecoboost Rules,

Sorry to burst your ignorant bubble but the Tacoma is and has been the number 1 vehicle period to have the highest retention of value!

@ Ken,

You sound like a typical social justice liberal whiner!

Toyota trucks get used, they can take it better than other trucks!

I run oversize tires on both of my Tacoma's, that puts a huge burden on the drivetrain and suspension, and they both hold up well!

@ Brawndo,

You sound like a typical confused liberal.

Toyota trucks are reliable trucks period.

The simpler, the better and more reliable. You 'gurls' with these new 8 & 10 speed trannies will wish you never saw them in several years, maybe even sooner. I hope Toyota keeps their 6 spd forever in their Tundras. And their 5.7 engine.
Posted by: TUNDRA forever | Jan 31, 2018 6:31:53 PM

Simpler? GM's pushrod V8's use less than half the moving parts as a Toyota 5.7 V8, yet make similar and use less fuel doing so. They also leak less oil last time I checked LOL.

From 1975 to 1995, Toyota sold their compact pickups as "Toyota Pickup".

In 1993 they introduced their first attempt at a larger version, the T-100.

In 1995 they renamed the "Toyota Pickup" and called it the Tacoma.

In 1999, the first generation Tundra replaced the T-100. By this time the Tacoma name had been in use for four years.

The second generation Tundra was released in 2007.

Posted by: Montesa_VR | Jan 31, 2018 11:10:39 PM

Actually, they didn't rename the small pickup(hilux) a tacoma. The tacoma was a whole new small truck. The small pickup(hilux) continued to be produced over seas. Since the introduction of the tacoma, toyota has 2 small pickups for different markets, the tacoma for grocery getter America and the hilux for duty work of thr rest of the world.

Has anyone thought that one of the reasons the Tacoma is being kept so long is because it is also SMALLER than the current ones? Sure, the size difference may not be huge... only 5% or so, but the newer ones are bigger...only 10% smaller than full sized.

I have three Toyotas now (two for the kids). My present is a 2016 Tacoma. An amazing truck. I go to Japan often on business and have visited the Toyota museums. Their attention to perfection is otherworldly to us. But, I do not consider it politicizing this subject incorrectly to bring attention to Japan's whaling activities. These are advanced creatures who have no voice and are being killed for no good reason. The whales are along the lines of being self-aware like most of us Humans. Not only do the Japanese hunt whales under the guise of "research" (and then consume the flesh), apparently they now are set to expand their operations.

Now it makes sense why their annual sales are lower than competition. They never buy a new truck just keep driving the one they got. That is what Dave Ramsey does. Don't ever buy a new anything. Biggest loss of value after 1st year of any purchase you could make. Don't keep kicking your debt down the road. Create some equity and enjoy being able to sleep at night..

I question the lack of updates in technology and feature take on it. Maybe if it were one of the big three trucks, but Tundra owners doubtfully possess the same level of brand loyalty as other half ton truck owners. Any 15 year Tundra owner wasn't driving a Tundra before that and before that.

You're kidding, right? An F150 is the cheapest resale value of any truck. A truck ius never an investment, if you drive it.

A Ford pickup is an investment!

You sir, are a Ford salesman, and don't want to tell us that..

Yup, I have never kept a pickup truck of the past as long as I have kept my 2009 Tundra. CrewCab/4doors/4x4. what more could a person want?

Hey, 165K+ miles on the odo and it's all factory original!

I never had that happen with any of my Detroit trucks of the past.

And I'm going to drive my Tundra 'til the wheels fall off, and then I'm going to buy a new Tundra!

You betcha!

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