2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Hits the Road: Spied

RangerWildtrakMI.d02.KGP.ed II

If the response to our recent Ford Ranger Raptor post is any indication, there are plenty of mid-size pickup truck enthusiasts looking forward to the Ford Ranger's return to the U.S. market. We're guessing plenty more are looking forward to high-performance versions of the Ranger as well.

So, feast your eyes on the photos below, just sent by our spy shooters who caught the globally popular Ford Ranger Wildtrak testing outside Detroit.

Here's what they had to say:

"The Wildtrak trim level has served the global markets as the Ranger's top-end model and its unmistakable design cues are clearly evident on this prototype. The 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak will continue to offer special buttresses aft of the C-pillar, along with the higher bed-sill extensions that run along the outer edges of the box.

"The proper U.S.-spec left-hand-drive interior shows the prominent orange stitching on the dash, seats, armrests and shift boot - all cues from past Wildtrak models. The seats have fabric camouflage covers, likely to hide the usual Wildtrak graphic that typically adorns the seats.

"This Wildtrak prototype also had a 115-volt power outlet bolted into the driver's side of the truck bed sidewall, forward toward the bulkhead.

"Underneath, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak looks to have a higher ground clearance. The usual side-exit exhaust on the Ranger FX4 has been moved well up within the underbody, protected by the frame, allowing better departure angles.

"This particular Ranger Wildtrak prototype is a diesel, confirmed both by a sticker on the fuel-filler door and by the black smoke that belched out of the prototype on its cold, subzero start. The exhaust can clearly be seen emanating from the Wildtrak's underbody, instead of out the side."

KGP Photography images


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@Lionel--Viewing the link that Robert Ryan provided it does look like the same Ranger Wildcat you have in Australia. My question would be what will be the difference? Possibly less towing and hauling capacity since Australia seems to have more than the US versions have in other models. If it is the same truck then why bother with the camos since anyone can look it up on the internet.

I meant Wildtrak not Wildcat. Wildcat was a Buick.

looks like an Chevy Avalanche mated with a Honda Ridgeline.

looks like a Chevy Avalanche mated with a Honda Ridgeline.

If, as you state the information regarding the Ford 3.2 diesel shortcomings is "that easy" to find and I'm having a problem sourcing this information as I own a Ford 3.2 diesel and the information could be useful for me down the track and also give me an idea on what to look out for, ie, impending problems.

Can you provide the links? Why are you being such an A'hole regarding this? You claim to have this information and I can't find it, so help out a "fellow" pickup guy.

What is wrong with you?

@ Jeff S
I can answer that. The Ranger is exported to about 100 markets .Many have different requirements.( Nissan Navara 133 markets)
Ford's Design and Develoment Centre in Geelong Victoria Australia changes the Ranger for those markets.
US Ranger I expect will be lighter as it's payload will be much lighter as well. No Ecoboost for ANY Global Ranger. Ford offers a 2.2 and 3.2 diesel here( you can count the number of 2.2 engines on one hand here, more suited for European and some Asian markets)

@Robert Ryan--I thought that was the case but I was not sure. The truck itself looks good. Thanks for the link to the video.

Robert Ryan,
Ford also provide the 2.5 petrol engine in the global Ranger.

As for the Eco Boost. It will appear in the global Rangers.

I read a very interesting article regarding Australia and it's input into the global vehicle market, especially the larger vehicles, midsize and up. We are the most significant contributor to global pickup design, not just from Ford.

Nissan, Toyota, GM and others use the Australia market as the gauge on which the higher end pickups are based.

So, essentially, I believe that 2.0 litre diesel Raptor had much Australian involvement in it's evaluation. Except Ford got it wrong.

Look at Ford Australia's Mustang sales to replace the Falcon. I do believe a Ford should release the base Ranger (low rider) which is along the lines of a more traditional ute with the 3.5 or even 2.7 EcoThirst. GM should do the same.

As for your comments, Ford supplies over 180 global markets with the Ranger.

Where is the link on the 3.2 Ford diesel's woes?

I thought you would help a fellow pickup person.

Why are you so inane and protective about this?

Where is the link on the 3.2 Ford diesel's woes?

I thought you would help a fellow pickup person.

Why are you so inane and protective about this?

Wish some of the manufactures would build a midsize truck with a regular cab, 8' bed and a manual!

Posted by: Woopud | Feb 26, 2018 10:35:55 AM

I have counted and you are unofficially the 33rd person that wants that combo. Seriously, I think the market is so small for a regular cab mid size that they would lose money selling them.

I owned a 2002 SportTrac. Was one of my favorite vehicles ever.

A single cab midsize pickup will handle a 6'x8' tray (flatbed).

I believe the US could benefit from a cab chassis midsizer. Drop our rear suspension on them and they can carry the same weight as the lower end of HD pickups. The 6x8 bed offers a larger flat area than a full size with the standard pickup tub.

This would make a cheap workhorse.

@the guy down under

Since 99% of your comments about me are negative, full of name calling and cheap innuendo, you can go Google your own homework. G'day, mate!

@Big Al rom Oz
Like the Hilux the small Petrol engine is sold obscure markets like Algeria and Egypt
No the Ecoboost will not appear in the Global Ranger, that is why Ford concentrated on the new 2litre Diesel engine
As far markets the Ranger is sold in that I think is conjecture no matter what Ford PR states.I would think a similar range to the Navara , Isuzu Ute ect

I don’t know about the axles, but that cam bolt on the lower control arm is definitely a Toyota cam bolt.

@the guy down under
Since 99% of your comments about me are negative, full of name calling and cheap innuendo, you can go Google your own homework. G'day, mate!

Posted by: papajim | Mar 2, 2018 8:43:29 AM

I'm not the guy from down under but avoiding a direct challenge for me is like admitting you don't know $hit & "you're busted"...


Get you some uh dat!

Robert Ryan,
I was in Abu Dhabi working for over 6 months last year and all the hire vehicle pickups we had were petrol, Ranger, Hilux, etc. The only diesel among them were the Tritons. So it appears the Middle East use small four cylinder gas engines.

I had a F-150 with a 5 litre V8, Expedition and a Kia Sorento.

The Expedition was a piece of shout, the F-150 looked as if it was produced in India or China. The interior was like poorly fitted Tupperware. Low quality plastics.

The Sorento, well, what can I say. Poor as well.

In the US when I'm there I usually get a Ram 1500 Hemi. It is a lot nicer than the F-150. The 5 litre feels "four cylinderish" and revvy, whereas the 5.7 has a nice torquey V8 feel.

I think it´s likely that the new Ford 4 cyl 2 liter inline diesel has a block in CGI, the same as the 3 l V6 diesel in F-150, the 6.7Power Stroke and some other Ford engines has. The tech provider Sintercast has recently installed an upgrade for Tupy in Mexico for volumeproduction in 2018 and Sintercast CO Stewe Dawson is now claiming that a inline diesel will come and he is (absolutely confident) about that.
This is in line with the Ford Rangers debute "One exec even hinted that it could produce more power."
I think Ford needs CGI to cope with even higher loads.

"It is amazing they continue to mask the same truck they have been building over seas for 4 years. Does Ford think people don't have the inter net ?"
Posted by: steve mccormick | Feb 26, 2018 8:11:04 PM

You mean like how gm did when they were testing the colorado/canyon twins before bringing them here?

I've seen some people say that is an 8.8 differential. So are they now making an 8.8 in a removable carrier version, like the old 9 inch?

I was at a traffic light driving home from work in El Paso and noticed the next to me in traffic was a New Ford Ranger Pick up. Interesting looking should compete well with Colorado, Canyon, and Ridgeline. Need more time and a closer look.

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