2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star Edition Gets a Dallas Debut

2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star 1[5] copy II
Ram chose the 2018 DFW Auto Show (aka the Dallas Auto Show) to debut the latest version of the all-new 2019 Ram 1500: the Lone Star Edition. This Texas-only trim level is loaded with many of the most-ordered features across the Ram lineup.

Like many other half-ton truckmakers, Ram knows it must have something special for the biggest pickup truck market in the country. That's why Ram started the state-centered trim-level trend back in 2002 with the first Lone Star Edition. Since it debuted, Ram has sold more than 250,000 Texas-only models.

The value-focused 2019 Lone Star will offer 18-inch aluminum wheels, foglamps, chrome front and rear bumpers, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a choice between a 60/40-split front bench seat or bucket seats with a center console. Many other upgraded features are available for the Lone Star, such as Ram's exclusive four-corner air suspension system, a locking rear differential and 20-inch wheels.

Lone Stars will be offered in crew- or Quad-cab configurations, as a 4x2 or 4x4, and with the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 engine or Hemi with the eTorque mild-hybrid system. The 3.6-liter V-6 with eTorque will be available later in 2018. The Lone Star will be available when the new Ram 1500 goes on sale in March.

Manufacturer images

2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star 2[7] copy II

2019 Ram 15600 Lone Star 3[9] copy II

2019 RAM 1500 Interior - LONESTAR Black-Frost_resized_3 II

2019 RAM 1500 Interior - LONESTAR Black-Frost_resized_3A II



Best looking truck built anywhere

Beauty is subjective, nice truck tho.
I wonder if they improved on the crash ratings.

beautiful truck!


Nice looking, it’s the big brother of the European Fiat fullback pickup truck, similar style

Best looking RAM to date [IMO].

Grnzel1 no one has posted the crash test ratings yet. However, two very significant changes were made to the frame that indicate that the ratings will improve. The front frame rails are splayed to reduce offset crash intrusion and they also added the frame extensions behind the front wheels like ford. Hopefully they publish results soon.

I like the name better for the Texas version than the overused "Texas Edition" or the "Longhorn" that sounds like a bull in sheep's clothing.

Most folks know where "Lone Star" comes from and just sounds less precocious.

The styling is clean looking but I worry they are starting to mimic auto styling.



@chingone; Have you been diagnosed for Tourette's Syndrome?

Wow....I live in Texas, looking good might just have to get one of these

Good looking truck!

Give it to me with 2000 lbs for payload and we got a deal.

Great looking truck so much better than Silverado.

This is the kind of truck that can steal fanboys away.


Not bad looking, I like the more aggressive look of the older 2005 model. The truck that stole me away From Ford will be the new Silverado, that is one good looking truck.

Good looking truck with time tested powertrains and great new interior for ppl that like tech, they also share the longest lasting trucks on the road status with GM trucks. So matter how you look at, it is till better then that Ford trash!

Nice truck. The headlights remind me of the 2007 Tundra design.

cheap plastic chrome hubcaps

Ford done cheap plastic everything so?

Australia has the world's largest reserves of bauxite. So build more aluminium trucks, we need more cash.

The diehard American pickup truck guys are getting anxious about the potential demise of the 1/2 ton truck. Just like the muscle car and huge NA cars of the 50s, 60s and 70s your pickups will change, for the better.

HDs will still be around but more so for those who really use them.

Remember a lot of these are lifestyle vehicles and fashion statements. For the one eyed brand buyers your companies will offer decent and competitive alternatives, that will excite you.

@papajim--This could help Ram keep up with the Silverado sales numbers, but the look of that front end caused me to vomit a little bit.

still not the real Jeff S

This truck has a face I can live with. Glad they didn't let the boys with a brick and box of Legos into the styling studio.

F-150 has real chrome alloy wheels !
The "That's My Dodge" has plastic chrome hubcaps !

like I said before: you got to have rocks in your head to spend $8000 to $10K MORE for a Dodge where you spend LESS - MUCH LESS for a new F-150 !

This thing has a face only the ram de italia cupcakes would love. This pile of junk takes boring to a whole nother level lol.

Give me a 2019 silverado LTZ over this thing anyday.

The new silverado has this thing beat by a mile

Ran went from arguably the best looking truck to the ugliest truck on the road.

Ram went from arguably the best looking truck to the ugliest truck on the road.

Really. Please play with the boys.

It appears your comments are generally anti social, or authoritive.

You don't hold the creed to act in such a way. Please again in a friendly note of caution, play with the boys.

I empathise with your shortcomings regarding your personality, like most do here at PUTC.

Now, what did your comment have in relation to Ram vs Chevy sales and the Lonestar?

I missed that part. So, please re-submit a comment detailing your views on Lonestar sales and enlighten us with your knowledge.

I agree with Jeff S.

This morning I saw one of those Mercedes Van's 2500 again at the high school I run at. I would find it hard to believe that it's cab forward design would be rough riding. Clearly not much of a front end for most on hear to talk about, but sure saves a lot of space. Put a conventional bed on the 2nd half of it, and could create a new utility vehicle category in this country. It was nicely low to the ground too for loading things. Oh sorry guys: I forgot this is a tough truck only site. :-)

Looks like Fake Robert Ryan has agreed with Jeff S

Should guns be banned from schools?

Can someone please explain to me the “cheap plastic hubcaps” comments? The Rams appear to have metal (aluminum or steel) wheels to me. Unless your talking about the center hub cover. Which has been plastic on many vehicles (trucks and cars alike) for a ver long time. But to my understanding, hubcaps cover everything on the face of the wheel that isn’t rubber.

These new Rams look like the 2000 Silverado , even have the same wheel arch shape, kind of elongated, which I like. But the Ram isn't supposed to look sleek and car like, it is supposed to look aggressive. Seems like GM and Ram switched places, the new GM trucks have the most aggressive, tough look of all 3 now, and the Ram looks the least aggressive, kind of softish. I sure hope the Ram HD keeps a tough look or I will be going GM Duramax.


Ram went from arguably the best looking truck to the ugliest truck on the road.


Seems like GM and Ram switched places, the new GM trucks have the most aggressive, tough look of all 3 now, and the Ram looks the least aggressive, kind of softish.



Why do guys care what their truck looks like?
You are like women.
You make me embarrassed for you.
Get a life.
you are trying to compensate for your insecurities.

The Fiat is pretty.

Far far far prettier than the new chevy.

Yea looks are subjective but the general consensus is established.

The battle for 2nd place just got a lot harder for chevy.

Looks ok, better than the past ones. However where are the running boards>>> Especially with a 4 door and your little kids need to step up into back seats?
Still NOT a fan of factory exhaust exiting straight out the back, blowing exhaust all over whatever you tow, especially a camper. Now lets see if reliable.

The Fiat is pretty.

Far far far prettier than the new chevy.....

Posted by: Clint | Feb 15, 2018 6:52:25 AM

Yes, of course, that's what every man wants, a pretty truck. LOL!

@Supercrew02, running boards are optional as they should be. I can't stand running boards they just make it harder for me to get in and out as you have to step out and over them and you get crap on your pants.

I agree with those saying the Ram has lost alot of it's masculinity with this update. IMO it's a rather bland design that neither offends or excites. The bed area of the new Silverado arguably has a bit of a Tundra vibe but I would say the new Ram has an even stronger Tundra vibe, especially the front. I also think the 18 F-150 update clearly used some Silverado design language with horizontal stacked headlights and a split bar grill. To be honest they all seam to be borrowing design cues.

Has anyone factored that frontal crash rating and fuel economy are playing major roles in front end designs? “It looks like a Silverado” it looks like a tundra” and any other similar comparison might be the result of manufacturers being limited by those two factors concerning front end design. But I do hope that the aftermarket produces some crosshair grills for the ram. And that FCA will take notice of how many people dislike the new grill. Although I have seen a significant number of folks have no problem with it.

I think it looks pretty good especially after seeing it at the auto show. I say it looks better then the slab sided Ford with the bar grill that looks like big lips. I do also like the new Silverado though, defiantly an improvement over the current models with some decent lines and rounded wheel arches.

With all the women in Texas I see driving trucks, it may be a real boon for sales for someone who target's their marketing directly at them. It could be a goldmine for the one that steps in first. Then the others would have to follow with a Reserve Option of their own.
Khaleesi (Mother of Dragons) Edition

I may not fly in other states, but they market this one to Texas exclusively, so how hard would it be to test another paint color and badge on a truck?

Don't laugh. It wasn't long ago we thought crew cabs were made for the job-sites and "CREW" didn't mean kids.

Ladies? It's your time to chime in. I know you are reading this.
I know you wont hide behind someone else's moniker like the "boys" who sign other poster's ID's to their work.

If this works, i'm changing my ID to "Trendsetter".

With this design, for sure there will be a 'Hello Kitty' edition. Bring back the old Ram looks!

I want to see it in person! I think it will look much bolder in real life than in pictures. Because right now in these pictures, it doesn't have that "bold" RAM look like its had.

Kinda like the Titan, when I saw pictures it was ugly, but when you see it in the real world.....it looks really good

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