2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Exudes Attitude: Video

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The Tacoma TRD Pro has been a solid seller for Toyota ever since it joined the mid-size pickup truck's lineup three years ago. Since then, Toyota has sold about 5,000 TRD Pro models each year, with some dealerships (especially in the southwest) clamoring for more.

The latest version of the off-road pickup will be available near the end of 2018, will come in only three colors — Super White, Midnight Black Metallic and Voodoo Blue — and will likely continue its limited-run availability. The core change for the 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro is the shock absorber technology: The TRD Pro moves from Bilstein to racing-focused Fox shocks. We'll have to wait and see about their promised improved performance since we haven't gotten behind the wheel yet.

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everybody wants the Ford Ranger

say "bye-bye" Tacoma

BYE BYE Tacoma

@Ecoboost Rules - Yea right.Only the Ford owner's want the Ranger.Say good bye to the F150 sales.

Toyota for years had the mid size pickup off road segment to itself in the US.

Chev and now, potentially, Ford with the Ranger will and is giving Toyota a run for it's money in the off road inspired pickups.

I can state that even here in Australia Ford has nearly pipped the Hilux with the Ranger, it's pretty much level pegging.

I can foresee a similar occurance in the US with the arrival of the Ranger. The Ranger will take more F150 sales than any other pickup.

I just hope the pickup is offered with more than the 2.3 EcoThirst, as nice as the engine may be, I just don't think it cuts the mustard.

In hindsight, maybe Ford should of built a new high tensile steel F150 and introduce the Ranger back in 2012. Ford would have great profits and maybe Taco sales wouldn't be where they are now.

Looks great. I saw the 2018 Truck King challenge report today where the ZR2 won hands down over the Taco TRD, and again the Duramax HD truck blew away Ford and Ram in the challenge.
There is no way you can go wrong with the Toyota trucks. Great vehicles for off road and on.

That snorkel is painfully ugly. Everything else looks okay or good, especially in the white with black trim, I have always liked that combination.

@Big Al--I thought at the time the aluminum F-150 was a mistake and that it wouldn't sell but it has done well and it was a good move for Ford. I do agree that the Global Ranger should have been introduced sooner like as a 2012 model. The Ranger could have become a major player in the midsize truck market and given the Tacoma a run for its money. I hope Ford at some point reconsiders the Ranger Raptor for the US and offers a 2.7 EcoBoost. I think the Ranger still has a chance to become a major player but Ford needs to offer it with some real off road packages like Chevy has done with the Colorado. I would like to see more competition in the midsize truck market and Toyota to either introduce an all new Tacoma or the Global Hilux. Competition just makes for a better product for the consumer even for Toyota fans as Oxi.

Good job Ford for pushing Toyota to Fox shocks. Only took 10 years. Toy needs to fix the crappy tires next.

@ Chris,

I have Fox shocks on my 2010 SR5... get em yourself!

Fox 2.0 with 14" stroke and reservoir in the rear with 10-pack 500 lbs over stock rear leafs, u-bolts are flipped.

Front has 2.5 Fox coilovers set to ride height from rear adjustment.

Only problem I have are rear drum brakes?? Other than that, nice looking truck.


And what is so failing about rear drums?

They are reliable and stop the truck great, what's not to like?

Right after I bought my Taco I removed the super stiff Bilsteins and put on Rancho's, that made a world of difference on road and wash board roads...

Bc Oxi...this is 2018...not 1975!!

Read disc brakes are better. Stop u better! Technology man!


It is indeed 2018 where more people trust a Tacoma over a Colorado and the Tacoma is #1 by a wide margin in re-sale, long-term quality and lowest maint. costs!

So your argument is mute!

Colorado may have rear discs, but that did not help their KBB numbers after five years, only getting 47% while the Tacoma is still at 61% retention of value!

Looks like drums retain value better than discs after 5 years!

everybody wants the Ford Ranger

say "bye-bye" Tacoma

BYE BYE Tacoma

Posted by: Ecoboost Rules | Feb 9, 2018 4:05:04 PM

Please stop. You are as embarrassing and ignorant as GMSRGREAT. That is not a compliment in case you are too slow to follow what I'm saying.

@ Oxi

Have you ever tried anything else in your life? There is more to life and trucks than just what Oxi likes! You seem like a real good guy but a very fixed mindset kinda guy. The Tacoma is a good truck...the older models are way better and the new Colorado is too!!!! Toyota was sleeping alittle on this last model. Hopefully it's pushes them to make a better model...bc it has lost almost every comparison test I have read!

The reason the Tacoma is selling so well still is bc of brand loyalist LIKE YOU who never see outside the box!! I'm not trying to argue with you but you are very ONE sided when it comes to YOUR truck!

And you can keep your drum brakes bc when something pops out in front of u and u need to stop...my disc brakes will stop sooner then your drums!!! That's a fact...simple physics!


Here is just one comparison!


And another!


Brand loyalist?

How about I prefer a truck to just run and run, no issues and gives me good value when I want to get another one!

Just with the old days, minus diesel today because where I live, why? Toyota was the only truck that could build a 4-cylinder that could off-road! Their basic 4x4 with a 4-cylinder was a solid truck to off-road or build upon. You could never do that with a Ranger, S-10, Dakota then and not today!

You want to off-road with a S-10, Colorado, Dakota or Ranger, you have to buy the top model with a V6, where I could by the 4-cylinder and still have a capable truck!

Even today with my 2016 SR 4x4 Tacoma, I can slap 265/75 KO2's with NO mods, where a basic 4x4 Colorado you cannot even consider that stock!

See, right there is why I choose a Tacoma over a Colorado! I am not the type that buys the top models or special 4x4's. I just buy the basic ones and build upon them! Saves quite a bit in your pocket and you can choose your options and not the factory!

Heck, my 2010 SR5 4X4 Tacoma I still have must be considered my luxury model, hehehe...

That 2010 is modded with 285/75/16x8, payload improved 700 lbs. over stock, massive bumpers front/rear, skid plates galore underneath, snorkel, aluminum roof basket and topper, full spare on the back of the rear bumper, tubed rear axle, higher axle breathers, led light bar, 3/4 inch retrieval points at all four corners and an experienced driver behind the wheel.

I could not do this with any Colorado without spending my life savings! Difference is why I choose a Tacoma over a Colorado! Plus long-tern value and quality!

@ oxi

Your 2010 Tacoma sounds like a nice modded truck!! Also thanks for having a civil convo with me, unlike some " clowns" on here!

All I was stating was that Toyota kinda slouched a bit on newest Tacoma. They owned the market for so long with out really any competition. I truly believe the next Tacoma will be a game changer and live up to its heritage.

But there are a ton of rangers and S10 out there...4 cylinders that have a ton of mileage on them as well. Not the off road type like your Tacoma though. But I would say 70% of people buying those trucks RARELY take them off road like you do!


You bet!

I am disappointed that the 4-cylinder keeps getting ignored and they have abandoned the 5-speed manual.

I am hoping they re-work the 2.7 liter because Ford is now coming into the fray!

Fox Shocks all the way around... very cool.

GROSSLY obsolete rear brakes... very sad.

Come on Toy.

That's an easy embarrassing no brainer. FIX IT.

Toyota's strategy for their trucks (and cars) is simple- keep the same vehicle for many years, same engine (not too powerful so it doesn't torque the transmission or drive train too much), and don't offer very many of the newest advances in technology or performance. The reason is new technology and change often brings new problems. Toyota's strategy is a good strategy for producing good reliable trucks which is why they sell well. GM and Ford (with the new Ranger) are more likely to introduce more new technology and performance (8-speed transmissions, diesel option, more powerful engines, new suspensions, disc brakes, turbo engines, etc.). These new technologies are great, but they often have the potential for more problems. If you want a solid, reliable truck- get the Taco. If you want the truck with latest in technology and performance (and potentially a few more problems), get the Colorado or Ranger.


Tacoma back on top for reliability and always #1 on KBB!

@TNTGMC--I am one of those S-10 owners having a 99 S-10 since new for almost 19 years. My S-10 is very reliable and is not an off road vehicle even though I have driven across crop fields. I didn't buy it for off-roading and it has exceeded my expectations. I also have a 2008 Isuzu I-370 crew cab 4x4 and it too has been reliable. Nothing against the Tacoma but there are many reliable vehicles out there and just because I own something else doesn't mean I am anti-Toyota or a racist. There are racist that drive Tacomas and those with Dixie flags as their front license plate. Stereotyping like oxi does, does not make people a racist. Neo-Nazis and Klu Klux Klan yes but a truck brand does not co-notate racism.

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