Ford Unveils 2019 Transit Connect Wagon

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Ford revealed the updated 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show in an attempt to highlight all of the clever ways the small people-hauling van can flex and accommodate every lifestyle.

The upgraded wagon will be offered in two wheelbases and provide seating for either five or seven passengers in XL, XLT and Titanium trim levels. Among the most significant improvements to the little hauler is that it will now have two new powertrains: a direct-injection 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder gas engine and a turbo-diesel 1.5-liter EcoBlue engine, both mated to a new eight-speed transmission.

Other improvements to the new Transit Connect Wagon include a new instrument panel, an available large touchscreen (6.5 inches wide) and a digital information center in the gauge cluster behind the steering wheel. Wagons also will have wireless phone charging, standard embedded 4G LTE modem providing Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 10 devices and available Sync 3 with Ford+Alexa personal assistant functionality.

The 2019 Transit Connect Wagon features new driver-assist technology that includes standard automatic emergency braking with precollision assist and pedestrian detection. Adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist and cross-traffic assist also are available.

Payload and towing capacities remain the same for the refreshed wagon (more than 1,200 pounds of payload and 2,000 pounds of towing capacity), but Ford expects fuel economy to improve sharply.

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I would like to see the crash tests cause that's a very important factor for buyers of these mini vans cause they want to protect their family they haul.
The Caravan leads in safety and crash tests and that's why it's popular with a lot of repeat buyers

The cargo van version gets 4- and 5-star ratings on everything except rollover [not rated].

A face only a mother could love.

OK, so wagons to mini vans to crossovers now back to minivans. So how long before I can get a new Chevy Kingswood wagon again!?

@Mark Williams, why can't we get more truck based utility vehicle news here? I know this is not Tr@$ck Trend but it would be nice to see Expeditions and Tahoe's every know and then.
Just a suggestion, could fill the gap when there's not much pickup news.

Another diesel. Awesome. And from the company that has said diesel has no advantage in North America in anything smaller than an F-250. Two diesel introductions in two months from Ford.

Another diesel. Awesome. And from the company that has said diesel has no advantage in North America in anything smaller than an F-250. Two diesel introductions in two months from Ford.

This Van and it's Diesel engine are not sold in Australia. In fact Ford Australia went to the Transit custom instead.

I'd rather have a minivan

Ugly weak unibody junk from the cheapiest, junkiest company ever!

The best never rest FORD!!!!

The best never rest FORD!!!!


GM posting record profits, Ford isn't LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ johnny d i l d o...

General Motors Co. was the only Detroit automaker to post a net loss in 2017, down $3.9 billion

They should consider offering this rig as a small pickup. I am sure that I am not the only one that finds the new breed of midsize pickups to be too close to fullsize.

@Walt--Not a bad idea, Ford already has the platform and the tooling just need to make a bed. At the right price a Transit pickup would sell.

@walt, @the fake Jeff S

Small pickup built on Transit platform? Refer to the success (or lack of) that Honda has experienced with the Ridgeline trucks. So far, it's not a winner.

A pickup option on this platform would be interesting and probably affordable.

I believe its front wheel drive. A big advantage in all but towing and handling neither of which this is meant for.

Chevy's answer to this is to buy and rebadge Renaults. For Chevy that's probably smarter than trying to build something.

Safety ratings look good. This thing makes ALOT of sense and the Transit and Transit Connect have been big hits dominating the big and small van markets. I've heard a lot of good things about them from those that have them.


What are you going to do, force people to buy them? Honda can't make it work---what makes you think Ford can?

@papajim--It's not a bad idea. If Honda can do it, so can Ford. More importantly, stop being negative. It is bad for your health.

Not the real Jeff S

Not the real papajim

More importantly, stop being negative. It is bad for your health.
Posted by: Jeff S | Feb 14, 2018

why not just post under your own ID?

It can be also good to have the screen recorder here.

This is a crucial difference because basic washers and clothes dryers could be really loud, making it difficult to make use of the device in the evening or in the very same space as a tv or radio.

I don't know about the rest of the US, but the Transit Connect Wagon is extremely hard to find on any Ford lots in the DC area. I test drove one back 3 years ago, and the only one they had was a cargo version. I ended up buying a Dodge Grand Caravan, just because the selection existed (and did not for the Transit Connect Wagon).


Great comment. Another illustration of the challenges facing Ford management today. Apart from selling F150s and Rangers 2019 is going to be a rough year for the team in Dearborn.

Ford has spent a crazy amount of money in the last 10 years on the car of the future, and today the only thing they sell that's making any money is the cars (truck?) of the past.

So the Ranger got the Taurus front end and this thing gets the Focus front end. Alteast Ford is reusing parts.

Not bad looking though. Always liked the way the Focus looked.

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