Half-Ton Pickup Trucks Are Selling Like Crazy: Who Is Winning?

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It's no secret that half-ton pickup trucks are among the best-selling vehicles every year. Unfortunately, big pickup truck makers such as Ford, GM (Chevrolet and GMC) and Ram do not break out their half-ton sales from their monthly full-size truck sales reports. That means we never know what the sales ratio is between half tons, three-quarter tons and one tons. That is, unless we go to our Cars.com analytics team, which can do a pretty good job of getting close. We should note that because Toyota has only one full-size pickup, the half-ton Tundra, it's quite easy to get separate monthly sales numbers for Toyota's two pickups, but since Nissan has two full-size pickups — the Titan and Titan XD — getting their exact monthly numbers is also more challenging.

Below we offer the market-share breakdown based on Cars.com data of half-ton pickups for 2016 and 2017 to give you an idea of how the half-ton market is shifting and changing. During that time period, the top-selling F-150 sold around 600,000 units, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 flirted with 450,000 units and the Ram 1500 sold closer to 350,000. Those numbers are impressive and important because these are the vehicles that make the biggest profits.

We imagine these numbers will shift yet again for 2018, but not because the truckmakers aren't trying their hardest to sell as many vehicles as possible. As sales heat up for 2018, we'll see all the truckmakers offer better deals and more diverse, customer-focused products.

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Same old whining and sniveling.

A journalist was asked why they did not combine GM pickup sales.

The answer was simple: "GM HAS to report them separately therefore so do I."

Ford just dropped a 24month lease for $199 a month 3200 down on the quad cab 4x4 XL. Ford will kill anything near it with lease prices like that. The last lease deal on a quad cab under $200 a month was late last year from ram.

A major Ford dealer in the region has a used lot that's flooded with used 2015/2016/2017 F-150 XL's and XLT's. They're asking for less than $24k for a 1-2 year old XLT Scab with under 60k miles. The residual values are just terrible with all the commercial F-150's hitting used lots. And with the increasing fleet sales and incentives, it's only going to get worse.

do you think [RAM halfton ETorque] this will really provide a substantial solution? Posted by: andrwken | Feb 9, 2018


Just read the comments at this website! People crave new half ton trucks but they're afraid of high fuel costs.

I always reply that gas is cheap (compared to owning/buying a diesel) and the mild hybrid design FCA is installing in the base 3.6 RAM and the upgrade Hemi 1500 is just what the Doctor ordered for people who do a lot of boulevard driving (like most of us). Most of my own highway driving would be ok with a 3.6 and most of my around town driving would suffice with a mid size V8.

The mild hybrid bridges that gap perfectly in my opinion. It's also much simpler than Ford's turbo approach, and more dynamic than the small V8s that Ford and GM offer.

I'm very bullish on RAM's new idea. Yesterday I learned that the 3.6 RAMs will be in short supply until the Fall 2018. Early adopters of ETorque will be finding it available in the Hemi only.

And another thing. For all the guys who were fussing about gas mileage and hybrid Prius's and weenie pickups a few years ago, the half tons are selling like crazy and the folks at Ford recently announced that they're out to double the production of their new Expedition and Navigator.

It's hard to be humble when you're right all the damn time.

Show me the fleet sales. As I jnderstand things, take out fleet, and the Big 3 are about equal in the pickup sales department, or at least quite a bit closer. I know FCA reduced fleet substantially in 2017.

It will be interesting what 2019 model GM truck sales will look like. I have been disappointed with their rear passenger comfort for a long time. 2019 models will have adjustable vents instead of vents under the front seats which will make rear comfort much better. Now they just need to make more room to rest your arm near the window for those of us that don't ride low enough to find the arm rest comfortably located.

Now they just need to make more room to rest your arm near the window for those of us that don't ride low enough to find the arm rest comfortably located...Posted by: Dan | Sep 28, 2018

Agree! Not an issue on short trips but on long drives it's a real weakness.

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