It's a Mystery: Which Pickups Will Get Most Airtime During Super Bowl?

Ford sleigh 1 II

With the Ford F-150 designated the official pickup truck of Super Bowl 52 and providing "sleigh" rides around downtown Minneapolis through Saturday, you can bet there will be plenty of pickup truck commercials airing before and during the big game Sunday.

None of the big truckmakers provided previews of their Super Bowl commercials this year, as they have in the past. But once they air, feel free to let us know which commercials were your favorites. We've seen some classic Super Bowl mini-movies in the past that still seem to garner attention, but let us know in the comments section below which ones you thought worked and which didn't.

To whet your appetite for Super Bowl car commercials, check out the ones we do know about courtesy of our colleagues at

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Ford-BFT-Sleigh II



E A G L E S!!! not really and Eagles fan but hate the Pats - being a Dolphins fan

Pats!!!! But i understand why people hate the patriots, everyone hated the Yankees for many years too. Being a sox fan i hated the Yankees as much as anyone else.

If any player kneels and the camera focuses on that, then the game will be turned off!

Sick of the hateful liberal media trying to attack our President!

In most states it is illegal to carry passengers in trailer.

Here's ba tip via Google News

Fiat Chrysler to air 5 ads during Super Bowl

GM and Ford to Skip Costly Super Bowl Ads Sunday


GM and Ford know ratings are down and they don't want to waste millions on a group of millionaire feelings that spit on the flag. Foreign companies like Fiat-Ram are clueless and will be running several ads.

The best never rest FORD!!!

Fiat Chrysler to air 5 ads during Super Bowl

Posted by: Greg B. | Feb 3, 2018 9:44:46 AM

Nothing but the best

100% Right On!!!
We have not watched the NFL since week 2.
And we will be enjoying life without it today.

There will be no Superbowl watched in our home.
We salute the flag, put our hands over our hearts and we stand with covers(hats) removed during the National Anthem!
Now for certain we will be watching The Daytona 500!!

What is Super Bull?

Not watching it at all. I would rather slam my hand in my truck door repeatedly than watch the flag and our great country be openly disrespected.

Wow the last comment about not watching football but watching the Daytona is as redneck as it gets, are you going to have your cousin over for a lil pow Wow? You all Re way to caught up in your feelings to realize the flag represents more than what you think. That being said I had family die for the flag in WW2 and I'd bet to he'll they think half of you were fascist or Nazi pigs with your SIEG HEIL IDEALOGY

@ Redneck,

Those fascist pigs are called liberals today!

This will teach Mark W. not to request responses before there is anything to respond to.

This one went political, slander free-for-all way too quickly.

RAM will have the most ads. Ford is months away from ads for the next Ranger and GM won't have a new model before the NFL beings NEXT fall.

The new racist point of view...Saying someone is redneck.
I have lived a long time and was born American and traveled all over our great country. I can tell you the most racist and biased people in this country and beyond are the facist left. We were telling Mark that we won't be watching the ad-vehicle called the super bowl because it has become political from the left and and from the ignorant players, instead of a sporting event. And some will pick another sporting event like racing.
You do know that Nazi's were socialists, don't you?
Yeah, I thought not.
Thanks Mark for a great truck site.
We love trucks.

HAHAHA aaaand there's the F-150 commercial, bragging up "military-grade" aluminum foil and best in class blah blah blah.

Go Eagles.

Ram had some great commercials.


This just comes off as a silly pointless stunt and is probably dangerous for the passengers.

Strange having an article about it and about the lack of commercial previews. It just kinda goes no where about nothing.

Associated with Phineas T. Barnum is the saying "There is no such thing as bad publicity". Ram just proved him wrong. Ram commercial using MLK detracts and shifts the topic from Ram's winning new pickup to their poor choice of content.
A few execs are having learning moments this week.


Ram had some awesome superbowl commercials.

Texas grocery chain HEB did commercial's with San Antonio backdrops. They had the truck Toyota builds there in almost every segment. I'm sure they must have helped with the production costs.

I'm curious, did these air everywhere or were some commercial slots reserved for local markets? If so, I'm not sure they got their money's worth without a reduced rate.

Congrat's to local Westlake HS for pumping out the winning QB with a bright future. That should bring them more talent wanting to get in their program. I know of a house in the district that hasn't hit the market and will likely sell before it is listed...for cash!

Way to go Eagles. The NFL needed the SB to be more than just blockbuster commercial's and POP halftime debacle's. Best SB in recent memory.

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