New Blizzak Snow Tire Targets Heavy-Duty Pickups

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If you do any driving in snow country or live in a part of the country that can get neck deep in snow for several months, you might want to seriously consider getting a set of dedicated snow tires.

The name Bridgestone Blizzak is legendary in the world of snow- and ice-road driving because of the tires' special compound and unique tread specifically designed to grab, void and hold snow so your vehicle can safely navigate roads. Previously the Blizzak W965 LT was offered only in 16- and 17-inch wheel sizes, but now a new generation of the Blizzak LT will cover 16-, 17-, 18-, and 20-inch rims. The all-new LT (which replaces the W965) will be offered in 11 sizes and will cost similarly to the previous tire. That means the new tire will be available on light- and heavy-duty pickup trucks and SUVs.

A few years ago we conducted a winter tire test in Steamboat Springs, Colo., where we compared five different, popular tires on a closed snow track. In the end, the P-metric Blizzak DM-V2 SL snow tire showed how and why it made our test F-150s safer in the snow when braking and navigating the winding track. Blizzak claims this new-generation LT is even better.

The new Blizzak tire has an all-new tread pattern with more zigzag biting edges for more grip as well as more evacuation channels to help reduce hydroplaning. The tire also features a new rubber compound that is supposed to extend the tire's life. Although pricing is not yet available, we expect the tires to start at a base price of $150 a tire when they go on sale in July.

For more information, go to photo by Mark Williams; manufacturer images below

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Years ago, my Father-in-law had snow tires put on just the front of his wife's Saab. On the first slippery corner she encountered the back end passed the front and put the car into a spin. It's the only car accident she ever had.

Another relative was driving a farm truck on a snowy state highway, and as he was going down a long hill, a small car in the oncoming lane spun out and veered into his lane. It was too late for any evasive maneuver, and the driver of the small car was killed. The investigating State patrolman blamed the collision on the fact that the car had snow tires only on the front.

Great news, LOVE my Blizzaks on my last couple F150s. Unbelievable winter traction! Now why can't I find them on the Bridgestone site.


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