Nissan Titans Get a Lift From Icon

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In another attempt to separate its momentum-gaining full-size pickup trucks from the crowd, Nissan announced at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show that it will offer a factory-authorized lift kit for select models of the Titan half ton and Titan XD.

Developed by suspension maker Icon Vehicle Dynamics, the kit is easily adjustable, lifting the trucks by as much as 3 inches via adjustable coilover front shocks and springs. The adjustments do not negatively impact payload or towing capacities. From what we're told, installing the kit does not require cutting or drilling. The kit will not void Nissan's factory warranty, which leads the class with a five-year/100,000-mile coverage program, and it even comes with an additional limited product warranty from California-based Icon.

The kit will be available only on crew-cab 4x4 models and will allow for 33-inch tires on either pickup. As you might expect, the kit is likely to be pricey, especially if you add in a new set of larger wheels and tires. Pricing will be available closer to the kit's on-sale date this spring.

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not sure how much "stature" the Titan actually needs. The factory fresh Titans I see on the street look pretty big

I know some people don't like the looks of these trucks but they are growing on me! That 2nd picture of the maroon pro-x is a nice looking truck. Like papajim has stated. These trucks , when you see them in person are HUGE vehicles!

I'm not a lifted truck kinda guy, bc I have never understood why anyone would want to jump up into and out of a truck every time they drive it. Now leveling it off so it doesn't have the front end nose dive, I do agree with! Plus, when you lift a truck up into the air you lose "the ride" of the truck. I don't care how much technology they put into the lift its still gonna ride worse then it does stock. Plus, putting over-sized tires on it makes it even worse. I'm not bashing it or telling people not to do it at all! Just stating its never been for me and it makes me scratch my head when I see them.

@MW: "especially if you add in a new set of larger wheels and tires."

There is no "if" in the equation. It's WHEN you add in:

New, wider wheels+33' tires+recalibrate speedo+kit+install =

I predict over $7K. Ridin' high ain't cheep.

Oxi needs to take note on this article. First, this is a factory option, meaning anything they put on this truck, is backed by the sticker on capacities and such, so it is perfectly legal and the sticker will reflect these changes. Second it states that the capacities will not be negatively impacted, so that is a good sign too! Nice work Nissan.


I asked my local Nissan dealership owner why they did not put lifts on their new trucks like GM/Ram/Ford and Toyo dealers do. He said Nissan will not let them nor warranty them, but yet I pointed out that a nother dealership always has a lifted one out front, he had nothing to say....guess that has changed now.

When you choose the F-150 Eco-Boost instead of the s-l-o-w 5.0 V8 the Eco-Boost comes with larger diameter brake disc and a larger calipers cause you need it to stop all that extreme engine power the Eco-Boost has.
Our Eco-Boost's don't need lift kits cause we need our trucks to be low to the ground with air dams like a race car, designed like a race car cause of that class leading horsepower and torque !

When you choose the F-150 Eco-Boost instead of the s-l-o-w 5.0 V8

@ Eco-bust Rules

Eat your own words!

Fords new 5.0L is the real deal!! About time!!

@papa jim--I saw a Cummins diesel Titan at Cosco last Saturday, no question that the Titan has a presence. Beautiful truck and very impressive.

Will this kit fit a 2017 Titan pro 4X( gas )

Nice stance, still hate the front end.

@Steve Bryant- yes, as long as it isn't a regular cab.
@Stevadore- The Pro4X already comes with 33's. 285/75R18s measure 35", will fit on factory wheels, and the electronics will deal with it.

great article here about Titan

Its had a few problems.

Better looking then Ford at least

The thing is my ecoboost F150 can haul or tow anything the Superduty or Duramax can , I also can beat them in a race. So why do these guys with the Diesel think they can toe better.

@ ecoboost rules your full of crap it can tow more then a heavy duty duramax

Will the new lift kit fit a 2012 or 13 Pro 4 CrewCab?

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