Pickup Ads Stole the Show During Super Bowl


Regardless of what you thought of Super Bowl 52, the commercials during the big game provided some interesting, inspiring and sometimes just plain confusing images. Although there were not many ads for pickup trucks, here are the three pickup commercials that seemed to create the most buzz. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

Cars.com photo by Christian Lantry


Ram: 'Icelandic Vikings: We Will Rock You'


Ram: 'Dr. King: Built to Serve'


Toyota Tundra: 'One Team'




Ummm... nope. Truck commercials did not “steal the show”. I really like the new Ram, but these were far from the most inspiring or entertaining commercials.

I love my Ram Truck but FCA are a bunch of idiots for invoking MLK in a commercial.
In todays SJW atmosphere it was a stupid move.

Jeep stole the show with their Rubicon commercial, where they ford the pond, then climb the rocks to get out. But it is not a truck, so....

How about Budwieser shutting down production of beer to provide drinking water to disaster areas, or the paralympic gold medalist...? The pickup truck commercials were nothing compared to those.

The truck commercials were flat compared to many of the others. Ram's MLK was a disaster and tarnished their better Viking commercial by association. I also agree that the Budweiser water commercial was one of the best.

why didn't Bud just hand out free beers instead of switching to plain water.

I believe they over-do these commercials by doing too much, going to extremes, looking too desperate.
They would be better off just showing video of the truck and saying nothing.
I like to see a commercial of a man fighting with his wife who is against him buying a truck, she tells him "either me or the truck" and shows him driving in his new truck alone with a big smile on his face.

The Ram "Farmer" from a few years back will rank as one of the best ever!
The Chevy 2500HD acting like Lassie was a great one as well.

But the Hardee's/Carl's Jr. HOT BABE commercials.........

yea, I agree the Ram Farmer commercial was one of the best, their was also some other good commercials including Budwiser that year. Last couple years have been pretty stale.

Jeep commercial was the best.

I agree the Jeep commercial, a simple commercial with a simple message.

If you want to be like others, don't buy this.
You want to be awesome, buy this.

I wonder where is the idiot wanna be at?

I bet he’s gonna fell for it like always.

I bet he’s gonna fell for it like always.

On the last video the one on the back seat of the truck looks like the idiot who posts under my username. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Johnny Doe ?

Can you PLEASE stop posting under Chingon's name so we can have some serious and intelligent posts to read?
I am getting tired of reading all of your insults and name-calling !

Lets talk about the subject instead of using this forum to attack and name calling.

I believe the more a company advertises the more they need to advertise cause they can't sell it.

Ford can't make the F-150 fast enough cause they sell so good ,,so why would they need to advertise when they are the selling?

How about we report real world news like KBB 2018 results?

This Super Bowl Ad still pisses off Fordtards to this day. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!


Why Fiat? Are you trying to Ruin the truck all together ? Crazy commercial.

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