Ram Dresses 2019 Half Ton in Mopar Clothing: Video


What's the best way to follow up a huge half-ton pickup truck introduction at a major auto show? Use another major auto show to demonstrate how easy it is to customize that new pickup with hundreds of adventure- and performance-focused accessories. That's exactly what Mopar has done at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show with the 2019 Ram 1500.

We caught up with Ram and a Big Horn Sport model outfitted with Mopar parts on display at the show. We looked underneath, under hood, inside the cab and in the bed, and it looks like there ae plenty of parts to customize a Ram 1500 to suit just about every customer need.

Here's a quick video look at a new Mopar-styled Ram 1500.

Cars.com photo by Christian Lantry





Truck looks good! Hey the configurator is up at Ram but no prices, just playing for now.
The Rebel is sharp! Looks close to this truck!

That is one purdy truck!


Even more reasons this will be the year of RAM over taking Chevy!

It was time to move on. The cross hair grill was long in the tooth. This new look works really well. No brick and Legos.

Agreed, the front end looks much better than before. The previous style kept me from buying Dodge for years. I need my truck to look like 2019 not 1939.

Would like to see a painted front end on the Rebel, just looks better.

When the first full sized Tundra was released many said they were copying the Dodge Ram. Things have gone full circle. The Ram looks like a Toyota!

Not bad Fiat.

Ladder racks are always useful.

Everything else is pretty tasteful.

Fake color keyed beadlock wheels are cool.

Looks like black is in for exhaust tips.

The new pieces allow Ram 1500 buyers to build the truck they want and include a new 2-inch suspension lift to allow 35-inch tires, new six-lug bead-lock-capable alloy wheels, a new cold-air intake that works with the new hood, Mopar articulating side steps and an all-new Ram Rack designed to carry outdoor equipment.

This new Ram is growing on me. Sure its not the same design as the past but it is nice. So what if it resemble a Tundra and some other trucks, it is still nice.

Hey i honestly can say im dodge lover period but here like the trucks and cars but why don't u make a modern car pr truck look exactly like the originals and give them wht other car companies don't their own colors and uniqueness but in all keep up the good work thanks I've had some rare ones i wish i never got rid of ever

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