TRD Pro Stages Dramatic Return to Toyota Tundra: Video


We bet you didn't know the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro did not exist for model-year 2018. Yes, it was there in 2017, and yes, it will be back for 2019 — but the TRD Pro trim wasn't available for 2018. That hole in the Tundra lineup was filled by the new-for-2018 TRD Sport trim, which gave Toyota engineers time to get the return of the TRD Pro just right and dressed to crush the backcountry. We fully expect both versions to be available in 2019, but we'll have to wait for the official announcement.

We had the chance to take a closeup look at the new TRD Pro at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show to see what's new and what's familiar. In the video below, you'll see that we like the new hood scoop, the BBS alloy wheels and matte-black dual-exhaust tips. But we can't wait to push the suspension to its limits to see how much better the all-new Fox shocks are (or are not) compared to the previous-generation Bilsteins. photo by Christian Lantry





RWD Drum Brakes. Please Mike Sweer you can do better than that...

Not on Tundra....has rear disks.

Lol how sad. smdh

Other than a spring/shock option there's not much here for off roading

I like the looks of the Tundra, wish Toyota would make an HD Diesel pick up.

A real, selectable rear locker and a Torsen front diff.

I kind of want the TRD Pro but with the 1794 leather and wood interior.

Wow year 13 of the same old outdated 2nd gen Tundra. Still a gas guzzling, flimsy framed pickup. Year after year, the Tundra is a slap in the face of Toyota pickup fans.

Wow year 13 of the same old outdated 2nd gen Tundra. Still a gas guzzling, flimsy framed pickup. Year after year, the Tundra is a slap in the face of Toyota pickup fans.

Posted by: Brick

Slap in the face is what Ford does to you fanboys every time there's a recall on your piece of junk.

TRD logos, street tires, black exhaust tip and a hood found on the sport Tundra. Mark doesn't sound too excited. I don't blame him.

@ Brick,

Can you match Toyota's re-sale value, highest quality and lowest maint. costs?

No, so just give it a rest!

You millennials and your lust for the next smart phone gadget every year should not make it way into trucks! Sometimes trucks should be left alone, with less gadget upgrades to serve a lazier society, and more focus on just a great truck that lasts long and is reliable, like the Tundra/Tacoma/4Runner!

You guys are not happy with your lives unless you get that shiny new object! Pathetic!

People like you are the reason truck prices are approaching the cost of a home!

I would like to compare a bilstien to a fox truck in ride quality.

Yawn same old boring jap scrap!

There air inductions suck and are exspesive to fix and watch out when you bring them to a dealer they might rig it so they go on you area went right after I got it back from a recall at a dealer and put the truck in limp mode and they want to charge me $2000 for a $400 dollar part

I love my 15 crew Max limited, But I thought for sure 19 would have been a full refresh not just another minor refresh

Toyota engineers recommend not to put lift or leveling kit on tundra mean while they are promoting it...I have 2016 platinum with leveling kit nothing but problems axle bearings hub rotor toyota will not cover it....good luck would never buy tundra again they turned there backs on me it was done at dealership. .

@ Robert olsen,

Looks like you bought the wrong one or had them installed wrong!

Blaming Toyota for your poor decisions is like liberals hate speak!

@ johnny doe,

Racist liberal, go back to mom's basement!

Not sure why but that video didn't work for me.

I live my 2017 4x4Tundra
With a 3" leveling kit

Only liberal snowflakes drive un American jap scrap!

Only liberal snowflakes drive un American jap scrap!

@ johnny doe,

How much education do you have?

Both of my Toyota's were made in the U.S., so you must have failed basic geography like most triggered liberals!

If you do not like Americans building Toyota's, then you do not like Americans period! The only hater is you and your liberal social justice kind!

Looks like you bought the wrong one or had them installed wrong!

Blaming Toyota for your poor decisions is like liberals hate speak!
Posted by: oxi | Feb 10, 2018 11:48:56 PM

So you're saying that buying a Toyota was a poor decision. I agree wholeheartedly. Not only is the Tundra the least fuel efficient half-ton on the market today, the frame is the weakest and most rust-rot prone frame on any truck sold today. The front differential is famous for vibration issues when even just leveled using a Toyota-approved leveling kit, the 2-piece driveshaft is famous for vibration issues, the 5.7 is famous for some of the worst oil leaks of any modern engine, the rear diff is famous for issues, and the rear wheel bearings are known for pre-mature failures. The 2nd gen bed is poorly designed and prone to rust rot too.

Such a low quality truck through and through. Call me a millenial or "liberal" all you want. I'm neither. I'm just a guy that got tired of buying "reliable" Toyota trucks that rot away and design issues are allowed to go unaddressed for years, if not decades. Toyota is relying on clowns like you that defend their ever growing list of poor quality design issues and reliability issues. The 3rd gen Tacoma has been the least reliable midsize truck the last two years and will likely win that title again this fall. Yet you roll on the ground like a little baby, screaming "it's not true, fake news, librul lies!!!".

@ Brick,

Coming from a triggered liberal like you, why should anybody listen to a professed Toyota hater as saying anything factual?

Nobody likes a professed hater like yourself!

Nobody listens to liberals like yourself!

You have blind hatred for Toyota, yet never owned one for many years, haters gonna hate!

Go away with your fake news!

@Oxi: What ever happened to the 2nd Tundra that was provided to the Anderson Cattle ranch?

@Oxi: Why has Toyota changed its marketing strategy for the Tundra?

@Oxi: Why has Toyota backed away from the goal of 200K units a year for the Tundra?

@Oxi: Why can't Toyota take responsibility for the Tundra's lack of QDR? Quote from MS when asked about my many problems is "Not ours or TSB". Even though it was Toyota the engineered the Tundra and assembles the engine.

@PUTC: A dramatic return with basically the same package as several years ago? How do you figure?

@Brick: You're right. The Tundra has had or continues to have QDR problems. And yeah, it's been recalled too. Toyota is very cautious to make a significant change because if they do, they'll very likely run into QDR problems. A recent example is their initial ITBC. There's a lengthy and heated thread on about how it didn't not work under certain conditions or for a certain type of trailer. Another example if the Tacoma; it has had its share of problems as well.

@ NoQDRTundra,

Pretty simple answer has been provided years ago, Tacoma demand is way up and the Tundra had to be cut in production numbers!

Do you know anything about economics, or are you another triggered liberal?

@ NoQDRTundra,

You are another triggered liberal and professed Toyota hater!

Nobody takes your biased opinions on fakery seriously!

It's great Toyota builds this jap scrap junk here in American for jobs, but at the end of the day HQ is still in Jap land. Now run a long little trigger liberal snow flake oxi.

Look I found a video of a bunch of oxi's LMBO!

@ johnny doe,

Again, I am asking you to refrain from your racist attacks!

Stop or you will be removed!

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TRD Pro logo everywhere... but who cares! Big front plastic bumper. It is just big Tacoma.


You're misusing the term "racist". Jap/Japan/Japanese is not a race. Maybe you meant ethnic slur?

Good day to all :)

Wow, there are only one or two people in this comment section that are not emotionally and mentally ill.

@NoQDRTundra: Yeah I read about the ITBC issues. It was really disappointing to see just how poorly it worked out of the gates. And the time it took for Toyota to fix it was ridiculous. Another example is the 2016 Tacoma. Engine drivability and reliability issues. Transmission issues. Axle issues. All parts that were changed or are new, and quality takes a multi-year nose dive. If any other automaker could make the same vehicle year after year for 10+ years, they could easily match the reliability ratings Toyota gets. Maybe even top them in some aspects.

@dpetik--Oxi doesn't know what a real racist is. Preferring a certain truck brand does not con-notate racism. Racism is like open discrimination against someone due to their race and ethnicity and neither does liberalism. I have known some very liberal people driving Toyotas and some conservative people as well which is true of Chevy, Ford, FCA, Volvo, and etc. Doesn't take a lot of intelligence to stereotype. I don't judge others by what they drive, their religion, their race, their political beliefs, or their ethnicity--there are more to people than putting them in a box.

Tundra needs a diesel Nissan has you beat

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