Vincentric Announces 2018 Best Values for Pickups

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Several popular pickup trucks took top honors in the recently announced 2018 Vincentric Best Value in America Awards.

Now in their 14th year, Vincentric's Best Value in America Awards are based on data collected from more than 3,000 vehicle configurations in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., using a range of annual mileage thresholds and insurance profiles. Although engine choice is factored into the data collection, it is not specified for any of the winners. The awards attempt to predict which vehicles are likely to offer the lowest cost of ownership during the next five years based on eight cost factors: depreciation, fees and taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost and repairs.

Three of the 2018 winners in the five pickup truck categories are previous winners. We've listed them from first to third place for each category.

Small/Mid-Size Pickup

  1. Toyota Tacoma (repeat winner)
  2. Honda Ridgeline
  3. GMC Canyon

Full-Size Half Ton

  1. Ford F-150
  2. Toyota Tundra
  3. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Full-Size Three-Quarter Ton

  1. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 repeat winner)
  2. Ram 2500
  3. GMC Sierra 2500

Full-Size One Ton

  1. Ram 3500
  2. Ford F-350
  3. Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Truck Brand

  1. Ford (repeat winner)

For a full list of winners and more details, visit Vincentric.

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why not save your buddies some time and just tell us about it

why not save your buddies some time and just tell us about it

Car and Driver Magazine trashed it
Nissan Titan XD Diesel
I have never seen any magazine trash a vehicle as much
they had nothing but problems with it breaking down, losing anti freeze, it was in for repair for the same problems over and over again.
They said the truck always feels and drives like it's towing something heavy, says it feels like it's falling apart, lots of rattles and vibrations not even at 10K miles
The transmission is horrible, feels like a street racers shift kit.
Seats uncomfortable
40,000 miles - 13 breakdowns, dealer visits, 52 days out of service
The Titan XD provides all the weight of a heavy-duty pickup but without the HD performance or capability
It's just too big for it's own good and really shows Nissan's inexperience with this class of vehicle.

@Ecoboost Rules: Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out.

Just saw a tv ad for the new Ford Suburban.

Did you mean Expedition?

Just saw a tv ad for the new Ford Suburban.
Posted by: GMSRGREAT

Yeah, you probably have a Pontiac Mustang in the garage as well, lol.
Here's the issue the Suburban is so,so suburban mall crawl
Much rather be on an Expedition than you going to suburbs, mall crawl. Lol!!!

@ecoboost rules

The best indication of which truck is most popular can be found every month here on PUTC. With rare exceptions, the GM trucks outsell the others.

RE: Car/Driver Magazine. If I were shopping for a Prius or a VW Golf I might refer to magazines like Car & Driver or Road and Track. Their discussions regarding pickups and big SUVs are full of hokey cultural bromides written by guys who'd rather be driving a 911 or a Corvette.

Wrong venue, in my opinion

"GM trucks outsell the others."

GM, the Big Mac of pickups.......

Where have I heard that metaphor before?

GM's 1/2 tons have traditionally outsold Ford 1/2 tons and Ford HD's have always outsold GM's HD's.

Why does any of this matter to anyone other than corporate executives and shareholders?

@twilight zone

It mattered enough that you responded, I suppose. The comment is germane because the specific article you're commenting on ranks pickups by brand.

So... your turn

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