2020 Chevrolet Heavy-Duty Pickups: Spied

GM.HDchassis.g01.KGP.ed II

We're likely to see more evidence that GM brands Chevrolet and GMC will be testing their heavy-duty pickup trucks during the next several months. With the all-new half-ton versions due to go on sale later this fall, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 models will finish testing soon. We expect the HDs to share many of the technology and design changes found on the lighter-duty pickups since the design and engineering team that worked on the half tons is working on the HDs.

From what our spy shooters have seen, the undersides of these new trucks look familiar. Here's what they had to say:

"Our first look at the 2020 Chevrolet heavy-duty chassis-cab flatbed gives us a nice peek underneath, revealing some new details of the rear suspension setup and the positioning of the diesel exhaust fuel tank for the carry-over Duramax diesel engine. The DEF tank on the current Duramax diesels is mounted quite low, visible on the front passenger side of the frame. The massive tank's placement has been criticized as awkward and ugly. The DEF tank placement on 2020 HD diesel trucks will change, as revealed in our profile shot of the chassis cab. The new DEF tank appears to reside close to the DEF additive filler cap on the driver's side behind the rear wall of the regular cab.

"This regular-cab long-box prototype shows the next-generation Chevy HD in its most work-focused form. The regular-cab HD here gets the 8-foot-long bed for the most versatile payload possibilities. GM touted new stamping methods with Chevy half-ton truck, which reportedly increased the usable bed width by 7 inches, so it's likely we'll see a similar gain in bed capacity on the HD models. If that's the case, this gargantuan long-bed option will be even more voluminous, making it ready to handle even larger, and possibly heavier, workloads.

"This regular cab shown here was gasoline-powered, so we're likely looking at the 2020 new gas V-8 version of what is now powered by a 6.0-liter Vortec V-8. It's safe to assume that the gas power plant under this HD's hood is likely to use the new dynamic skip fire technology to enhance the cylinder cut-off performance. DSF technology will be in some versions of the 2019 Silverado 1500 and it's almost a certainty that it will be part of the 2020 HDs' mpg-enhancing tricks.

"Our latest shots of the 2020 HD Duramax crew cab — which provide our closest, most-detailed look yet at the new HD trucks — were caught as the prototype made a lap around the GM Proving Grounds in Michigan. A close look at the camouflage at the center of the front edge of the hood reveals a mesh panel that will allow more air to enter the Ram Air slot hidden on the hood. The existing Ram Air hood scoop was added to GM's HD trucks in the last update and is reported to feed up to 60 percent of the cooling air required by the engine, increasing horsepower and torque. The camouflage mesh panel has fabric-fastener tabs at the front and back, which would clearly allow for the panel to be folded back and secured to allow more air flow as testing permits.

"The exhaust tips are consistent with prior GM HD diesel trucks, and it looks like we can see evidence of venturi air slits along the initial span of the exhaust pipe. The new shots give us our best look yet at the massive grille that appears to be in store for GM's next-gen HD trucks.

"A closeup look at the recently unveiled 2019 Silverado 1500 revealed some of the tricks that are also likely destined for the HD truck. The camouflage hides any evidence of the Silverado 1500's innovative aerodynamic air curtains in the front, but that's not surprising since that design revelation made it all the way to its debut without being leaked. Expect the same stamping and packaging innovations that debuted on the 2019 models to translate to the 2020 HD models for increased bed space, cab configurations and cabin space. It's clear from these prototypes that GM's next-gen HD pickups will be massive beasts to better match the Ford Super Duty.

"We've included a few of our earlier shots of the Chevrolet HD dually prototype that originally signaled the start of testing for GM's 2020 HD pickups. The crew-cab dually is a massive thing, impressive in size and amplified by what appears to be a larger grille destined for GM's next-gen HD trucks. The prototypes caught here appear to the Chevy Silverado HD variants, judging by the horizontal nature of the placeholder LED signatures that are in visible through the front camouflage."

KGP Photography images


GM.HDchassis.g03.KGP.ed II

GM.HDchassis.g02.KGP.ed II

GM.HDchassis.g05.KGP.ed II

SilveradoHDregcab.f09.KGP.ed II

GMHDcrewDuramax.pg01.KGP.ed II

GMHDcrewDuramax.pg10.KGP.ed II

GMHDcrewDuramax.pg16.KGP.ed II

GMHDcrewDuramax.pg18.KGP.ed II

Silverado3500HDdualie.g03.KGP.ed II


Declining Ford sales now just months away.

Notice that Ford is, again, the benchmark with which to compare all trucks.


What about compact/midsize trucks?

The reg cab long bed profile looks good! Not so Tundraesque!

The wide bolt-pattern on the cab-chassis indicates a "class" above the C3500 dually and finally an answer to the F-450 crew-cab dually pickup?

This would also separate the (possible) C4500 dually crew-cab pickup and C4500 cab-chassis, from the upcoming Navistar built (GM cab) C5500/6500 cab-chassis.

The "driver's side" DEF tank could be cab-chassis only.

GMS- you just admitted Ford sales are up.

papajim, this has nothing to do with small trucks.


I was wondering what the new tow mirrors were going to look like now that they are mounted to the door panel. Now I know...kinda. Anybody with an '80s or older truck can do a nice upgrade with the new mirrors, just an idea. Hopefully the HD payload is decent compared to competitors' heavy-duty light trucks considering the class 4-6 Silverado medium series' GCWR was quite a letdown.

Whoa, the mirrors are funky.

@ CT

redbloodedxy said "ALL TRUCKS" Papajim was replying to that.

I do believe midsize/small trucks are part of that!!??

TNT. Pap said before this has nothing to do with he article, just giving him some of his own medicine, lol.


This is turning out to be a massive undertaking as it appears clean slate at all levels (1500-6500) in just two years. Factor in that a SUV update usually follows the half tons and it's even more extensive.

If they can keep the reliability levels where they are currently this could be the dominant truck lineup for years to come.

They have addressed a lot of issues in mind share (people always seem to think the larger bodied super duty is just more capable) and also appear to be correcting real issues such as DEF tank location.

The last phase of this is to see what the numbers are for the engines, but I would guess they may bump those up as well with new mileage saving techniques DSF so hopefully the throttle response and ATM can be dialed back.

Impressive. But don't screw up the reliability in these trucks please.

@ CT


Notice that Ford is, again, the benchmark with which to compare all trucks.

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Mar 26, 2018 7:45:12 AM

If Ford is the benchmark, how does it fell to drive an entry level vehicle?

Why did GM move the mirrors from the window down to the door and then put a cap where the mirror used to be, that looks so weird. On the other hand, I'll never buy one so I guess it really doesn't matter where they put the mirrors.

Don't take much to beat that cheap low cut high volume Ford junk Fools buy!

One simple video examples why to never even buy a Ford. I Learn what this guy is saying first hand! Never again I like to keep my trucks for a while to get my money worth.


If Ford is the benchmark, how does it fell to drive an entry level vehicle?

Posted by: GMSRGREAT

Cant answer that, as we drive Ford and not amateur hour entry level GM.

Don't take much to beat that cheap low cut high volume Ford junk Fools buy!

Posted by: johnny doe

Clearly it takes alot, a whole lot as GM is lost in the dark when it comes to HD models, the sales numbers prove it fleet and retail. Back to your spagettios and crayons.

The best just got BETTER!!

Let it be written....LET IT BE DONE!!

In the Citgo pic you can see the torsion bar for the front suspension. 1988-present. Absolute FAIL!

Linear rate torsion bars are best at controlling lateral sway, not supporting a front suspension.

Coil-spring link suspension outclassed torsion bar IFS in 1994, then again in 2005.

Johnny doe

Great video!! My dad is a mechanic and says same thing!!! Ford's are junk!!! This is why I cant stand them!!!

Everyone watch the video...it is so TRUE!!!

Next Story:

Johnny doe

Great video!! My dad is a mechanic and says same thing!!! Ford's are junk!!! This is why I cant stand them!!!
Everyone watch the video...it is so TRUE!!!
Posted by: TNTGMC | Mar 27, 2018 5:50:02 AM

Yea... my brother in law has been a mechanic all his life and says the same. SO TRUE.

Its funny how the fanboys shut up real quick when truth and honesty is put right in front if them!!!
Truth really does hurt when u have been lied to for so long

Thanks again Johnny for that great video coming from a non biased mechanic

Its funny how the fanboys shut up real quick when truth and honesty is put right in front if them!!!
Truth really does hurt when u have been lied to for so long.

No, just really bored with your "whatevers videos" and the "my dad "
So why does such a "great" truck sell so poorly in fleet and retail ? Perhaps it because it aint as great as what you would have yourself believe it to be. Why is the owner retention rate so high for FORD trucks if they are the junk you would like to believe them to be. Bad news travels faster than stink, if it were the case sales would be in the tank, but that aint the case. The retention rate as well as conquest sales speak for themselves.

Gm blows

Did I strike a nerve? Ummm...my father is a mechanic so I will trust him and have seen 1st hand how a JUNK Ford can suck the life out of someone.
You have a problem with that? Truth hurts doesn't it.
You get all bent out of shape BC REAL world situations tell the facts instead of some magazine company that only tests your blah blah fords and praises how innovative they are.....I want to know how long by each manufacturer, how long people are holding onto their trucks...years from original owner to the day they trade it or sell it off. See who is keeping their trucks the longest. That would b interesting to me.....plus Ford is rental and fleece queen...that's why they lead that part.....they have done it for 40+ years to keep their precise F series number #1.

Here is your fact on residual value!! I don't see ford on the list



Chevy is longest lasting trucks on road! Fact based research!

Hopefully GM does something about the currently underpowered 6.0L. It is a great reliable engine, but with no other gas engine option there should be more power made with it. I would like to see a 6.2L 377 (4.0 bore 3.75 stroke) or 389 6.4L (4.065 bore x 3.75 stroke). The normal 6.2L is a 376 with a 4.065 bore and 3.622 stroke. I would rather see a 403 or 415 (4.00 bore x 4.00 stroke or 4.065 bore x 4.00 stroke), but that may cause oil usage to become a problem during extreme heavy loads due to oil ring strength. Simply put the big boy needs more torque and hp. The diesel puts down more power than any of the standard built muscle cars ever did. A gas engine in the same truck should be good to compete with that. I think now that the dual port system is working they will bring that to the big boy trucks.

No, and incorrect.
No nerve struck and not bent or any other derivatives.
As for truth, it is your truth based on your experience, not The truth.
You completely bypassed my quite factual statements of sales position , and retention&conquest rates. As for "Fleet Queen" , wow are you missing the boat. Fleet buyers for the most part look for value,not simply price. Value is in reliability. Value is in how much you can sell those vehicles for.
Trying to use flleet sales a negative is simply nonsense. What about retail sales? Strangely silent on that, what say you about that? You a huge sidestep launch into residual values for which you post two links.The second link being a repeat of the same source KBB from the first link.Were you channeling SuperTroopers repeat,lol.
The longest lasting link was amusing,as the source for the Chevrolet claim comes from Chevy. That is marketing , not Fact based research. If you read completely the links you post,you also see FORD F 150 in the longest lasting list you touted. Thank you for that information.
Looking forward to the March sales reporting.

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