5 Things We Like About the 2019 Ram 1500

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By Aaron Bragman

We've sat in, pored over and driven the new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup truck. It's the first of several all-new pickups slated to arrive this year from the Detroit Three and we definitely have some opinions on the new rig. So far, our exposure to it has been only a few variants of the Hemi V-8 version since that is what Ram plans to push during early production before rolling out other powertrains and variants later this year. But even our brief exposure to the new Ram at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and the truck's media launch in San Antonio has left a significant impression on us about what Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' team has created. Here are our five favorite things about the 2019 Ram 1500:


1. That Beautiful Interior

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The exterior styling is handsome, but not all that groundbreaking. The interior, on the other hand, resets the bar to a very high standard for pickup trucks. Even lesser models feature outstanding materials and assembly quality, and the luxurious models are downright exceptional, rivaling vehicles from luxury brands. The silence inside is astonishing, thanks to both active noise cancellation through the audio system and a unique vibration damper affixed to the truck's frame.


2. That Massive Touchscreen

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The most striking feature of the upgraded interior is the optional massive 12-inch touchscreen. It's reconfigurable; it's big and bright; and it provides all the information you could possibly need. And let's face it, it's just plain cool -- it makes the Ram feel like a Tesla Model S.


3. That Retuned Suspension

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The 2019 Ram 1500 has a new suspension with retuned shocks and springs that dramatically improve the truck's behavior over all sorts of surfaces. The new frequency response damping shock absorbers feel like a less expensive active air suspension, adapting to changing surfaces and driver demand with ease. The lighter weight of the pickup also helps with suspension tuning, holding the truck level and quiet over broken tarmac -- a welcome change from the old model's choppiness.


4. That Quad Cab Rebel

RM019_102FN II

The off-road ready Ram 1500 Rebel has been a big hit for Ram and the expansion of the trim to include the smaller Quad Cab with a steel suspension is a welcome one. It also now offers an electric locking rear differential. This means that there's now a less costly version of the Rebel; one that's easier for enthusiasts to modify with things like lift kits. We expect that we'll see even more Rebels at the off-road park once this one hits the streets.


5. That Hybrid eTorque System

RM019_052FN II

The only powertrain we've sampled so far is the straight-up 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, but there are many more on the way, including a V-6 and V-8 with an eTorque electric hybrid system that boosts power on demand. It includes a 48-volt battery pack and an electric motor that will deliver 90 additional pounds-feet of torque to the V-6 and up to 130 pounds-feet for the V-8. It will be standard on the 3.6-liter V-6 when it arrives later this year and an option on the Hemi. Who doesn't love more guilt-free torque?

Manufacturer images; Laramie Sport photo (below), Christian Lantry





Sweet truck for sure! Can't wait to drive the new one.


Nice truck!!

Hate to replace that screen when it goes out!!!

How many gremlins they going to have with that screen also?? it looks like it controls everything!!

nice post!!

nice post!!

this post is stupid! You loose all credibility with me.how can you talk about something you haven't even seen or been around (electric torq boost), in a post saying what you liked from your test drive?

Be honest when you taking that fca money to write a positive article for them.

TNT, hopefully it does control everything. I can't wait to get my hands on one!


Its looking like Fiat has done VERY well on this one.

What about payload and towing numbers?
What about power and performance?
What about gas mileage?


I'm not liking the fenders. Looks like they couldn't decide how to make the fenders bulges so they just stretch it out. Looks cheap.

I'm not liking the fenders. Looks like they couldn't decide how to make the fenders bulges so they just stretch it out. Looks cheap.

I'm not liking the fenders. Looks like they couldn't decide how to make the fenders bulges so they just stretch it out. Looks cheap.

Its looking like Fiat has done VERY well on this one.

Posted by: Clint | Mar 26, 2018 2:07:29 PM

i agree i am lovin this truck

Payload/towing should be fine its a halfton
Power is awesome if you have the Hemi
Fuel mileage, its a truck, who really cares?


@ Rowdy D, these guys were at its official launch. They crawl d all around several trims, including seeing first-hand the new e-Tq. So gives these guys a break!

Damn that's a busy dash...can see it now...somebody always playing around with it when driving...keep your eyes on the road??? Again I mention the guy beside me...we both leave the light at the same time...he was on the right...short distance ahead I look over and he is looking at his screen...oopps the guy in front of him slowed because of a car turning right onto side street. Oopps...ran right into the back of SUV in front of him who slowed. Nothing against the make(Ram) but sure messed up his front...hood even popped. Wonder if he will do that again?

Some of the Ford boys are really sweating the new product launches from GM and RAM this year.

Here's a different point of view.

First, just like PUTC, that interior could be right out of a Mercedes, Audi or top of the line BMW. The legacy of being owned by Daimler 20 years ago still shines in those interiors and seating surfaces.

Second, RAM really took a chance with the E Torque idea and I'm thinking it will sell like crazy.

5 things they liked
Ugly- they didn't mention the looks,
like that big touch screen? that thing stick up past the dash

Can't put a truck camper on it. Can't put a truck camper on an F150 either, though.

Best thing to like is it's not made like a beer can out of easily dentable aluminum. Thats where Ford screwed up. Insurances is too high to afford one. Cost of repair is unbelievably high.
Rams straight forward no nonsense approach is nice to see.

My 2018 Ford F150 insurance is actually cheaper than my 2015 Ram 150 Eco diesel.

Consumer Reports finds that the price to fix the aluminum body of the new pickup is similar to what it costs to repair the steel-bodied version. The important thing to remember is to take it to a shop certified by the automaker in aluminum repair.

You can still control basic stuff with push buttons all around the screen, no problem.


THE GOLD STANDARD JUST GOT BETTER. I love watching the GM fan girls cry at the sight of this truck!!! WHAHAHAHA



2019 RAM

Really nice truck !

FYI the e torque system gets 2 mpg better than without.

The RAM is lighter than current model so maybe 1 mpg better than the current add e torque so 3 mpg better,but who cares you dont buy a truck for mpg..

Truck looks good,but I think the front fenders could be mre aggressive to give it that RAM feel,as every truck Ford included copied the Big Rig styling,yes toned down..Tundra was a dead copy grille surround ..

GM trucks are just too ugly to look at !!!

Ford fans dont get your hopes up for the Bronco,its just a square Ranger,a imported truck that rides like a Turkish Heroin Freak !


dale milner

My insurance, full coverage, full tort, $500/deduct costs me $285 for 6 months for my new F-150.

Rebel yeah I'll take that! Goodness that shape embodies what trucks ought to look like.

RAM really took a chance with the E Torque idea and I'm thinking it will sell like crazy.

Posted by: papajim | Mar 26, 2018 3:38:50 PM

Think it's a great move. Electric motors are torque monsters. Give that glorious Hemi V8 some time for some power twisting R.P.M.

I'm a GM guy, but I like what they've done here. Hopefully they will get the diesel back on the board and with a badly needed power bump. The diesel market will only keep getting better and better if they can bring the power numbers up. I also like things like the E-Torque. Without the ideas like those they would have to start making the engines smaller and we don't want that.

looks good.....at least better than the mix breed aluminum/steel/plastic gm...I mean..cm..(Canadian motors) new crap. Ram will soon bypass CM.

Without the ideas like those they would have to start making the engines smaller and we don't want that.
Posted by: Zippy | Mar 29, 2018

why do they have to get smaller?

It also includes common high-pressure pointers that are color coded so numerous people in one house can make use of the same flosser.

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