Cruisin' a Classic Auto Show: Photo Gallery

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Although much of the country is still getting hammered with snow, rain and ice storms, the calendar says we're heading into the season of thaw and awe. That means there will be more car clubs hosting small, local, outdoor classic car shows with some bigger indoor events ramping up as well.

We just attended the second annual Classic Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center and were reminded of how fun it can be to see some of the old sheet metal and talk to the owners who love them. Below is a photo gallery of just some of the pickups and unique vehicles we saw on display.

Since classic car clubs abound across the country, we're guessing our readers can check out equally impressive old iron near their homes. We suggest you take the time to visit local shows. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your next garage project among the derelicts.

Some of our favorite shows are the Father's Day Car Show in Ann Arbor, Mich., and the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit (Aug. 18 this year). And if you happen to be in Los Angeles March 23-24, 2019, be sure to check out L.A.'s third annual Classic Auto Show. photos by Mark Williams


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I must be old, but can anybody remember the 1966 Ford Truck with the unti-body where the bed and the cab was one piece?
It was a great idea where you can haul almost unlimited weight cause the weight in the bed would equalize with the cab and into the front of the truck.
I often wonder why that type of unti-body engineering isn't being used today?
Look at a way reach type forklift is made not using a heavy counterweight where the weight of what it's lifting is on the center of the unit with outriggers on the front taking the weight to the ground.
Just think about if you could equal the weight you're hauling in the bed equally on all 4 wheels

...a great idea where you can haul almost unlimited weight cause the weight in the bed would equalize with the cab and into the front of the truck...Posted by: Ecoboost Rules | Mar 8, 2018


You have set the science of physics back at least 100 years with that comment

I'll take that last Chevy truck. Cool truck!

Jeff, I love that color. I wish trucks (and cars in general for that matter) had a better selection of colors these days but everyone wants depressing colors it seems.

yes, I miss colors and especially interior colors. Remember how great a red interior looked on black or white.

@BD & Old GM Guy--I miss the selection of colors and interior colors. Old GM Guy I remember when my father ordered one of the first Chevy IIs in Sept. 1961. My father wanted Roman Red and my mother wanted a red interior to match the exterior. The dealer said that would look terrible but ordered it anyway. After the car came in 3 other customers ordered the same red with the red interior the car looked great in those colors. My father had that car for over 12 years. My wife bought a 94 Escort wagon silver with a blue tint in the paint and a blue interior. One of the few Escorts I ever saw with a blue interior. It is hard enough to get a tan interior and it seems recently that many manufacturers offer black only and then gray after that. I think it is more of a cost saving and lean inventory thing. I am guilty of the white and black color thing because my wife bought a white CRV just to have a tan leather interior instead of black or gray. I bought a black truck because I got an unbelievable deal. I swore I would never buy a black or white vehicle and most likely will never own another black vehicle because they are hard to keep clean and black interiors are hot in the Summer.

We had a caprice that was blue on blue. I thought it was gorgeous. I wish I could get a new truck in metallic blue with a blue interior. Or green. But the only interior colors are as you said tan or gray, sometimes other colors in leather. Also the exterior colors that aren't silver or black or white are dull and sad just like society these days. Ram to its credit does offer some bold colors though some of them are ridiculous looking.

That was a sad show. Come on out to Cali and go to some shows please.

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