Honda Ridgeline Sees Small Price Bump for 2019

2019_Ridgeline_23 II

Honda has released pricing for the 2019 Ridgeline, one of the more unique players in the mid-size pickup truck class. Little has changed in terms of pricing and equipment.

The 2019 Honda Ridgeline will be offered in both two-wheel and all-wheel drive, and will come standard with four full-size doors and the familiar high-tech, transverse-mounted direct-injection 3.5-liter V-6 that offers cylinder deactivation and is rated at 260 horsepower and 262 pounds-feet of torque. All Ridgelines are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel-drive models offer four traction settings: Normal, Mud, Snow and Sand; two-wheel-drive versions get Normal and Snow modes.

Prices for the 2019 Honda Ridgeline, including destination, are:

Two-Wheel Drive

  • RT:    $30,965
  • Sport:    $34,365
  • RTL:    $35,845
  • RTL-T:    $37,975

All-Wheel Drive

  • Sport:    $36,265
  • RTL:    $37,745
  • RTL-T:    $39,875
  • RTL-E:    $42,895
  • Black Edition:    $44,395

Other defining features on the Ridgeline include an open and passenger-friendly cabin with tons of rear-seat storage options, as well as a plastic bed area that offers a lockable in-floor storage bin and a dual-opening tailgate.

The only changes for the 2019 models are that lower and mid-trim levels will get a second USB port in the front center console, and the RTL and RTL-T models will add a power sliding rear window and moonroof.

Accessories sold through Honda dealerships include backup sensors, a bed extender, fender flares, a hard tonneau cover, extra front skid plating, light-up door sills, sport racks, a bed tent, running boards, heated steering wheel, and in-bed carpeting and dividers.

Interested in a Honda Ridgeline? Check out our review of the 2017 model.

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That’s not a truck that’s a cuv just like the two little (Colorado/Cañon) twins from GARBAGE MOTORS COMPANY AKA (GMC)

No new 2019 model year vehicle should use a 6 speed automatic.

This little trucklet would be more than adequate for 50% of 1/2 ton pickup buyers.

I just don't like the honda pilot front end on this thing. Makes me like the older body style even more.

I agree with amateurhour...1/2 of population could get away with this type of vehicle! They are using them as family haulers now a days rather than TRUCKS!
Thats why we see Denali, High Country, Platinum, Limited models, bc people who buy them aren't using them as TRUCKS!

Girly man's truck

Wish the "real truck" makers (GM, Toyota, Ford, Nissan) would take note and add in-bed floor storage to their midsize trucks... I love that feature! But I don't want a Honda truck-SUV-thing.

6 speed is enough. Leave the ten speeds to bicycles. I hate all the hunting for gears in the new 8 and 10 speed automatics.

Hey Frank/Chingon, please stay off this site and go play in the quite room with the blocks and Lego.

Evidently all 14 of the people who were considering buying a new Ridgeline will have to dig a little deeper...

I'm convinced that whoever buys these would be much happier with either a midsize truck or a Subaru depending on how they use it.

Girly Man's Truck

@Ecoboost Rules

Coming from a guy who drives a half ton truck with a V6 in it??

@Bmbvideo - body on frame and live axle is why conventional small trucks can't offer a "trunk". A ram box might work but I personally don't like them because they take up a lot of box space.

This truck is awesome. I love the guys on here tearing it apart. Gonfet your ruler and measure again to see how small you are. Only little guys need a giant truck. This truck will outlive all the others. Honda rules!!

The article is about the 2019 Ridgeline, really, the Honda makes the Ridgeline weaker by 20 HP, they did not implement changes to thevInfotainment system, no lockable tailgate nor ventilated seats? Hard to believe that peopleat Honda don't listen. If thats right, I wont buy it!

If they were an American Company and get the tax breaks they would not have to raise their prices

Glad they finally got rid of the high useless high sides on the bed. Still not interested. That storage thing in bed floor, dumb!!!If I needed something out of "the hole", and I had the bed loaded with stuff as many truck owns might, sure wood stink.
Plus I like having my 35 gal fuel tank for long rides. Can't have big fuel tanks with spare tire where it is and the storage hole!.

Many comments here from people who probably have never set foot in a ridgeline or driven one. This is a small truck not to be confused with or compared to a full size. So if your in the market for a reliable small truck, I suggest driving one then make judgement. And if you decide to buy one - you'll get years of service and the resale value will make you glad you purchased a honda.

Many comments here from people who probably have never set foot in a ridgeline or driven one. This is a small truck not to be confused with or compared to a full size. So if your in the market for a reliable small truck, I suggest driving one then make judgement. And if you decide to buy one - you'll get years of service and the resale value will make you glad you purchased a honda.

My grandfather ran a small farm with a John Deere “popper” a two horse trailer and a Chevy S-10. In terms of utility and capability, most of us don’t need much more than a midsize. My frontier hasn’t failed to do any task I’ve asked of it. And it fits in my garage! Sure there are those that will need a half tone and even fewer that will need a 3/4 ton. If the automakers weren’t well aware of the need for all of these platforms (ridgline included) they wouldn’t waste the time or money building them. That said, can we ban Chingon from the forum already? Or at least get word to his parents that he’s posting while at school.

The trunk in the new honda ridgeline is worthless. The trunk in the 2012 Honda ridgeline is better and more user friendly. In the 2012 honda ridgeline you can put a full size stroller, a folding wagon, a tool kit, a 3 ton floor jack, and more. If you do get a flat you can store the original full size wheel in the same spot you got the spare from without taking up room in the bed of the truck. There is an outlet in the bed of the truck but, it is worthless. If you are going to have an outlet in the bed of any truck it needs to power at least something like a miter saw. The outlet in the bed of the honda is power full enough to power some laptops but, that is it. In the 2012 model honda ridgeline you had a spot to put paper work or maybe your food from the drive through on the floor in between the driver and the passenger. But the new honda has more of a car feel to it. The shifter is in between the driver and the passenger and they have removed the nice over sized arm rest. You have to balance your arm on a very small arm rest if you are/can use it. Other than those few complaints the new honda ridgeline isn't a bad truck though I don't think that we can call it a truck it is more of a car. Until Honda makes the ridgeline more of a truck than a car we can't call it a truck it is a car or van.

Hey Dave I have the 2012 Honda ridgeline it is a very nice truck I use every ounce of the storage unit in the bed of the truck. I have a daughter I put her stroller and her folding radio flyer wagon in it. I also keep a tackle box, a small tool box for some emergency fixes on the road a 3 ton floor jack a small air pump. I have gotten a flat before and being able to store the bad tire in the same spot I got my spare from and lock it up was super nice. I alway take my honda ridgeline to the dealership to get the oil changed. While I am there I like to check out the new models I was very disappointed in what saw in the new honda ridgeline with how much they have reduced the size of the storage unit under the bed, removed the oversized arm rest, moved the shifter to floor, and made it so that you can't make the truck go full 4x4 has made me glad I have the 2012 model. When I first looked at pictures of the new honda ridgeline I was thinking about upgrading because I don't like the slanted feature behind the rear view mirror if I was going to change anything about the 2012 Honda ridgeline that would have been it. Though I would like for it to have a little more towing power. I do a lot of driving between Columbia SC and Stokesdale NC. I can get from Columbia to Stokesdale with a load on a little less than a tank of gas. That is about 300 miles one way.

Hey bmbvideo what is wrong with a honda? Remember all the BIG truck manufacturer had to start somewhere. Though yes you are right I do wish more trucks had the in bed storage unit though I can't stand how small honda has made their new model in bed storage unit though. It is practically just a waste of space now!

Always been a bunch of misinformation about Honda Ridgeline Generation 1 and Generation 2.
If you don't need to tow more then 5,000pounds or need any serious hard core off-road rock crawling capability. The Ridgeline might be a better choice. The uni-body has more space for passengers and better cargo room inside cabin then other midsized trucks. The Ridgeline offers a more refined ride and handling over most other midsized/full sized conventional body on frame trucks. The ride rivals or beats some premium crossovers and Suvs.
Suggested reads
#1 Midsized Trucks Don't Need Frames
#2 Honda Ridgeline Unusually Detailed Wikipedia Page

@BD why would buyers of Ridgeline be happier with other midsized truck or Subaru? Ridgeline is a midsized truck Tacoma, GM Canyon/Colorado size. The passengers have more space inside Ridgeline cabin then any of the others. Also more cargo room inside. So why compare it to Subaru they don't have a bed in back to carry stuff or in-bed trunk to carry things. Ridgeline would be better compared to 3 row crossover and still has more room for cargo not seating.

I shouldn't have to spell it out for you but I guess people who buy these things don't know what they are. It's a car with a truck bed and sucks at being both. If you actually tow or haul anything substantial around you should get an actual truck. If you don't you need a car. I said Subaru because only lesbians and beta males would consider this, and Subaru is the official brand of edgy leftists everywhere.

Ridgwline has about the most payload capacjty of any mid-size truck, when you consider the options. Sure, you can spec out some of the competition to have a slightly higher payload, but it will be in a model that no one wants.

Towing? The Ridgeline can tow 5k great. Need more than that? Other mid-size trucks dont have much more as they quickly become payload-limited, so you'd better go full-size. Also, most mid-size trucks are limited to 3500lbs towing unless you get the optional tow package.

The Ridgeli e has one of the biggest beds available in a crew cab that you're actually comfortable in and comfortable driving. It's one of the best utility trucks out there.


your facts are simply wrong (esp. payload). Please take a second look.

@PapaJim, most mid-size trucks sold just don't have the payload capacity. Sure, they advertise that they do, but those are trims that just don't sell well because few people want them. Once you get the trim you like, and add the factory options you want, your payload is not so great anymorem

Here's a fun experiment - go check out every mid-size truck you can find and look at the actual payload capacity that is posted on the door jamb of the might be surprised. AWD Ridgelines have a payload capacity of 1499 to 1584, depending on what trim you get, all of which are pretty loaded with options.

I'd venture to say that the Ridgeline has more payload capacity than most RAM 1500 trucks sold to the general public. Although I am not including fleet sales here, I have several 1500s in my fleet, and their payload is less than a Ridgeline, and they are stripped fleet trucks. We have some Chevy 1500s and F150s also, but they are barely more than the Ridgeline.

Again, you can buy a GM twin that has a greater payload, but almost no one does. It just doesn't have the trim and options that most people want.

As for towing, again, you need to watch payload capacities. If you're towing 6500lbs, then you should have at least 650lbs on the hitch, so subtract that from your payload. Then add passengers, cargo, coolers, tools, etc., and you start running out of payload very quickly. If I was towing over 5000lbs regularly, I'd be looking at a half-ton with payload package, or a 2500.

I am the owner of 2018 Ridgeland ,I am 100 percent happy with this truck.
The keys to know your needs, everyday truck sheetrock ,paint lumber household items, same as my handyman contractor.Give it a wash and it a great looking truck to impress. Try it you may like it , you never need riding the bull all day , this truck ride is great.
I can accept the name city man truck.

@BD some of you guys need serious help in your thought process.
A little truck scares the crap out of you so afraid it would take your manhood away. I don't know how old some of you guys are spouting this stuff. Papajim has reported his age if true we are around the same age. Now if you are 50s or older you should remember what the primary tow vehicles for recreational boats or camping trailers in the 1950s-1970s. They were mostly family station wagons or family cars.
You go down the roads and highways that's what you saw towing boats/ campers wasn't no pickup truck. So many a man drove them station wagons.


I totally agree with you! That's why I don't care about the total LBS a truck can tow bc over 90% of us will never tow that much weight. As for these HD trucks, pulling anything over 25K lbs is crazy and dangerous!! You might as well get a semi-truck!
I have seriously thought about getting rid of my GMC Sierra for a new ZR2 Colorado. Can tow my boat and is alot smaller than my Sierra. These new full size trucks are GINORMOUS and the newer 19's coming out are even bigger. Heck, most HD trucks now won't fit into a regular size garage! My neighbor next door can't get his HD Silverado into his garage. Leaves it parked outside.

"Now if you are 50s or older you should remember what the primary tow vehicles for recreational boats or camping trailers in the 1950s-1970s. They were mostly family station wagons or family cars.
You go down the roads and highways that's what you saw towing boats/ campers wasn't no pickup truck. So many a man drove them station wagons."

My family was one of those. Crew cab trucks were a rarity and trucks just weren't comfortable for any distance. Plus they were so light in the rear when empty they had no traction. I remember being entertained at the boat ramp by people with pickups trying to pull an 18' boat up the ramp just burning up their tires and clutch. When they saw us loading up a 22' boat behind a Chrysler they frequently gathered to watch but were always disappointed when we never even slipped a tire, just eased right up the ramp. The Chrysler had much more weight on the rear tires plus was ordered with a limited slip rear end and class 3 trailer tow package but they could not see any of that. After Chrysler stopped offering the trailer tow package we had a mid eighties Crown Vic then an early nineties Gran Marquis. Both of them performed well too.

The only one scared of anything around here is you and it’s of the truth. Either that or you are ignorant of it altogether, apparent by your choice of vehicle. Station wagons from decades ago were body-on-frame, RWD with solid axles and often had V8’s, some of which were big blocks. Take a wild guess what that resembles. It’s not a Honda Accord.

Overpriced as far as I'm concerned, but the best of what's available in either size class so far for my needs.

Looking under the hood I remember why I don't like foreign trucks/cars. They cram everything in hard to reach places and make it difficult to do basic maintenance and repairs.

@Longboat - if one specs out a crewcab 4x4 Colorado long box Z71, you get a payload of 1492 lbs. short box is 1548.

@amateurhour -- what options would that Z71 have with those payloads? A Ridgeline loaded with factory options has payload of 1499lbs. Since those options already come on the truck, the payload doesn't change from what is advertised. With the Colorado, options you specify on the truck will reduce your payload capacity from the advertised numbers. That is why I always stress that you should look at the numbers on the door jamb.

Looking under the hood I remember why I don't like foreign trucks/cars. They cram everything in hard to reach places and make it difficult to do basic maintenance and repairs.
Posted by: Red | Mar 13, 2018


Sorry Red, but they're all guilty on that particular score.

A few years ago I swapped out the water pump in my '88 S-10 in less than 90 minutes (with a beer-run thrown in). No sweat.

With today's trucks, my Silverado included, the water pump replacement would be like doing brain surgery for a shade-tree mechanic and no lift. Just getting all the crap out of the way would be a half day's work.

Just getting all the crap out of the way would be a half day's work.

@ papajim

Totally agree. My brother in law popped up hood of his new 18 superduty...holy cow was a rats nest that is! He admits he has no intentions of ever working on it. Said when it gets out of warranty will trade it in for a new one....has luxury I guess bc he does Farm!! LOL

For normal folks, Like my father, he has always said GM is one of the easiest trucks to work on. He has a 97 Silverado 1500, and an 09 Ford F150.

My 17 sierra is very accessible, but the new HD's are getting almost has bad a the Super Duties
Manufactures are forcing consumers to take it back to them to "screw us" even more!!


PUTC said the same thing about the Super Duty's underhood area. It is bad.

But I disagree about the carmakers "screwing us"

The vehicles being built today are amazing.

My '09 Chevy truck still has the same AC, water pump, brakes, trans, rear end, and engine. All are working great.

The interior stuff is a mixed bag, though.

The CD player puked, but the AM/FM/Satellite still work great. The wife's power window switch crapped out, which means she has to ask me to raise/lower her window with the drivers-side switch. The seating is still tops. The controls all still work. I've only had to replace one light bulb since new.

I think America's union-made trucks are great. Can't imagine making a different choice next time (unless a new RAM shows up).

@ papajim

What a mean by screwing that its so clustered under neath hood...the common man who is mechanical wouldn't want to mess with that rats nest under the hood if something does goes wrong....especially if its out of warranty

My dads 97...he can pop hood and do anything wants under hood.

I'm not sure why you would buy this over a crossover like a Pilot which seems more useful at least you can fold the back seats down and get a full 8 foot of hauling space. or you buy a real pickup that gets as good or better mileage these days. The sales numbers show it's not a hit and will probably go the way of the Subaru Baja.

My dads 97...he can pop hood and do anything wants under hood.
Posted by: TNTGMC | Mar 13, 2018

I understood about that part--and it's true, you can work on the old cars/trucks easier in so many ways, HOWEVER, I'd ten times rather drive the latest GM truck as a daily driver than my old Fords and Chevies. They were great in their day but's that's over.

@ Andy why would you buy a Ridgeline over a crossover like Pilot
Take a look at a crossover Pilot/Highlander start folding seats down you loose your seating. Ridgeline can carry 5 passengers pretty comfortably and you have a bed in the back to carry your stuff. You also have the in-bed trunk that you can fit luggage down into. You can put an 82Quart wheeled ice cooler down into the in-bed trunk. So mid size SUV folding seats don't work for everything like furniture or motor cycle ect.

@BD I made reference to the station wagon because some of you guys always bringing up the girly stuff on Ridgeline like it's some problem with your manhood of something based on vehicle you drive. Women drove station wagons back in the day and that same station wagon the man in the family would hook up the boat/camper trailer and tow with it for the weekend.
I know because my uncle did that down in VA and aunt would drive that same station wagon with the kids for everything.
They had other cars like Cougars Mustang but the wagon was the everyday vehicle.
When my father had his boat for a hot min back in the late 60s he had a 1964 Pontiac and my mother drove that taking us to school. So it's like something wrong with driving something other then big manly truck.

Since there’s nothing new, why would Honda move up the 2019 model introduction? Why not just wait till September, announce the new price and then ship the new model year? It IS surprising the new trans hasn’t been phased in.

The Ridgelines strength is in how it drives with the bed loaded or unloaded it's smooth and stable. The other trucks full sized like mighty F-150 to off-road champ Tacoma Real Trucks suffer if the bed is unloaded. Always read reviews on these other trucks check out the Driving Impression word like choppy, jittery, unrefined uncivilized bumpy when beds are unloaded. Un-laden is the word
Not an issue for Ridgeline smooth comfortable is what you see or hear. Ram has it's coil springs to smooth things out a bit but Ridgeline rides better. This is some of the reason people buy it.

Not sure why you keep bringing up the fear of loss of manhood unless you are subconsciously afraid of it yourself, because of the poor decision you made when buying yours and you fear what others think about you. I'm not afraid of anything, but if I were it certainly wouldn't be about a Honda Accord with a truck bed. I criticized the Ridgeline because it is halfway between a truck and a car and excels in neither category, and there is no price, fuel economy, or capability incentive to buy over a competitor. Unless you drive around smugly basking in the self-satisfaction of being different on purpose for driving a unique vehicle, you would probably be a lot happier buying a car that costs less that is more efficient or an actual truck For a similar price that is more capable as a real truck.

Since there’s nothing new, why would Honda move up the 2019 model introduction? Why not just wait till September?
Posted by: Mr Knowitall | Mar 14, 2018


Have you ever had a job in Sales? Just curious.

@papajim- No, I have not. I seem to recall that you have, why don't you enlighten us.
Nobody else is announcing in March that next years identical vehicle will cost more.

@MrKnowItAll -- you will find much more intelligent speculation concerning the accelerated model run over on the Ridgelineownersclub forums.

@Ridgeline Owner 2007 -- don't concern yourself too much about the naysayers.  Most of them have their minds made up without any firsthand experience.  They thrive on conjecture and hyperbole, please don't confuse them with facts.

Most will ignore the fact that the Ridgeline will meet 90% of mid-size truck buyers needs.  If you are in the 2-3% that does technical off-roading, the Ridgeline is not for you.  If you are in the 1% that HAS to have a mid-size truck and HAS to tow more than 5k lbs, the Ridgeline is not for you.  For everyone else, it is probably a better choice than the competition.  Sonny don't we see more of them?  Many people don't like the looks, many can't break from tradition, some just don't like Honda's, some think of them as foreign trucks (although they are either the #1 or #2 most American truck, depending on which authority you believe), and many just prefer other brands despite the specifications.

Can the Ridgeline go off-road?:

Can the Ridgeline tow?:

Plenty of other vids out there, too.

Does a truck have to have a body-on-frame architecture?:

For those of you curious about the Ridgeline, follow the facts. 

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