Inside and Outside the All-New 2019 Ram 1500: Video

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With an all-new frame and chassis design, including a mountain of new internal technology, the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 delivers on its promise — it's a better pickup in every way measurable.

We recently had the chance to drive several different trim levels around San Antonio on city streets and highways, as well as take the new Ram Rebel on some rugged 4x4 mud trails and use a Big Horn to tow a trailer weighing about 5,000 pounds.

This new half ton has a solid interior and improved chassis. The fact that it's ready to go to dealerships right away will likely provide a good boost for Ram pickup truck sales during the next several months, but we still have questions about how it will compare with the competition. We can't wait to see if the improvements to the new Ram 1500 will be enough to make a significant dent in Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 sales this year, especially since the new Chevy or GMC won't go on sale until much later. As you might expect, we hope to do a half-ton comparison test near the end of the year, when all the major players will have their new trucks ready to rock 'n' roll. photos by Mark Williams





Nice truck. I like some of the details--especially inside, but it's not a revolutionary change over the old one.

Performance and economy is only marginally better and it still carries less payload than the competition.

Did this have the electric torgue booster ?

Very nice grille.

Oh no, not again more junk and hey kitty aka (Leon) stop telling what yo post so F off , I can post what ever I want so back off.

I can see it again...people will buy this and even the other 2. Buy a 7500/8000 lb trailer, add WD hitch, add wife and 1 or 2 kids in the truck with water bottles, phones, tablets and all the little things we carry. Fill up the tank, throw one or 2 bikes and some other gear in the bed. Load all the food and drinks and bedding, water propane, camps stoves, bbq's etc in the trailer and off they go...see it all the times in almost every campground all summer.
Now how about setting these half ton trucks up like that and doing a real world tow test instead of hooking a 5000 lb trailer behind and say it tows it perfectly. Even pulling a small boat is not real...what about all the stuff that goes along with that.
Now the comments will fly

Performance and economy is only marginally better and it still carries less payload than the competition...Posted by: redbloodedxy | Mar 16, 2018

How many Ford F150 hybrid pickups have you ever seen? Marginally better? Light-years ahead of Ford.

"How many Ford F150 hybrid pickups have you ever seen? Marginally better? Light-years ahead of Ford."

Posted by: papajim

Cargo capaciity 1,000 lbs. BELOW Ford is the metric you should be looking at, genius.

Ford has no plans for a hybrid F150 I'm aware of. Ford's next product release is a warmed-over global Ranger T6 that blue oval fans have been waiting for at least five years. Hardly the product-development leader these days. You just swung and missed!

GM has had a mild hybrid for several years, quite similar to the Ram's e-torque system, although with somewhat less juice. I doubt GM sells more than a couple of thousand of them per year. Because of that, I doubt this new e-torque system will help Ram sales much at all. Other than e-torque, the engines are carry-over...pretty disappointing. Other than the quite nice interior, the new Ram is fairly disappointing to me. I miss the big-rig front end, and I really wanted more power.

If anyone has been in one of those max payload F150s, you'll realize quickly that the ride is complete trash except when loaded. It's a package so that they can claim the best payload in the segment, but the trade off in ride simply isn't worth it. At that capacity, you should be looking at a 2500 series pickup truck.


not sure where you have your info from but i have one of the those max payload F150's and it rides very nicely, I am very impressed with it

on topic though I am impressed with this truck in the looks department for sure, big improvement. It appears from Mark's comments that its marginally better than the old one which isn't necessarily a bad thing, the old one was just fine too. The Ram should continue to sell well with this new truck for sure !


Dodge/Ram has had the same engine lineup since the 2002 Dodge Ram landed: Hemi 5.7 and the corporate V6 of the time. This has worked for them for a very long time, as it has Toyota and Nissan. Even GM seems to have shuffled the Ecotec3 4.3 V6 off its mortal coil. I am "disappointed" too about that aspect of the new Ram 1500, but not surprised, because 410lb/ft is quite a bit for the primary engine, "old" or not. Adding eTorque means there's a way to freshen up the V8 with low-end power, AND make it more efficient with start-stop.

The only place where the Ram will be wanting for power is the super-high-end segment, where it will be very much down on hp/tq compared to Ford's 3.5EB and GM's 6.2.

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