Up Close With the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500: Video

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We had a chance to spend a day with some of the engineers and designers of the all-new 2019 GMC Sierra 1500, getting a deep dive into several of the systems and features on the half ton. In this video we look at the exterior design, new bed features, interior surprises and even how much or how little it shares with its sibling, the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

Some of our favorite features include the new MultiPro drop-and-fold tailgate that can become a bed step and bed extender, the active electronically controlled suspension, and the upgraded camera and towing systems. We'll have more videos coming, but this one takes an overall view of the new pickup truck.

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams




The truck for yuppies and drug store cowboys.

WOW. This is one fantastic truck. This will stir up some hate from some of the other fanboys. I also don't think you can call the GMC and Chevrolet "twins" anymore. This GMC has features unavailable in the Chevy, and a completely different body style , front to back. Great Job GMC.

That excessively large and ridiculous looking grill looks like they are tying to overcompensate for something.

Interior is a huge let down. Unique bed and tailgate but how much will that cost. The average truck that most people buy is going to be fairly boring. They better kill it with the engines and MPG ratings

I haven't finished paying off my Silverado and now I want this GMC Denali. Damn you GM!

All of those future for is way better at!!!

“I haven't finished paying off my Silverado and now I want this GMC Denali. Damn you GM!”

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Mar 3, 2018 1:37:37 PM

It is a nice truck, while watching the video, I didn’t notice an ignition switch on the steering column.....Does this truck have push button start now?
I really like the bed features, be nice to be able to get the Denali with the I-6 diesel....

Does it comes with a purse hanger?

It's all great GMC has the better bed and tailgate.
But these need to be across the range of models.
If not standard on GMC.
The tailgate is a great idea from what I read and
To me would of a better since sold on both
trucks.. it really needs to be from base where more
People would probably use it.
Let's face it this tail gate is in response to Ford's
Slide out gate and if chevrolet doesn't offer it
then what does chevrolet offers in response to

The truck for yuppies and drug store cowboys.

Posted by: Robert | Mar 3, 2018 12:10:24 PM

Aren't you referring to the F-150 Platinum?

Beautiful truck. Love the 7" heads up display color screen in windshield. Finally , been waiting for a truck with a useful tailgate providing us with a workbench. The interior is great, and looks comfy. Storage in rear seat back is also smart. This GMC really puts one over on the rest, and seperastes itself from the Chevy. The fuel economy with the inline six diesel will put it in the forefront for torque and fuel efficiency.

Nice feature. So does this thick tailgate eat into bed space?

The F-150 with the 2.7 Eco-Boost will still out-power the GMC 6.2 V8
and the F-150 -2.7 Eco-Boost gets the BEST MPG of ANY full size gasoline pickup
not only will the F-150 out-power it , it has the best payload and towing
the F-150 also has the best crash tests
plus the F-150 costs $6000 to $8000 less than the GMC
aluminum body on the F-150 doesn't rust
F-150 has the highest resale value of any pickup
the F-150 is the only pickup with a center console floor shifter
F-150 only pickup that uses laminated side glass
F-150 uses real chrome alloy wheels (not plastic chrome hubcaps)

The timing couldn't have been no better for me at this point, my 2014 GMC Sierra will be paid off by September of this year, I got my replacement 2019 Sierra SLT with the 6.2 Liter planned for purchase by the Spring of next year. I'll have it in Dark Slate Metallic!!

Very nice. Love the color. Chrome package looks awesome as well.

Some good things, some bad things; to me, more bad than good.

First off, along with others I honestly hate the front end look. Even the presenter pointed out that the grill is huge and flat; honestly, it's just ugly. I also have to question just how effective those ports at either corner will be at smoothing airflow, though I wouldn't argue that they might be effective at cooling the brakes or breaking the 'skin effect' that could turn those front wheel wells into parachutes.

At the back end, the new tailgate design emphasizes one simple fact; the truck is simply too large. The load bed is at waist height, making it more difficult, not less, to load heavy bags of soil, sand, etc. and could, because of the step, make it even more inconvenient as it now creates a notch that such bags have to be tossed over if the loading is a two-person operation with one of them having climbed into the bed to properly stack the load. All the load tie downs are good and I laud the concept of the tailgate but overall I expect the tailgate to be one of the less popular features over time.

Finally the interior. I don't see any reason to complain about the controls, though I agree with the presenter that the sunroof/moonroof is much too small for a cabin that large. The back seat, however, isn't that much of an improvement, even if it is larger overall. When you fold up the seat cushions to access floor space, you don't want a barrier of any kind walling off 30% of that otherwise usable space. Just because they designed in a couple of 'pockets' for loose item storage doesn't make that plinth any more desirable if you're wanting load space under the seats. Yes, I know it's there to support the seat cushions--but that's the problem; another design could have been used that would raise those supports with the cushions and actually protect the underside of the seat without taking up all that much space. Sure, the existing way may be pretty and even structurally sound but it is NOT efficient if that space is used for loads more than passengers.

No, aside from my complaints about Road Whales™, the overall design of this truck is not for me. I don't use the back seat for passengers, so trying to turn a truck into a passenger car takes away from its functionality as a truck. I want a clean floor, the way Honda and Toyota offer a clean floor when the seat cushions are raised. And I certainly don't need a full-sized back seat area; the few times I might carry a passenger back there, I could get by with half the amount of seat cushion as said passengers both are very short people who almost need a seat booster just to bend their knees enough to keep their feet from pushing against the back of the front seats. (And no, only one of them is a juvenile; the other is her grandmother.)

So, some nice new design aspects, yes; but the overall design is a failure. I expect GMC sales to fall even farther next year after the early-bird rush dies down.

Way to go and desperate from Chevy. I've always loved GM. Even over the Chevy. It was always hard for me to believe that people thought of it as second to the Silvarado. I'm stoked and maybe one day will own one even if it takes 10
to 20 years. Lol.. Good luck being number one and God Bless!!!!

Excellent work again by gm. Once we find out power numbers the ford women are going to cry themselves to sleep.

@ Rod p
Ford women have nothing to worry about. Nice truck but it won’t steal sales.

I love the new 2019 GMC Sierra. Do you have pictures of the SLT model that was shown before the Sierra Denali? I want to see more of the SLT but can’t find much that is not in video format. Thanks!

Have a. Old regular cab long bed classic gmc bought it new eleven years wish i could buy a new one just like it. Best vehicle I ever had new ones have to much high tech that is not needed for me I do like the tail gate and step bumper tho

@That excessively large and ridiculous looking grill looks like they are tying to overcompensate for something.
Posted by: Ken | Mar 3, 2018 12:49:33 PM

If anyone knows about overcompensating it's Ken...don't worry Ken I don't care what your wife says you're 3 inches look like 6 to me.

Well, I just found my next truck. This GMC is amazing. I will take a Crew Cab SLT( has nicer grill) , in a Dark Silver, and of course the inline diesel. Other than the diesel my favorite thing is the tailgate, six different function from a 5th wheel opening to a workbench at a height Ivan work and not be hunched over. Ingenuous and useful. Can't wait to get out of my current F150, the ecoboost uses way too much fuel when towing, the inline six diesel will pull better and get better fuel economy.

I truly want this truck. I will wait till 2020 to let all the bugs get worked out of it! My only concern is the price tag?? These things have gotten out of control. But if you want to play with the big boys you have to pay up to play!!

Gm has stated its going to lead in TQ but they only have to gain 11 ft lbs on the 6.2L to do that. I hope they up'd the HP and TQ ALOT to compete with Fords new 5.0L bc that is turning out to be a great motor. I could care less about the ecoboost's

That ugly grille is killing this truck. Who designed it? A candelabra designer?

I told you all the other manufacturers would come up with a tailgate step similar to Fords. It's just too great of a feature to ignore. This one looks pretty good and sure makes GM look foolish for mocking Ford when theirs first came out. Pretty much GM admitting that the bumper step isn't good enough. This does look pretty useful but the grab handle looks kind of awkward and overall looks expensive and complex compared to Ford's step. Owners might get pretty annoyed when they push the wrong button.

Yeah, about that EcoBoost...
In cool temps, on premium, it goes.
...and the 6.2 requires premium too.
But the EcoBoost pulls a cr@p ton of timing under load, pulling a grade, in summer. EcoBoost is a classic paper tiger.
But get what you want.
You know the EcoBoost 4 in a Mustang is more powerful than early 7.3 Power Strokes. Clearly it is better.
Donkey hats.

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