Where Will Pickups Place in Cars Madness? It's Up to You

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By Mike Hanley

We know how much passion PickupTrucks.com readers have for pickups β€” we see it in the comments section every day β€” so we wanted to let you know about an interesting interactive experience happening right now on our sister site, Cars.com.

Cars.com has created a Cars Madness bracket challenge where users get to decide which of 16 popular models takes home the win. Besides the sedans, sports cars and SUVs competing for the title there are four pickup trucks in the mix. In the first round, the 2018 Ford F-150 and 2018 Ram 1500 square off while the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2018 Toyota Tundra go head-to-head.

Just so you know, ballot-box-stuffing is OK here; you can vote once a day while the round is open, so check back often to see how your favorites are faring and put another vote in their corner.

Wondering "What's in it for me?" Cars.com is giving away 50 $50 Amazon gift cards in a random drawing after the winner has been decided. Each time you vote is an entry to win.

If you want to play, head over to the Cars Madness page and start making your picks. Don't be slow, though; the first-round closes Friday. Good luck!

Cars.com graphic by Paul Dolan


I picked the 2018 F-150 cause it's Consumer Reports Winner for 2018,, and Motor Trends truck of the year.

I picked the Ram, because I got tired of walking home when I owned Fords. But some guys like having to fix their trucks all the time. I know a lot of Ford guys like that. My neighbor uses his truck on the farm and has had to do timing chains and cam phasers on his 2013 F-150 3.5 ecoboost twice and his truck only has 90k miles on it. He's done ball joints and an axle seal too. Changed the spark plugs twice now too. It is what it is though. It's like a project truck for him.

I picked GM because it offers a Diesel and some great V8 options.

I picked GM because I am tired of getting poor fuel economy in my buzz box F150. Can't wait to see some more efficient engines from Ford.

It must be advertiser ratings time. #PASS

i pick chevy because for me its a overall better vehicle

never have big problems with them just maintnance

"I picked the 2018 F-150 cause it's Consumer Reports Winner for 2018,, and Motor Trends truck of the year."
---- Posted by: Ecoboost Rules

And I did NOT pick it for the exact same reasons.


You will inform us who the winner is ?


I picked the f150 because they are junk junk junk and I own a junkyard.

The Chevy is an easy choice for me. My 2014 makes good power, pulls great, and the 4WD doesn't rely on plastic gears and vacuum lines. I considered trading for a 2016 F-150 Ecoboost just to give the EB a second shot but my buddie's 2015 F-150 3.5EB has been 30k miles of endless problems. First engine developed rod knock. The warrantied engine blows blue smoke like crazy in the morning. The 4WD system has gone out at least 4 times now. The IWE's destroyed ever time. Glad I switched to GM after my last Ford's problems. Ram would be my runner-up at this point.

GM all DAY bc they produce the best V8 engines on the market! Ram would be second, close behind that would be the new Titan. I really like the looks of that truck in person!

Letting ignorant masses decide anything and using this as a deflection of what really is going on, wow...

@ Oxi

Hey, don't start insulting people on here bc you are upset about something. Not everyone posts insults and belittling comments on here. RELAX!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The one wanna be me is funny 😁. And yes I work on junk yard by the way and were I work I see nothing but junky chevis and rams πŸ‘ a few f150 and Toyotas. The were I work it’s called LKQ of Bakersfield ca. Look it up on google idoits.


Only you Putin liberals that post non-stop hate for Toyota because somebody told you to do so!

@ Oxi

I'm the farthest thing from a liberal there is!!!!!


Really...you consider yourself not to be a liberal yet you support a company that was bailed out by the government. Most people call that socialism.

@ Dave

Really Dave!!! I'm a realist. I buy the truck with the best and most reliable small block V8!

We won't even go into the bailout again!! Its been beat more than a screen door in a hurricane. Its over with..nothing u can do to bring it back or change....


Certainly there's things we can do about it. BOYCOTT GM and send them a message. Let's never waste $11 BILLION in hard earned tax dollars ever again. It should be easy for a conservative guy like yourself.

Do u hold a grudge? ITS DONE AMD OVER WITH BEEN 10 YEARS!!! U could say that then for every welfare individual that sucks our hard earned money dry every month, while they sit at home on there new smartphone or electronics having another kid to collect another paycheck.... I could go on and on.....I see it EVERY DAY!!!!!!


What does any of that have to do with supporting GM? Do two wrongs make a right? Don't support GM or welfare recipients and demand that our government stop supporting both. I think you're conservative only when it's convenient for you.

Finally, look at the VIN on most GM trucks. They typically start with a "3" which means it is made in Mexico. Instead, buy trucks made by Americans which start with a "1". Again this is easy stuff for real conservatives. Have a great day pretender.

lmfao....OK David.....

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