2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Acts as Detroit Tigers' Center Field Target

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In case you missed it, the 2018 MLB season started March 29, and the race to hit home runs, win games and get to the World Series has begun again.

For the last nine seasons, Chevrolet has sponsored the famous center field fountain at Comerica Park — the downtown ballpark where the Detroit Tigers play their home games — where a series of water displays are set off each time a Tiger player hits a home run. And acting as one of two targets for those players to aim for is a new, deep blue Chevy Colorado ZR2 mid-size pickup truck on a high-mounted display scaffold.

The ZR2 is one of two vehicles Chevy chose to display this year — the other is a 2018 Traverse High Country — and will stay on display for the entire year, no matter what the weather conditions (which is likely to include high winds, temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, freezing rain and most likely quite a bit of snow).

And just in case you were wondering, if either of the vehicles get nailed with a home run ball, Chevy is committed to replace them with a similar vehicle before the next game.

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That is why the Pirates swept them, Detroit sucks!

Love the Tigers! they spend every winter here in sunny Lakeland FL


What other vehicles will be on display at any of the numerous venues for numerous sports?

Might just wanna stick with who won/bought "the official vehicle of a major sports league" title as opposed to what 2 vehicles will be at each stadium/ballpark/field this year.

Chevy Colorado - tranny problems

F150 , complete problem from bumper to bumper.

Oh, come on. Fords are not so bad that everything bumper to bumper is a problem.
Its just Fords moving parts that are supposed to keep running.
Those are all the problems with fords.

that traverse is sexy!!

Next year trading in the wife's terrain for a redline addition in silver

Oh and the Colorado looks great as well

Still needs to have a 4.3l in it

Good PR not sure why GM can't go back and re-do/update some of those old T.V. commercials, for the old timers that's when they used to wrap their brand around baseball, apple pie, and America. It worked then why not now? GM is lost when it comes to advertising.

Why in the world replace them every time one gets hit?
I'll take the ZR2 with the dent in it.

You are dead right on that one! Chevy adds these days stink and that's if you even see one. The Impala right now is one of the best cars GM has made in years and most people don't even know it exists! The truck commercials are goofy and I'm sick and tired of hearing about J D Power.
I think Chevy advertising is a direct reflection of GM's attitude, "abandon our core customers".
I can't stand the direction Chevy is going in PR wise.

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