2018 Honda Ridgeline: Recall Alert

2018 Honda Ridgeline

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 300 model-year 2018 Honda Ridgeline pickup trucks built at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama in Lincoln

The Problem: The power front passenger and driver seats may have been assembled with improperly manufactured rivets that secure the seats' slide rails to the forward seat feet. In the event of a crash, the rivets could break and allow the front seats to separate from the vehicle floor, increasing the risk of injury.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect the rivets in affected vehicles and replace the seat slide rail frames for free.

What Owners Should Do: Acura manufacturer Honda will begin notifying owners May 18. Owners can call the automaker at 888-234-2138, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit NHTSA's website to check their vehicle identification number and learn more.

Need to Find a Dealer for Service? Go to Cars.com Service & Repair to find your local dealer. To check other recalls, and to schedule a free recall repair at your local dealership, click here: Honda Ridgeline

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It seems to be the Japanese Auto makers for now. Maybe next top it’s gonna be the GARBAGE MOTORS TRUCKS OR THE FIAT TRUCKS WHO KNOWS.


My F-150 was recalled just for the bolts, not the slidders.
My Eco-Boost is soo powerful when you get pushed back in the seat from the high "G-Force" the seat bolts may break.

@Eco Rules

I bet the stress on the girlfriend's side of the truck is even worse. Do any of your girlfriends weigh LESS than 200 pounds? Just curious

papajim I don't know but with Fords weak suspension. I bet the right side of the truck sits 7 inches lower. LMBO!!!!!!!

@Ecoboost Rules- Maybe you need to loose some weight, the cheap Ford bolts can't hold your fat body.

PUTC might consider not even having an open comment section for recall postings that affected 2 days of production and have caused ZERO losses.


Recall also affects Acura MDX & Honda Pilot SUVs

Hondas are absolute CRAP these days. If it's a 2012 or newer RUN away! type ridgeline lemon in youtube and there are tons of owners making videos griping about their crappy hondas and even worse service. i'm keeping my GM!

@Former Ridgeline Owner don't see them complaining so much about newer Ridgeline so much on the Ridgeline Owners Forum.
I have been there for over 11yrs new owners talking the same stuff no tons of complaints. It keeps getting good reviews over and over again. Long Term Reviews have been favorable.

I have a 2019 Ridgeline. The AC stopped working after only 1000 miles. The service department claimed that a rock flew up in the engine and bent the metal line so the warranty didn’t cover it. I have a meeting with the service manger Monday. It looked like it had never been clipped correctly form the manufacture. Or the damage was from the service department.

@David Young

Tough break with your new Ridgeline

A. Is this the Honda dealer that sold you the truck? Not that it matters, but the Sales Manager would probably take a stand on your behalf for a customer who just bought a new vehicle from his team.

B. And of course you are under no obligation to take your service and/or warranty work to such an oblivious outfit. Is there another dealer you could use for the assistance you need with this?

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