Research Firm Finds Body-On-Frame Trucks Last Longest

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Let's assume you want to make your last pickup truck purchase ever. What should you buy? According to the folks at iSeeCars, that's a pretty easy question to answer.

Of the 10 top vehicle choices most likely to reach 200,000 miles — a significant milestone for any vehicle — a recent study by the automotive research firm found that all but two were body-on-frame trucks. The two non-trucks were the Toyota Avalon mid-size sedan and Honda Odyssey minivan. The rest were full-size SUVs and just one pickup truck: the Toyota Tacoma.

Of the top eight pickup trucks more likely than others to last to 200,000 miles, the top two are mid-sizers, the Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline, and two of the top three are Toyotas. The rest of the list is filled out with full-size half-ton trucks, all of which have a greater likelihood of getting to 200,000 miles ahead of the average for all automotive models, which is 1.2 percent.

More than 13.5 million used cars sold in 2017 from model years 1981 through 2017 were analyzed for this study. Models not in production as of model-year 2017, heavy-duty trucks and models with fewer than 10,000 cars sold were excluded from the analysis. For each model, iSeeCars calculated the percentage of vehicles still on the road with at least 200,000 miles on the odometer.

Top 10 Longest-Lasting Vehicles

  1. Toyota Sequoia: 6.6 percent
  2. Ford Expedition: 5.4 percent
  3. Chevrolet Suburban: 5.2 percent
  4. Toyota 4Runner: 4.2 percent
  5. GMC Yukon XL: 3.9 percent
  6. Chevrolet Tahoe: 3.8 percent
  7. GMC Yukon: 2.8 percent
  8. Toyota Tacoma: 2.6 percent
  9. Toyota Avalon: 2.4 percent
  10. Honda Odyssey: 2.4 percent

Average for all models: 1.2 percent

Top 8 Longest-Lasting Pickup Trucks

  1. Toyota Tacoma: 2.6 percent
  2. Honda Ridgeline: 2.2 percent
  3. Toyota Tundra: 2.2 percent
  4. Chevrolet Silverado 1500: 2.1 percent
  5. Ford F-150: 1.9 percent
  6. GMC Sierra 1500: 1.8 percent
  7. Nissan Titan: 1.7 percent
  8. Chevrolet Colorado: 1.5 percent

Average for all models: 1.2 percent

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@ ecoboost rules

The ecoboost do recommend 91 or higher octane for full performance. If u are buying a $30k, $40, 50k vehicle why not pay for what's recommended for it?? I put 91 or higher in mine to get the best performance out of my engine..... Isnt that why u bought the ecoboost

This is a rigged study without a doubt. There are no RAM trucks on this list. Anyone with half a brain knows that they are the best built and longest lasting trucks on the road!!!




"these mini trucks hardly see truck duties. their not towing or hauling much." ---- Posted by: HEMI V8

That's the point of a mini truck. They're not meant to tow and haul big loads, they're meant to be open-bed utility vehicles. And They're Still Too Big!

"big deal! I buy a new truck every 2 years"
---- Posted by: Ecoboost Rules

That's a waste of money if I ever heard one.

Top ten longest lasting vehicles has 4 GM's on the list and only 1 Ford.

Top 8 longest lasting trucks has 3 GM's and again, only 1 Ford.

The 2 lists combined has 7 GM's and only 2 Fords. Clearly, the math supports how GM products are a better purchase than a Ford. Nuf said.

You must be a Ford owner complaining because they never made the top of the list.
Posted by: Chingons brother ecoboost rules | Apr 22, 2018 10:26:40 AM

Uhm.. No... This is a dumb report that has no meaning. Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Yukon XL are all the same with different skin yet places different for longevity. Same with Silverado and Sierra.. As I said, this is dumb.

Not surprised to see the titan because my 04 Titan has been impressive - its nonsense to say they weren't bought for towing because the it made at least one magazines tow vehicle of the year when introduced - it took 5 years for the naturally aspirated competition to out tow it, and it still stomps the 5.3 dead even 14 years later. Mines got 92K with 80% towing duty cycle at my boat manufacturing company - still tight as a drum and everything works. Just delivered parts with a 6K box trailer last week- great truck. Got 14 MPG dragging it around southern california in traffic.


Who says I’ve never owned one?
I guess you never read your owners manual.
Towing, long grades, desert (elevated temps), 91 is recommended. When I took mine in to Earnhardt Ford in AZ for an infrequent cylinder misfire and hesitation, I was told by the service advisor AND service manger to use a minimum of 89 in summer, 91 when towing. The difference is noticeable. The CC, 4x4 was quick, but it only towed okay, not great, especially with an enclosed car trailer. My GM lovin’ Uncle would WASTE the EB with his 6.2. Not even close, real world, both of us towing similar trailers with Ranger 800s. I switched to a 7.3 old Super Duty and have never missed that old EB. Big performance drop aside, I don’t get my kicks from a high 14 second truck when I have a LPE modified CTS-V.

You wanna be a fan boy, be one.

We were having issues while pulling our boat down to the Ozarks. Temps were in the upper 90's and the Ecoboost wasn't running well. We stopped at a Ford dealer in Nebraska and they told us we should always use 91 octane when towing. He even showed us the recommendation in the manual.

I have an older F150 owners manual that even suggests just getting a Chevy half ton in the first place.

have an older F150 owners manual that even suggests just getting a Chevy half ton in the first place
Posted by: papajim

Looks like your dyslexia has gotten the better you . It is in the Chevy manual that recommends getting a Ford F150.


Since owning that F150 I have followed the manual's instructions and the advice was spot on. My Chevy half ton is about to roll 100k miles.

It looks and runs like new.

By 100k my Ford needed a valve job, a water pump, power steering pump and a new carb.

I have a 4Runner with 135K on it and the only issue is a TPS that has quit working. It will need tires this year so I'll get that repaired then.

My Tacoma has 198K and I haven't done a thing to it except oil changes, coolant/hoses, belts, spark plugs, air filter....just normal maintenance. Still running with the factory clutch, brakes, etc.

Both have been excellent vehicles, and Toyota treats us like they value our business (unlike Ford, which is why I dumped them and went to Toyota).

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