2020 Ram HDs Sport Updated Grilles: Spied

2020RamHDCrew.g06.KGP.ed II

We've seen quite a few preproduction 2020 Ram 2500/3500 test trucks running around Michigan the last few months, everything from heavy-duty snow rigs to Ram 2500 Power Wagons. All the prototypes sported new or odd-looking grilles. Just like the new 2019 Ram 1500s have ditched the traditional old-school crosshair grille, it now looks like the new Ram HDs will follow the same strategy. Although it's difficult to see from these images, our spies are telling us it's true.

"Several Ram HD prototypes have been caught recently, in four-door crew-cab form with different bed lengths and in the 3500 dually configuration. All prototypes sighted so far have been designed with a front end heavily influenced by the Ram 1500 designs. We haven't seen any sign of crosshair grilles and they are equipped with modern headlights with LED lighting and LED signature lighting that are extremely close, if not identical, to those found on the Ram 1500.

"The Ram HD's front suspension control arms can once again be seen stretching back from the front live axle, connecting to the frame along the truck's underbody. On this new prototype, however, the control arm has at least eight visible holes drilled out — a possible sign of efforts to limit weight throughout the new truck or part of some odd suspension testing exercise.

"The 2019 Ram 1500 pickups boast a number of significant technology and refinement upgrades, and similar strides now appear to be on tap for the 2020 HD trucks, which we assume will have the same cab configurations. Earlier prototypes — even those fully covered in camouflage — suggest a mild design update to the current 2500/3500 trucks. These new shots suggest that a full redesign could also be in the cards, to battle the reinvigorated Ford Super Duty and the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD trucks, the front face of which has already been officially teased by parent company GM."

KPG Photography images


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I realize that time marches on, but I never had a problem with RAM pickup grilles during the last 10 years. The more they messed with it the less I liked it.

It's a little sad to see the new Ram trucks being morphed to look like Ford and Toyota. Ram trucks have always stood alone with their grill/hood style, but that is all but gone now.

Looking back at the article comparing the Chevy Silverado to the Ram 1500 really shows how much they look alike now too. The new Ram looks more like a Chevy than the GMC does. That's amazing.

We've seen a plethora of grill designs since the crosshair was abandoned and we are just waiting to see witch one sticks.

Why not make them all snap-on so owners can pick one they like and just swap it out like picking witch tie to wear in the morning.

You realize that this story is hardly news, don't you? To keep brand identity across all models, they HAVE to carry the same grilles... or at least closely enough that they're obviously the same brand family. Why are the 'spies' even discussing the crosshair since the crosshair vanished with the '17 models?

this is a test mule, which is why they put holes in the control arms they are "testing the mule" sheeesh, no news here and the website pays for this stuff??????

This will be the best HD on the market when it is released. The current truck is already the best in class, so I would expect nothing less!!


They should have stuck with the crosshair grille. Ram looked one of a kind with the cross hair grille and transport truck look. Now it's all gone, pretty sad

I don't have a life, so I care about what a grill on a truck looks like.

"they are equipped with modern headlights with LED lighting and LED signature lighting that are extremely close, if not identical, to those found on the Ram 1500"...the lights actually dont look that similar, and the park lights seem to be under the head lights on these, whereas they are on the outside of the head lights on the 1500

after looking back, these head lights do look like similar to the lower versions 1500s head lights, but the park lights do seem to be completely different

Can they make a duality with a Rambo’s?!?!!!

Can they make a duality with a Rambo’s?!?!!!

Can they make a duality with a Rambox?!?!!!

Freaking autocorrect! Can they make a dually with Rambox?!?!!!

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