Chevrolet Inches Closer to Giving Us the 2019 Silverado 1500 RST

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For pickup truck fans, there has been a dearth of true sport pickups meant to prowl the streets, which is why we have been clamoring for Chevrolet to bring the RST Performance Package into the light as soon as possible. Yes, if the new performance package for the 2019 Silverado 1500 was officially revealed at the world debut before the 2018 North American International Auto Show, why does it seem like its release is flowing like molasses in winter? 

On both the Suburban and Tahoe SUVs, the RST trims offer the look of a more aggressive vehicle but you need to add the RST 6.2L Performance Package to get the full effect. That packages adds a more powerful 6.2-liter V-8 making 420 horsepower and 460 pounds-feet of torque, a Magnetic Ride Control adaptive suspension and a 10-speed automatic transmission. And if you want to spruce those rigs up even more, a Brembo brake system and a Borla dual-side exhaust system are also available.

Though we already know that the 2019 Silverado 1500 will be available with the 6.2-liter V-8 and the 10-speed automatic (likely in some special-edition packages at first), a street-oriented performance pickup from the Bow Tie would likely have a much more menacing look. We already know that the 2019 Silverado will have both Custom and LT variations of the Trailboss, admittedly more off-road-oriented option packages, so to see them split an RST version wouldn't be surprising at all.

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Tempering our excitement, though just slightly, was the experience our friends at had recently with the 2018 Tahoe RST Premier Edition equipped with the RST Performance Package, which finished in third place in the 2018 Full-Size SUV Challenge. Judges noted problems when compared to the more luxury-appointed competitors, including the firm ride on the 22-inch wheels and low-profile tires, as well as a few interior quality issues and the claustrophobic third row. They also decried the lack of any kind of selectable Sport mode (for the transmission or suspension) that could have vastly widened the Tahoe's performance range. We can only hope the Silverado 1500 RST version includes a few of those extra features.

The reason for our excitement? Beyond the insane Shelby Super Snake (which was based off a 2017 Ford F-150 and costs nearly $100,00), there really isn't a true street-oriented performance half-ton pickup factory option. Toyota offers a TRD Sport version of its Tundra, with Bilstein shocks and anti-sway bars, but it certainly doesn't have the same powertrain juice to compete with what a Silverado RST Performance Package would bring to the table.

Chevrolet has been slowly rolling out details on the new 2019 Silverado 1500, so we're not holding our breath waiting for the truckmaker to make an RST version of the truck available to consumers, but when it happens we'll be first in line to give it a spin.

Manufacturer images; photos by Mark Williams


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awesome read!!! GM needs to add a performance truck!

Here is a fantastic article on why pushrods are RELIABLE and durable

So are sundials HAHAHA!!!

It's all fluff until there's a supercharged 6.2L

But pushrods aren't BETTER!

LOL...all you fanboys!! They are better bc they have less moving parts and are more Reliable!! Of course Redblood would comment bc Ford has nothing to compete with the corvette!! Don't say the GT either bc the new Coevette just waxed it around the ring and costs 1/4th of the price!!! LMFAO!!!

Here redblood

watch video...breaks it down for you!!

awesome read!!! GM needs to add a performance truck!

Posted by: TNTGMC | May 10, 2018 7:37:22 AM

So you just said they don't have one now? You're a f'ken dumb@$$

awesome read!!! GM needs to add a performance truck!

Posted by: TNTGMC | May 10, 2018 7:37:22 AM

So you just said they don't have one now? You're a f'ken dumb@$$

I pull hay trailers and horse trailers with trucks. I don't get a "sport truck". If i want something fast I will get a Camaro. Why not lobby GM to put the 6.2 in the base and lower trim trucks so we can use them there instead of the $70,000 luxury trucks? Sport trucks are kind of silly I think and I even liked the old 454 SS but it was good for ??? nothing!

So, the car people wanted a "sport/performance" suv to be a luxury vehicle in ride and appointment. they have no clue..

Most of these sports trucks either sit in garages or become grocery getters

TNT-nice read on the first one.

I agree it needs to be supercharged, that would be amazing.


So you just said they don't have one now? You're a f'ken dumb@$$

@ Frank

Do you even listen to yourself?? You are the biggest IDIOT on this site. No They don't have a full fledged performance truck with a race ready suspension, go fast goodies..ect..ect..

Yes, they do have a 6.2L that will DESTROY any junk Ford engine, especially your turd 5.4L in your fire infested 2002 f250!!!!!!

You love to try and single me out, but you always fail and make yourself look so incompetent!!

you can't even answer simple questions bc your brain cells are so dead from banging around in that hill billy truck of yours

@ CT

Thanks, and yes a supercharger would be AWESOME! I have looked into 2 of them for my Sierra. An Edelbrock or a Magnacharger. Both would run me about $7500 installed. Kinda alot of coin....but I know it would be worth it!

TNT-screw that for that price just get the LSA 6.2 SC 556 for several thousand more.



There certainly seems to be a market for a sport truck....

It would be extremely easy to do for GM:

Take a single cab short bed in the new for 19 vehicle ...very light and strong. Put in carbon fiber bed (leave off the heavy tailgate) from the Denali along with AWD.

Add 6.2L and 10 spd with Borla exhaust and a slight tuning tweek ( easy 25 rwhp , done all day every day at shops around the country for years now) and throw in a lower gear ratio (numerically higher).

Add Brembo brake package already available on other vehicles. Throw in a lower set of springs mag shocks and better sway bars ....tweek it all at proving grounds .

This thing would be scary quick (easily mid to low 13 sec 1/4 miles ) , look cool and sell to a certain market.

For those that don't understand a sport truck ...who cares what you understand - don't buy it ....if someone wants it and they can sell it ....give the people what they want.

@ CT

Edelbrock is half the price of the LSA and makes 30 less HP and 50 ft lbs...I love your idea but man its twice has much!!!

Here is the site from edelbrock:

Here is what an LSA word cost:

@ CT

Edelbrock is half the price of the LSA and makes 30 less HP and 50 ft lbs...I love your idea but man its twice has much!!!

Here is the site from edelbrock:

Here is what an LSA word cost:


Nothing new here. Consider GMs next gen HP V8s are DOHC twin turbo designs. The pushrod design is excellent and reliable but by 2020 GM will no longer make it and it is limited in flow compared to DOHC designs - see valve surface area. I will say it’s impressive the engine speeds GM has been able to obtain with this valve train design.

The front clip, bumper, turn signals and headlights are far more refined with a much sleeker more integrated look on the SUVs than the PU. In an effort look "menacing through lines/angles" (pioneered largely on the Tacoma and GMC Sierra) the Chevy in this case is not pulling it off in my opinion and comes off as disjointed. Its an easy fix and I have a feeling will come in a mid model refresh. I still haven't heard the Chevy PU get favorable reviews on the interior so in its defense; its early, and to its detriment we are talking about GM. Regardless we will have to wait and see.

Here's a nice Chevy Sport Pickup


Have you EVER said anything nice about a Chevy?

With the changes to RAM who hands down had the best looking pickup, I may have to give that honor to Chevy now. Ford is the same looking boring crap it has always been.

Finally a street truck offering to be used on the street and not off-road truck that is used on the street.

I would really like to see this. I would love to see it similar to the last concept at SEMA, but I don't expect that. I would be happy to see a normal RCSB 2wd and 4wd version with the brake package as an option as well as Borla catback (should be Corsa). The 6.2L gets a 14 bolt rear diff and the 10 speed auto. I would prefer to see it with the 6 speed auto, but expecting it to be an 8 or 10 speed. The idea is to have a truck that is quick, handles like a decent car, and can still do moderate truck work. A lot of people like a vehicle with a lot of use and some like me who have back issues (I have ankylosing spondylitis) prefer a truck to a car because they are easier to get in and out of and if done right can still be just as fun as a car. My last truck was a low 12 second truck in 100% as driven street trim, idled at 650rpm, achieved better than stock fuel mileage, and could still be used as a truck. A performance truck is like a performance Cadillac. Neither makes sense, but both are desired by the right people. I would like to see Dodge do a ram with the 6.4L in the regular cab, GM with a 6.2L in a regular cab, and Ford's 3.5L H.O. from the Raptor in a regular cab.

Now that the info has been released it is great to see GM did an RST version. It should look great and have impressive engine choices... or not. It's the same stuff already available. Nice to see the effort of almost zero.

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