Feds Urge Owners of 2006 Ford Ranger, Mazda B- Series Trucks to Get Takata Recall Fix


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued an urgent plea to owners of 2006 Ford Ranger and Mazda B-Series pickup trucks who have not brought their vehicles in to have defective Takata airbags replaced to schedule the safety repair as soon as possible. Vehicles under recall for the faulty airbags are at risk of the airbag inflators rupturing upon airbag deployment in certain conditions, causing shrapnel to spray into the vehicle cabin and striking occupants, possibly injuring them or killing them. The Takata airbags are blamed for at least 13 deaths and 180 injuries in the U.S.

Both pickups are under a dramatic "do not drive" warning that instructs owners to park the affected vehicles and have them towed at the manufacturers' expense to the nearest dealership for repairs; that warning was first issued for Ford pickups and shortly thereafter for Mazda trucks.

"NHTSA's number one priority is making sure that everyone is safe on our roads. I cannot stress strongly enough the urgency of this recall -- these airbags are dangerous," said NHTSA Deputy Administrator Heidi King. "Every vehicle must be accounted for now."

According to the manufacturers, more than 14,000 of the impacted 2006 Ford Rangers and more than 1,200 of the affected Mazda B-Series pickups have been serviced. That leaves nearly 19,000, or roughly 56 percent, of the more than 33,000 Rangers, and nearly 1,000, or 45 percent, of the Mazda B-Series, on the road in of a fix.

Ford and Mazda have authorized their dealers to tow these vehicles free of charge so consumers can safely obtain the free repairs. For more information on this recall or to see if there are any recalls on your vehicle, go to Safercar.gov and plug in your vehicle identification number.

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I drive a Ranger. I'll admit it.

Big Al is posting again.

I don't drive a Rabger. I drive a Chevy and hope to buy a GMC, professional grade, in the near future.

I have a Ranger in my driveway

Who says the remaining ones are still on the road? I’m surprised that any of them are still running. 8 years ago many of my close friends had rangers and I had a Silverado. Different years but mostly close. Several friends had multiple ones. All the Rangers ended up in the junkyard, over a dozen I can think of just off the top of my head, yet here I am still driving the same Silverado and I was the only one using mine daily as an actual work truck. In fact it’s been a long time since I have known anybody who still drives a ranger.

Well BD, I have a Ranger

if its a 2006 u shouldn't be driving it!

Check your Recall from Ford. They say DON'T DRIVE UM.

Well yea... its a recall on a serious safety mechanism. On a (by todays crash standards) not very crash worthy vehicle. Get it fixed.

T A K A T A----D I S A S T E R

BD is a DB.

BD is a DB.

Posted by: redbloodedxy | May 8, 2018 7:34:07 AM

He's a m0r0n

I have a Ranger in my driveway

HAHAHAHAHA! Ford sucks!

Don't forget that tomorrow marks the 73rd anniversary of the surrender of Henry Ford's favorite Reich. Think about that while driving your flimsy, gutless, fuel-thirsty deathtrap.

Those airbags were pulled out long ago to make room for hiding meth, pipes, guns, money, and needles.

I used to pick up steel for a fabrication contractor with a 4cyl early 80s Ranger. It would bounce off the bumpstops the 2 Miles back to the shop. It was great in winter though.

My 1999 ranger was gutsy, my 2005 was the best vehicle I ever had (223K), my 2006 has 2008K, handles great. I drove a 2005 colorodo recently. Typical chevy, ok drivetrain, the rest was total cheap badly engineered crap. GM and Toyota better brace themselves for the Ranger return!

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