Ford to Restart F-Series Production After Supplier Fire

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Ford announced Wednesday that it would restart production of its popular Ford F-150 half-ton pickup truck at Michigan's Dearborn Truck Plant Friday; a fire at a supplier's plant halted production at the Dearborn and Kansas City, Mo., plants that produce the F-150 as well as Ford's Super Duty Kentucky Truck Plant. The Kansas City and Kentucky plants are set to restart production Monday.

Production was halted at the three plants due to a fire and explosion May 3 at Meridian Lightweight Technologies in Eaton Rapids, Mich. Meridian makes die-cast radiator components for Ford trucks.

According to Automotive News (subscription required), about 7,600 Ford workers at the Michigan and Missouri plants were temporarily laid off, while workers at the Kentucky plant switched to production lines for other vehicles built at the facility.

Although Ford did not provide exact numbers, analysts estimated that the shutdown of the two F-150 plants for a week could add up to a loss of at least 15,000 pickups — not insignificant in the current pickup truck sales wars. We were told Ford could make up for some of the lost production by adjusting either of the plants' regularly scheduled summer downtime.

Our April pickup truck sales report showed Ford F-Series sales were up 4.1 percent for the first four months of 2018 and up 3.5 percent for April. photo by Mark Williams



Unfortunately, some people were injured in this explosion and people were temporally laid off. On a positive note, the overall quality level of American products went up over the past week or so.

Nice to see #1 back in production.

America's Truck back in production !

Glad to see people back to work!

Glad to see them starting back up. It will be interesting to see how no production for 2 weeks (equal to 1/4 of a quarter) will affect the numbers compared to GM's 2nd quarter results.


Just woke up from my nap, so I might be a little messed up---how does a Ford screw-up affect GM's numbers again?

Kudos to the truck builder, who takes the high-stakes gamble, and delivers on what the customer doesn't yet know what they want or need--AND WINS BIGLY.

When you're #1 setbacks are greatly out-numbered by opportunities. And Ford leverages these with aplomb.

Great job, FORD!

It will be interesting to see how Ford's numbers compare to GM's numbers for the second quarter, since GM only reports numbers quarterly now. The two have been battling for sales, so this is GM's chance to jump way out ahead since Ford was down for 25% of the second quarter. GM trucks are being advertised as "20% off" now so they are out for blood while they have Ford down. This year will be a dog fight.

Great!!! Good for FORD and all the workers in that plant. Good luck guys but vacation is over.


Actually Ford dealers might be dumping some cash on the hood too. One of our PUTC commenters remarked this week that he got 20 percent off of the 2018 F150 he just bought.

Sounds like it's a good time to be a buyer!

Anyone who had reservations about buying a FORD due to their horrid reliability issues should certainly avoid the hundreds or maybe even thousands of half assembled F-150s that have been laying around for 2 weeks.

@Glad - Ford was down for 25% of the second quarter.

Posted by: Glad | May 17, 2018 3:30:55

The 2 plant's were down for a week.
Where did you go to school?
How is that 25% ?

Ouch, Ford's manufacturing costs were already on the rise. Now they're making cast magnesium parts in the UK and FLYING them to the US just to keep production running. Plus they're pushing some heavy incentives to help offset the discounts Ram and GM are offering on their outgoing models.

2018 F-150 Supercrew XLT
Was $48,955
Now $35,941
26% off

Hopefully Ford doesn't get squeezed by the growing aluminum demand.


When negotiating the price on a new F-150 start off with $15,000 off sticker price and if they offer $12,000 off,,,, take it.

When negotiating the price of a F150, go check out a GM Truck, then consider your options.

Kansas plant was down 5/7 - 5/18. The other two were down 5/9 through 5/21.
BTW, GM and Fiat also get their parts from the same supplier but are affected less since the vehicles that use these parts are made in much lower volumes.

@ HD Ramking

Brother in law just bought new 2018 Silverado LT with e-assist. New hybrid from GM. Has 5.3,L with 8/SPD and electric motor. Got it 31% off msrp...$15,600. He was happier than ever. This is first year they offering e assist outside of California. Been out since 2016/but in had never heard of it. Pretty intersting setup..


@glad, so sad you had to explain that to papa. Now Ford will continue its 41 year domination....

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