2020 Ford F-150 Plug-In Hybrid: Spied

F-150PHEV.g08.KGP II

In the name of covering all the bases and on the heels of the release of its all-new turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6, Ford is in the final stages of testing the latest F-150 powertrain — the 2.7-liter plug-in hybrid gas/electric engine. Our spy shooters have been on the lookout for the new powertrain because Ford has promised it for model-year 2020, which is just around the corner. Although the hybrid cues are subtle and the front-end styling is reminiscent of the 2017 F-150, don't be fooled — there is some special technology under the hood. Here's what our photographers sent us.

"Testing for Ford's F-150 plug-in hybrid has ramped up, with the appearance of new PHEV pickup truck prototypes caught roaming the streets of Dearborn, Mich.

"Ford announced its intention to create a hybrid F-150 a few years ago, and we can see what appears to be a cut line for a plug-in port mounted on the disguised front fender of the silver F-150 prototype. The burgundy F-150 prototype has a heavier flap, once again signaling the placement of a charge port for a plug-in hybrid F-150.

"The F-150 PHEV has been hinted at and promised for years, so it's encouraging to see more prototypes on the streets. The arrival of the F-150 PHEV prototypes coincides with prototypes for the Lincoln Aviator PHEV and Ford Escape PHEV, both of which have been shot on the test circuit in recent weeks. It looks like Ford's electrification promises are now moving beyond rumor and press release, and into the real-world testing circuit."

KGP Photography images


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UH-OH!! A real hybrid! From FORD!!!!

This'll make the Genital Motors schlubs all wobbly-kneed for sure.


This is an area of technology where Ford has the edge.

The question is, will the public on main street America show its enthusiasm. Plug-ins are huge on the West Coast and in the Northeast.

Looking forward to seeing one soon.

lol genital motors....good one.

I like anything that reminds me of my boyfriend Chris

have to say good job by Ford to try and push this. Here in Midwest we don't see hardly any plug ins....just hasn't caught on and not many places have the areas at has stations other places that have charging stations.

Nothing new here. Hybrids have been around for years.

I haven't ever heard of a GDI engine mated with a hybrid. It would seem to be counter-intuitive as the two drive train elements wouldn't complement each other as both are high torque.

Normally the gas engine is tuned down with a normally aspirated atkinson cycle. I think Audi had one diesel hybrid engine but doubt that was successful. I can't imagine start/stop being easily implemented or well received on a high compression diesel.

I can't imagine start/stop being easily implemented or well received on a high compression diesel...Posted by: ken | Jun 20, 2018


Try to imagine a start/stop that runs exclusively on the electric motor until the vehicle reaches 15-20 mph, then the (gas? or diesel?) engine kicks in and takes over.

and this:

The reason that some hybrids utilize Atkinson timing is so the engine is most efficient at cruising speeds and does not need to have good torque at low rpm like when pulling away from dead stop.

GM has had hybrid pickups far before Ford, and still do in some markets.
Making electric trucks is Fords only chance of making a long lasting pickup. Because they have no combustion motor. And Ford just can't make a 500 thousand mile combustion motor.

Papajim may look forward to seeing one, but I sure don't. This will be another fail for Ford because it is still too big for a Hybrid. I'd rather get a Honda Ridgeline for mileage. The tailgate opens 2 ways. Andu can store juice cocktails in the bed. The Ridgeline frame is also alighter and sturdier. Sounds the better truck to me.

How many juices on ice can you store in the Ford F150 bed? Zero.

There is no proof of anything in this article????? The pics are of an eco-junk...

@ Jason

Thats funny!

Down the road here from Tesla plant in Fremont Ca, I'm seeing more and more Model 3's, and in general for the entire SF bay area. The other day I was peddling down a road at dusk in the next town over and noticed a parking lot full of cars. I thought gee some kind of big meeting is going on at that company. It's over flowing. Then I focused on the cars and it was all Tesla's. Seemed to be a mix of all models. Last month I was on the freeway next to the plant, at night, and there were a bunch of semi's loaded up with Tesla's. I thought things seem to be really picking up there. And the construction of small apartments near the plant continues to roll on. The open land here is soon to be all swallowed up. To think that there once was a nice remote control airplane park in the area. And the very light traffic of two years ago is also a thing of the past.

Nice to see ford on the right path.


A Ford Hybrid?? Piece of Sh*t

@ Chingon

U.make me laugh

@ Rick

That's hilarious!

A 2.7 Ecoboost with electric motor help should be extremly fast.

I like anything that reminds me of my boyfriend Chris

Posted by: Frank | Jun 20, 2018 5:13:45 PM

Likewise, sweetie pie!!! *giggles*

At lease the camo that they have on that thing covers up some of the FUGLYNESS!!


Angelo, wake up bud, your in California..who would want to live in that congested cluster f*ck.

You are a lunatic Chingon. You need to take a tranquilizer and lay down for a while buddy.

I agree with Jason. Were these pics taken two years ago? That's a 15'-17' F-150. The 2018's have a refreshed front end and have different tail lights. ?

I am wide awake. 39.78 Million is the current 2018 population to answer your question as to others that would want to live in Ca. I do gripe about the congestion on this site, but I can't imagine living anywhere else to be quite honest. Thought about Italy once, but Ca is still a jewel. That's partly why I ride my bike so much, because I hate stop signs lights and looking for parking at the grocery store. With my mtn bike, I always have better parking than even the Handicapped people spots. Quite a lot of beautiful nature around with rolling hills and San Francisco. I ran a race across the Golden Gate bridge last weekend, and the view was just spectacular! In October the Blue Angels will fly in SF, and I plan to go. Mnt biking again will make getting in and out of the prime watch areas easy. Sometimes I even fly people over the Golden Gate in the Cessna 172.

a hybrid pickup just doesn't make sense to me
electric motors function better in vehicles designed to weigh less
it can't keep the same towing and torque power
yea, I know it still has the powerful 2.7 Eco-Boost to kick in, but the truck will have the extra weight of the batteries and the electric motor

I think the better alternative was to go with a CVT transmission with a 2 speed rear axle, this set up in my opinion would give the full size pickup 30 MPG.

Ford is already winning with the class leading Eco-Boost so why change, why mess with something already a success?

The white F-150 in the picture is the exact same truck I own, white with the Sport option and the same wheels.

Isn't it beautiful?
That's why I get so many great comments how everyone loves the look of my truck.
My F-150 also a full option truck, XLT with the 3.5 Eco-Boost, it has every option except leather and a moon roof. I wouldn't own any vehicle with a moon roof cause everybody I know that has one it always ends up leaking and sealing issues.
,,,,,and after discounts I only paid $34,800 for it
so don't you think I got a lot of truck for a bargain price?

I love my F-150 Eco-Boost sooo much


The Nascar Cup cars come to Sonoma this weekend. If you've never gone it is a blast. The weather should be perfect.

Used to be an interesting road race when they showed it in Australia. I think NASCAR has even been dropped from subscription TV here.


the silverado hybrid only came with a measly 42V .45kwh battery pack.

as for plugging it in, you can charge it at home if you have 220V, or some allow 120V


Have you driven one?

I agree with Road Whale. Get the Ridgeline.

Get used to it...electric's are coming.

Thanks for the reminder of Nascar in Sonoma. Actually went to it once. That course is so tight, and some turns taken at <50mph, that in some of the turns it is like bumper cars. By the end of a race many fenders are being replaced. Been on the track in various peoples track cars. And my brothers modern Shelby. They have a mustang day at the track and it is SO cool! Vintage Shelby's, AC Cobra's, even had a tricked out 62 Falcon that was keeping up with the AC Cobra's. I learned how to drive a manual transmission in my dad's 62 Falcon column shift. I've only had my E30 M3 on Laguna Seca and Thunder Hill.

Funny I even had my 84 Mazda B2000 on the Laguna track for one lap. It was a non-event weekend, and they left the gate open so I figured what the heck. I'll just ask for forgiveness when they chew me out, but the place was essentially deserted that weekend. Saw motorcycle races at Laguna too. Those bikes are amazing and how they are on the throttle before they are out of the turn, and the tire comes off the ground, and they finish turning the bike in very initial straight section of the track.

Sonoma has a drag strip too, and seeing and hearing 7000 horsepower alcohol blown dragsters scream by the finish line at 320mph is crazy loud! And if one is at the start line, in the adjacent spectator stands that's amazing too. The stands are only about 30-50yds from the dragster and when they hit the throttle one literally feels the sound pressure wave hit your body. It gives new meaning to POWERFUL! And one really has to cover their ears in that bandstand! Great memory, and I'm lucky to of been able to experience it.

Is this a truck comment section or the penpal email section

@ Tony

We try to comment but then some shady person keeps posting under others user names. Its frustrating and childish. Wish PUTC would allow only one user name and that names goes with a specific email. Would fix all this childish nonsense


Just ignore whom ever is posting under your name, eventually they'll get sick or tired when you stop whining about it.

You feel me bruh!

Exactly Frank, that's why I haven't posted today just watching all the morons go at it lol

@ Sean

Bc I defend myself, u insult me? Hmmm, speaks volumes of your character!
I'm not built that way. I'll defend til the end, especially when its wrong.
Kinda what's wrong with our country now, free loaders and no one wants to stand up for one another.


Wow bud you need to calm down, I was agreeing with you and Frank. Don't get so defensive about it, doesn't look good. I was talking about all the morons posting under false names. So unless your one of them just chill

@ Sean

I apologize....I'm just sick of it. U can never tell.

I want to have great conversations/ debate and get after each other a bit, but this is getting ridiculous!

No worries, it is getting ridiculous though with the fake comments. I like the debates/arguments even if they go a little overboard sometimes but it's all in fun. I honestly think Ford makes a good truck, I just like the GMs better.

@Sean & TNT

Why don't you guys find a nice little out-of-the-way place where you can just be alone?

Lol Ya papajim is one to talk, him and his penpal Angelo are getting a little too friendly over there in gay bay California!

Knowing this site, that probably wasn't even papajim speaking..

I honestly think Ford makes a good truck, I just like the GMs better.

Posted by: Sean | Jun 21, 2018 6:33:21 PM

Just so you know Frank thinks GM makes a good truck. He's just full of schit and likes to spew garbage.

Hybrid powertranes are grossly overdue. Chevy had one that I heard GREAT things about but it never really caught fire and sold. Timing? Marketing? Just a Stunt? I don't know but regardless "cheap" fuel makes it less attractive and with modern small displacement turbos in gas and diesel as well as modern weight saving materials pushing MPG into actually respectable figures its makes the likelihood of a hybrid truck being a big seller even less likely. But for a fleet vehicle it could be another story.


Hybrid really makes sense for cars driven in lots of stop/go driving, and in cities where pollution is a big problem

Just so you know Frank thinks GM makes a good truck. He's just full of schit and likes to spew garbage.

Posted by: Chris | Jun 21, 2018 8:38:29 PM

Fake News!

Those HD3500 Duramax will leak coolant and rip the dashboard way before your first tranny flush.

I'll pass.

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