2020 Ford F-150 Plug-In Hybrid: Spied

F-150PHEV.g08.KGP II

In the name of covering all the bases and on the heels of the release of its all-new turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6, Ford is in the final stages of testing the latest F-150 powertrain — the 2.7-liter plug-in hybrid gas/electric engine. Our spy shooters have been on the lookout for the new powertrain because Ford has promised it for model-year 2020, which is just around the corner. Although the hybrid cues are subtle and the front-end styling is reminiscent of the 2017 F-150, don't be fooled — there is some special technology under the hood. Here's what our photographers sent us.

"Testing for Ford's F-150 plug-in hybrid has ramped up, with the appearance of new PHEV pickup truck prototypes caught roaming the streets of Dearborn, Mich.

"Ford announced its intention to create a hybrid F-150 a few years ago, and we can see what appears to be a cut line for a plug-in port mounted on the disguised front fender of the silver F-150 prototype. The burgundy F-150 prototype has a heavier flap, once again signaling the placement of a charge port for a plug-in hybrid F-150.

"The F-150 PHEV has been hinted at and promised for years, so it's encouraging to see more prototypes on the streets. The arrival of the F-150 PHEV prototypes coincides with prototypes for the Lincoln Aviator PHEV and Ford Escape PHEV, both of which have been shot on the test circuit in recent weeks. It looks like Ford's electrification promises are now moving beyond rumor and press release, and into the real-world testing circuit."

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Lol so the first thing you do is spew garbage..? Sorry Frank but that's not accurate, we've got a few at work with 250,000 miles, only needed a few minor repairs. And we put them through the paces, heavy duty construction pulling heavy equipment daily..The Fords on the other hand, they quit buying them, seemed like they were in the shop once a month. We had a Powerstroke dually that needed a new tranny in the first year. But what would Frank know about heavy duty trucks, or even work for that matter. You probably drive a car or your 5.4 and work in an office pushing paper

Fake News!

Those HD3500 Duramax will leak coolant and rip the dashboard way before your first tranny flush.

I'll pass.

Posted by: Frank | Jun 22, 2018 9:57:21 AM

Now Frankie, don't you start fibbing now!! Tell everyone how many spark plugs your Triton powered Sooper Dooty has spit. It's a good thing you bought that two seater bicycle so we can get around when it is broken down.

Just another Junk Ford to be towed home after the first 1,000 miles, the only 1,000 miles that it will run like it should!

More crap from ford

This truck probably has all the stolen hybrid tech they took from Toyota LMBO! Furd can't make anything worth a dog turd so they have to steal it LMBO!!!!!


Frank...Are you going to buy me one of these lovely trucks for Christmas this year??? I want mine to be just like this one only I want pink polka dots on the hood instead of the black ones like this one has.

We have had a CMAX energy for 3 years now and love it. I have been waiting for a PHEV pickup with towing capacity, and will trade my toyota tacoma in when this one is released. I also have had a toyota prius, and loved it. I would probably like a toyota pickup if it was PHEV better, but toyota has not released one and to my knowledge is not releasing one soon. Our PHEV Cmax is a great car and so inexpensive to operate. Love it. The fake Chrysler hybrid trucks were never real hybrids other than the golf cart auto start function, so no way was I going to one of those junkers.

My wife and I are leasing a Jaguar I-pace bev in 2020. Been married for 25 years, and part of the reason is I fill the tank of her car so she doesnt have to (she loathes stopping at gas stations)

I am driving my 2012 F-150 (which I love!) Untill I can replace it with a plug-in hybrid full sized pickup. I would go all bev if charging infrastructure was vastly improved. I prefer a series hybrid with an all ev range of 30 or so miles.

The jag for around town, and my phev truck for trips. No more weekly gas fillups!

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