2020 Ram 2500 Regular-Cab Work Truck: Spied

2020 Ram 2500_4

Testing for the next generation of the Ram 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty pickup trucks continues at a blistering pace. Our spy photographers are beginning to see more and different variations of the new HDs running around Michigan. No doubt Ram will be improving the new 2020 HD with many of the technologies and design strategies found on the redesigned 2019 Ram 1500, but there also will be some significant differences, especially in how the new platforms are rolled out to the public. More on that later. Here's what our shooters have just sent us:

"We got our first look at the work-focused, regular-cab variant for the next-generation Ram 2500 pickup as it took a lunchbreak at a Culver's.

"As our earlier shots revealed, the 2020 Ram HD pickups will share quite a bit with the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 trucks, going in a modernized route for the new trucks' styling. The Ram 1500 has not been seen in a regular-cab configuration because the truckmaker isn't building those yet, so the appearance of an HD prototype in its updated small-cab design is interesting. The 2500 prototype gets auxiliary lights on the roof and a more rugged stance than the light-duty truck. The eight-lug wheels get the new Ram's head logo on the center caps and new, wider mirrors.

"As we saw on earlier Ram HD prototypes, it appears that this work-spec 2500 prototype will use the same grille inserts we've seen on the 2019 Ram 1500, increasing the likelihood that the crosshair grille is on the way out. The headlights on this truck appear to be simpler than the LED headlights we saw on the previous HD prototypes, suggesting that the 2020s will adopt something close to the lighting on the Ram 1500 Tradesman trim level -- although there appears to be an additional light strip beneath the main headlight cluster. This may point to a partially revised front-end design on the 2020 Ram HDs to separate them visually from the light-duty models."

KGP Photography images

2020 Ram 2500_1

2020 Ram 2500_2

2020 Ram 2500_3

2020 Ram 2500_5



Ford has had CGI ever since building the new 6.7 powerstroke
DODGE late to the game as always

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