Ram ProMaster Full-Size Vans Muscle Up for 2019

2019 Ram ProMaster Lede

Although not huge, the commercial van class is focused and fierce because many buyers are typically concerned about just one priority: capability.

To better compete with the No. 1-selling Ford Transit cargo van, Ram Commercial expanded the 2019 Ram ProMaster cargo van lineup. The 2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 gets a low-roof version for the 136-inch wheelbase model and the ProMaster 3500 gets low-roof and high-roof versions for the longer 136-inch wheelbase model. All the heavy-duty models get upgraded foundations to improve payload and towing capacity, while light- and heavy-duty models add extra upfitter-friendly features.

The biggest changes for the 2019 ProMaster vans will be to the stronger 2500 and 3500 models, which will sport significant structural changes like stronger rear leaf springs and front coils, new shocks and control arms, and new front brake calipers and rear rotors. Additionally, ProMaster 3500s will receive even stronger front control arms and a new rear stabilizer bar.

The 2019 Ram ProMaster vans will benefit from some front-end styling changes that include a new Ram nameplate on the grille along with blacked-out bumpers, side panels and black steel wheels. Interior upgrades include an upgraded vehicle system interface module with 13 inputs and 41 outputs to allow for better business-focused customization. Pricing for the 2019 models will start at $31,840 including destination.

The 2019 Ram ProMaster vans will be available this fall.

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2019 Ram ProMaster 1

2019 Ram ProMaster 2

2019 Ram ProMaster 3

2019 RamProMaster 4

2019 RamProMaster 5


A terrific way to move (and protect) freight. A lousy way to move families. Minivans and bigger SUVs have replaced vans as a means to customize something trucky for hauling your kids and gear on vacation.

I admit that I'm increasingly impressed with the new generation of vans. I especially like the bigger Nissans

If they would put the new 5.7 Hemi in one that would be awesome.

Some good improvements/ upgrade on the capabilities. As good as this van is it hobbled by the poor driver ergonomics of seating position ,ingress- egress.
Most of owners, drivers I have spoken to cite this a the biggest gripe.
More than half said next van will

be Ford Transit. Only a few said Sprinter.

You know why the class isn't huge? It's because nobody in America wants to be seen driving these hideous eurovans that are expensive and underperform. Especially the promaster which is embarrassing to look at online let alone drive around in. The reason Europeans do is because they have to and have no other choice. Let the globalists have their way and your only choice for a truck is going to either be an embarrassing eurovan or a super luxury SUV, both out of your price range unless you are one of the elite or have connections.

Stop pushing this junk. Nobody wants them except people who hate you for your freedom.

The BEST work van just got BETTER. BETTER THAN crappy Ford Transit or Chevy Express any day of the week.






it's front wheel drive
a 5.7 Hemi won't fit sideways

You can get the Ford Transit Van with the 3.5 Eco-Boost
The 3.5 Eco-Boost is the best! The MOST power and performance with the best gas mileage!

That's why the Ford Transit is #1 sales leader!

That Transit is pretty cool, way better than the older vans, especially those useless Astro Vans, GM sure did ruin the Vans with those.

The Transit is stellar, this RAM needs a lot more than muscle, it needs a miracle.

Now it is virtually indentical to the Ducato, the 3500. Capability is pretty similar

@ Ecoboost Rules -- Your one sick puppy. Get a life.

No that is what the want in a light Van.They have plenty of choices in Europe.

These are the Vans of choice for Europesn Class C manufacturers. Nissan is a rehashed Renault in the smaller version. LargerUS Nissan fairly ugly and low in payload

I wonder if the Ford Transit van has the muscle engine sound thru the speakers like my F-150 Eco-Boost has?
Love that sound, my body shakes in excitement when I stomp on the gas pedal VA-ROOM,,, VA-ROOM!

The only problem the engine sound thru the speakers I can't hear the sound of the turbos spooling
The sound of the turbos gives me a hardon
much better sound than the dual exhaust 5.7 Hemi
the girly knob shifter and the plastic hubcaps on the Ram take away any real man,, "Manly" feelings






I'm with Frank. Screw that RAM van thingy. Give me a sexy Ford Aerostar with the 3 foot long gear shifter between the seats. Those things were the bomb just like my man Frankie. :)

Both of these are very UNRELIABLE and lousy quality according to the largest truck renting company..

Thats why they are going back to GM vans and trucks now..

That's one huge blast of hot air there BD

Glad I got a Ford transit, 3.5 twinTurbo Love getting on the highway 35 to 80 in about 3 seconds. Most people can’t believe there eyes when I blow right by them in that big Ol van

Speaking from experience. The Ford Transit is not all that's it's cracked up to be. Quite the opposite actually. We have 3.5 tt and 3.2 "power stroke" engines. The Ecoboost is quick yes, but damn does it guzzle gas when you load the truck

The "power stroke" codenamed Puma from Australia is a gutless pig. Unloaded it can't even get out of its own way. Not to mention nothing but after-treatment problems. Wiring harness melt being too close to dpf filters. Constant regenerations and engine lights due to incomplete regens. Most if not all of them are on their 2nd or 3rd egr coolers, and most of them are under 50k miles. Carrier bearings blow out causing driveshaft to fall out. That's just power train issues.

Only plus is it gets decent milage even loaded..... If the engine light doesn't come on

Larger US Nissan fairly ugly and low in payload
Posted by: Robert Ryan | Jun 28, 2018

I was referring to the Nissan 3500 van. The French truck is not for me (I thought you knew me better than that).

Ugly is a matter of personal taste. Payload? Who really needs a van that carries more that 2000 pounds anyway?

Same old junk. Worse looking, no safety enhancements, no upgrades to transmission-ie..(9spd), same seating arrangement, no tilt/telescopic / power pedals to alleviate poor driving position. Same cheap tiny radio screen, initially designed to cut costs. Promaster is a vehicle designed by the accounting dept. without pride. I was waiting for a comprehensive redesign. Not anymore. Plus not made in America. '19 Sprinter or '20 Transit will be the way to go!

Yeah ecoboost.


I trust Ford and the Ford Dealers
if it has a warranty problem they fix it at no cost, no fighting, no questions

good service after the sale!
Ram can't give you that !

@Ecoboost Rules

I bought a 2010 Ranger in November 2009. The auto trans started doing weird stuff before it had a thousand miles on the odometer.

Neither Ford nor the dealer did ANYTHING to make me happy. I had to sell (trade) the truck before it had 10k miles on it.

I think I will disagree with you.

Its great to see vans (both commercial and non commercial) getting more modern. The Sprinters, Transits, and Nissan NVs offer tremendous capabilities over their predecessors in every way and over other vehicle classes in many specialties. Sadly this is another market GM has badly lagged in. I wonder if they will abandon their fans in this category too for a hiatus just as they did the pony car, the little truck, and the Medium Duty commercial truck classes. Its not like GM fans actually demand responsibility, loyalty, success or consistency from GM.

@ Clint

I do agree with you on that GM might be missing out but its not a huge market! Trust me they make up for it in the large SUV class where they have outsold Ford 5 to 1 the past 15 + years.

I trust Ford and the Ford Dealers

Posted by: Ecoboost Rules | Jun 29, 2018 1:15:33 AM


Only van with Front wheel drive and hightop these days. Wish Chevy would go this route.

Promaster is the only Van with front wheel drive, where you can fit a bed across the cargo box and sleep, if you are little over 6' tall. All the other Vans are narrower, no way to put bed across , has less room for cargo and higher sitting floor and roof than Promaster, because of the rear wheel drive.

"Larger US Nissan fairly ugly and low in payload
Posted by: Robert Ryan | Jun 28, 2018

I was referring to the Nissan 3500 van. The French truck is not for me (I thought you knew me better than that).

Ugly is a matter of personal taste. Payload? Who really needs a van that carries more that 2000 pounds anyway?"
No I was referring too the Nissan 3500. Who needs a van that carries more than 2000lb.?This must be a US thing as Van loads are very light across the board in the US. Average outside US 4,500lb they can get up to 9,000lb outside the US.

The 3.2 has oiling issues, engines have detonated if not oild properly. First I have heard of it being called Puma. Engine was designed in England

The 3.2 diesel is the Duratorque, in the Transit designed and built in England

Average outside US 4,500lb they can get up to 9,000lb outside the US....Posted by: Robert Ryan | Jun 29, 2018

@Robt Ryan

Actually my 2000 lb figure comes from my own math. The 3500 is a one-ton truck, hence 2000 pounds. I do not know what the 3500 Nissan is rated for towing or for payload.

If I had some extra cash in my Levi's, I'd buy a Nissan 3500 and do a nice updated conversion-van treatment. Haul me and my friends to NASCAR events in it.

@papajim--I thought you were a good investor. I have almost $1 million in savings and can buy any truck or van I want. Can you?

@Jeff S
@the FAKE Jeff S

your choice.

I'm a brilliant economist and an average investor, just for the record. Economics is a true science rarely practiced by actual scientists, so I allow myself the privilege of being an economist without the sheepskin.

Rush Limbaugh is a borderline billionaire and yet he never graduated from college. Go figure. Other examples too numerous to count.

If you are the real Jeff S, please explain why you "invested" thousands of dollars in body/paint work for improving the looks of a 20 year old S10.

If you are the FAKE Jeff S why not pick your own pseudonym and quit faking. Life is too short to be faking about your real identity. You'll regret it someday.

"The first design, codenamed "Puma" during its development, replaced the older Endura-D unit which had been around since 1984."

That is a quote from the duratorque engine family on wiki so we are both correct. I will have to check the engines at my shop but last I remember they had built in Australia on it. Could be mistaken

No diesel was ever built for Ford in the US or for Australia for that matter.On The other hand 351 V8 Clevelands built in Australia, the famous " NASCAR" block for Fords racing in NASCAR

"Re: XE Cleveland Block
Looks like i didn't mis-read the question......

Contrary to what is written above, XE192540 blocks came in both 2 and 4 bolt (i've seen both)

They got their "Nascar" name because they were made in Australia for the US Nascar market. They were not intended for Australian domestic use. Only left overs remained here."

Nissan for me thank you

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