Will 2019 Ram Pickups Make a Splash or a Splat?

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There's currently a lot of noise about the supposed delay of the 2019 Ram 1500 pickup trucks equipped with the new mild-hybrid eTorque 3.6-liter V-6 and 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 engines and sluggish Ram sales. The simple and elegant 48-volt battery-assist mild-hybrid system was announced when the vehicle debuted at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. In fact, our compatriots at Cars.com named the all-new pickup truck the Best in Show.

When we got our first chance to drive the new truck, which had the standard 5.7-liter Hemi under the hood, we were told we'd be getting full background and a test drive of the new powertrains later in the summer, with models equipped with those powertrains going on sale soon after.

Six months after the reveal of the 2019 Ram 1500, truck-hungry Fiat Chrysler Automobile dealerships are getting impatient about waiting for Rams equipped with the new engines. And it seems that some of them are being vocal about it. So, it's not surprising that some of our media colleagues are suggesting that Ram has delayed or mismanaged arrival of the new engines, and that the "delay" could possibly be connected to the EPA and the questions it's had about EcoDiesel emissions in previous-generation Ram 1500s.

Not that we're trying or need to make excuses for Ram, but the eTorque rollout, from what we were told at the January debut, wasn't going to happen until much later in the model year. From our calculations, Ram is right on schedule. In fact, we're scheduled to get our first-drive backgrounder later in August. And you can expect us to share our findings soon after that.

For now, according to FCA's most recent five-year plan, we've got quite a few new pickups coming our way, including an all-new Ram heavy-duty lineup and a brand new mid-size player.

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What the hell is with Dodge delaying the Ram Rebel TRX to 2022? The only way I might ever be interested in a Dodge was for that truck and now it is being delayed 3 more years. Way to miss a lot of sales Dodge.

It is not a good thing if your dealers are upset no matter how you look at it.

2022 is a long wait for the new HD trucks unless they are getting something more radical than the new half tons.

On schedule as planned and announced 6 months ago. Ram has built a crap load of 5.7's, their biggest seller. They are offering enormous discounts on 2018's. But the dealers can't sell the Rams, so they are blaming Fiat for not building the V6 or 5.7 hybrids ahead of schedule. What a mess. They had their shot at grabbing a bunch of market share and they blew it.

this doesn't look good for dodge, I mean RAM...

It's annoying that GM just trickles out information for their all new 2019 trucks and powertrains, and still haven't announced MPG figures, but at least they are taking the time to do a proper launch and controlling information and expectations.
This isn't the first fubbed up launch lately for FCA either.

In the meantime anybody who'd love a great comfortable and powerful RAM 1500 V8 can negotiate a heck of a deal on remaining non hybrid pickups.


Fake news. RAM launch is on schedule. When available, eTorqe will provide a small increase in sales with no significant change in market share.

Is Fiat more interested in keeping costs down so they can more easily sell the biz?

Like a big fat juicy bug on the windshield... SPLAT!

I say they will make a splash.

RAM- Rubbish and Manure. Sorry ram you used to look good but now gotten terrible looking

if I was a RAM guy, I would head do dealership and pick up a 2018 model. Some are almost $20k off!! Thats a heck of a deal.

Plus, I'm not sold on the Durango front ends. I have heard that they rid amazing though?? I drove a 17 and thought it rode very well..

The Ram Dealerships are the problem.

they use the same failed sales tactic over and over again
goes like this:

When the customer asks the salesman for a lower price and he pretends to look frightened and ask the customer "IF" he wants him to walk into the sales managers office with that price?
As a customer you say "yea"!
Then when he walks into the sales managers off the sales manager starts throwing a fit , yelling and screaming.

a blind man can see that's all fake and pretend

RAM !!

Junk just junk

Things don't look good for Dodge and Chrysler
by Peter Valdes-Dapena @peterdrives
June 9, 2018: 5:52 PM ET


it is unfortunate when the current CEO is gutting the company little by little - in favor of his Italian products - atleast the Germans were merciful.

"The case against Chrysler being here in 2030 is pretty convincing," he said. "The brand does not have a particularly good reputation in the US, its only major market."

in my part of the country it may be hot out but it is not summer yet.
per Mark, Ram told them LATER In The SUMMER...

in my part of the country it may be hot out but it is not summer yet.
per Mark, Ram told them LATER In The SUMMER...

Summer doesn't start until Thursday and Ram said all along it would be later in the Summer. I think a lot of people are just really excited for the truck which is a good sign.

Why not do a comparison between the 2018 silverado e-assist and the ram mild hybrid.

Its the same crap anyway except you could order it in a silverado for a couple years now.

No new drivetrains.


So true, brother in law has it in his 18 Silverado. Gets 20 mpgs in city

Love it!

I have been waiting for mine since February of this year and still haven't got it I ordered a limited with all the bells and whistles on it hope it gets built soon

One important factor why you buy a new truck you didn't need in the first place is to impress all your friends.
The question is WHAT brand of new truck will impress them more?

The majority of my co-workers at the oil fields own Ram's and when everybody owns a Ram nobody will notice or get excited when someone buys a new Ram,,,,,,but my lone wolf F-150 shows up it gets noticed and all the attention.
I have noticed all the Ram owners that walk past my F-150 they stop and look inside where they never look inside of another owners Ram.
I know what they are thinking, they are secretly loving my F-150 and wished they owned one,,, they would never admit that!

Maybe I am strange how I like to park my F-150 then stand back at a distance and watch how other people that walk past my F-150 to admire it.
My F-150 gets all the attention
The Ram doesn't

@ ecobust
Your drunk as usual

One has to be careful with ones own hype. Fiat is a victim of its own marketing here. I'm looking forward to seeing more about this new system and how well it works and holds up... or doesn't.

Fakenews. You can't get any better deal now than before.

Truth be know....Ram is holding back trying to figure out what to do because of new GM trucks coming.

I'm really surprised to see how much cash back Ram is offering on the 2019's already!

The Ram site gets confusing, since it's now listing 2017, 2018, AND 2019 trucks separately, all with incentives of various levels. I don't think I've ever seen that on a truck manufacturer's site.

Maybe bc people aren't liking the 7 year old Durango styling on a so called new 2019 Ram??//

I saw a 2019 Ram out in the wild (on the street) last evening. I am sticking by my original impression of the design that it has no striking exterior design features. It's somewhat bland looking. The interior center screen is too big and destroys the flow of what would be a good dash design. The remainder of the interior however, is quite lovely. The GM twins are the clear winners with their all new designs.

Rented a 2017 Dodge Caravan with only 7,000 miles for a family vacation to Maine. What a piece of junk. Multiple pieces of molding falling off. I hope Ram trucks and there other vehicles are built better.

@Ex -
Do yourself a favor and stay away from any Ram 1500 with "air ride" suspension.
It routinely fvcks up in cold weather and has been reported to overheat and go into limp mode offroad.

Maybe I am strange how I like to park my F-150 then stand back at a distance and watch how other people that walk past my F-150 to admire it.
My F-150 gets all the attention
The Ram doesn't
Posted by: Ecoboost Rules | Jun 20, 2018 1:00:03 AM

HA! No there looking at it and saying wow what a junky looking cheaply made F150 this is!

I wish I could get a 2019 with the all new interior and a 2018 exterior. I hate the new exterior. It does look bland. RIP the crosshair grille. When Dodge turned the truck world upside down in 1992 with their big rig styling, it started an amazing run. Unfortunately, Fiat could not keep it going. I have owned 5 Dodge/Rams over the years. I have never been more disappointed.

Given Ram's spotted safety record history, I'd say Ram will do pretty good unless it rolls over or has a small frontal overlap accident in which case I'd it'll make a big SPLAT! FCA has made some crash progress with some models but they're lagging behind the rest of the industry. get your act together FCA!.

Production was delayed at 1st because of factory issues...

They started the 1st batch with loaded top model crew cab limited models,most expensive..

Last few weeks Quad Cab Big Horns are slowly coming in dealers lots,albeit not base models...

Thats the reason they said last year they would continue the current 1500 as the Classic for the 2019 model year until production gets into full swing !!! Remember GM did this too back in 2007 !

Remember GM did this too back in 2007 !
Posted by: 440TNT | Jun 27, 2018

And Ford before that.

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