2019 Nissan Titan Surfcamp: Our Top 5 Favorite Features

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By Chad Kirchner

To help promote Nissan's participation at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades recent show in Orlando, Fla., the automaker debuted a new concept, the Titan Surfcamp. It takes aim at surfers, anglers and beach campers.

Based on the 2018 Nissan Titan XD Midnight Edition with the Cummins diesel, the Titan Surfcamp brings to life a stylish and functional fishing rig.

Here are our top 5 favorite features:

1. Off-Road Credentials

To help reach difficult beaches or campsites, the Surfcamp is equipped with custom-vehicle builder Icon's 3-inch Stage 5 suspension lift kit. This is an available dealer-installed accessory on all new Titans. The Surfcamp's 35x12.50/17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers tires mounted to a set of Icon Alloy Alpha Wheels add to its off-road cred.


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2. Custom Fishing Rod Holders

Nissan fabricated the fishing rod holders at the front of the truck; they are the only piece of hardware you can't buy off the shelf at your local outdoors outfitter. Not only do they hold your rods where you can easily grab them, but they look really sharp.

3. Built-In Shower

A shower is always welcome after a day on the beach or out fishing. Surfcamp's integrated Road Shower 4 Solar Shower is heated, meaning the water is never cold, and powered by the sun so you don't run down your truck battery heating up the water. There's also enough pressure to wash your surfboard or clean your other equipment of dirt and grime.


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4. Tons of Storage

Attached to Nissan's Utili-track system in the bed is a Decked storage system. It can stow everything from fishing tackle to extra snacks. It doesn't, however, take up all the bed space so there is still traditional bed storage if you need it. Additionally, the Leitner Designs bed rack and Rhino-Rack USA roof rack also help you carry everything you could possibly ever need.

5. Nighttime Visibility

Supplementing the Titan XD's LED headlights on Surfcamp is a suite of auxiliary lighting. It includes a Rigid Industries E-Series LED light bar, KC Hilites Pro 6 spotlights and Baja Designs XL9s. The enhanced lighting ensures you can see the trail at night or light up your campsite while you clean the day's catch.

Manufacturer images


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Driving trucks onto the beach will drive the wacko environmentalists crazy. This must be stopped!

Down here roll on the beach with that setup and get robbed blind faster than you blink. Watch your back constantly, don't forget a couple of extra savage dogs too. They'll keep you company and stand guard during your one eyed nap up in the rooftop tent. Strapped down here is how to roll. Overnight? Forget about it unless you bring the whole entire crew and even still may not see the sun next morning. Oh and Ford and Ram just aren't good enough sorry but Silverado got the game on lock.

@ juanfo

If what u say is true...we live IN A terrible world. What would posses people to act like this. Sick individuals


That made me laugh, thanks.

Not sure why you would need the 3" lift, unless you're jacking around in the dunes, or need a bro pass. All of the surf fishing areas I have been to have been flat as a pancake, save for the occasional ruts created by someone who doesn't know how to drive in sand. The lift just makes it harder to get stuff in and out of the truck, but you look cool, so maybe worth the cost to you. Don't forget the drop hitch so you can tow your boat properly.

The rest of the kit is nice, and the rod holders save you from having to fabricate your own.

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