2020 Ram 3500 Regular Cab, Ram 2500 Power Wagon: Spied

3500_SingleCab_Dually_001 II

There is a lot of buzz in the pickup truck world because so many new vehicles are slated to debut this year and next, but at the top of the list is the all-new 2020 Ram 2500/3500 lineup, which will include a new version of the rock-crawling Ram 2500 Power Wagon. We're hearing that while the trucks' platform won't change much, the interiors will. Our spy shooters are seeing more testers roaming the streets of Detroit; here's their latest report:

"Today we caught two different pickups in metro Detroit, getting our first look at the 2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon and the stout Ram 3500 regular cab. "The hallmark of the Power Wagon is its hardcore standard equipment: locking differentials front and rear, a double-jointed front suspension with a front anti-roll bar disconnect and a powerful winch integrated into the front bumper. Don't expect any significant changes here. Exterior styling should emulate the half-ton Ram 1500 Rebel. Inside, expect the heavy-duty pickup to get the new 8.4-inch Uconnect screen or the optional Uconnect 4C Nav multimedia system with the 12-inch touchscreen.

"We expect the Ram 3500 regular-cab model to be popular with fleet and commercial buyers looking for big payload or towing capability. Manufacturing of the next-generation Ram 2500/3500 is slated to move from Saltillo, Mexico, to Warren, Mich., in 2020, in time for the start of production for the new generation of HDs. Expect an official debut of the new Ram HDs at the 2019 Detroit or Chicago auto shows."

Spiedbilde images

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Awesome, bring back those jobs to America!

whatever the question was, RAM answers it.

Junk and send those jobs to Mexico so we can buy cheap.

Looks purdy beefy.

Read the article Chingate, those jobs are in Mexico now and brand new 2500/3500's aren't cheap.

I wonder how many PW's does RAM Sell annually? Maybe RAM should market this product much better, just like Ford does with the Raptor.

Drive to Baja, complete the Baja Race, then drive back home to Michigan. This is what sells, RAM is boring.

What can the PW do? I haven't seen anything to impress me, but then again, the Raptor is in the class of it's own.

Nobody can touch it.

@ Frank
I like the Raptor, awesome truck, but I wouldn't bring up the Baja race. It BARELY finished and got beat by a Hummer and a Toyota Land Cruiser in the stock class. It did drive back home afterwards to Arizona, not Michigan...LOL your a little off on your comment as usual


Both the Hummer and the Toyota got put on a trailer, never could've made it home.

You failed!

LMFAO! You must be a little slow...The Raptor limped back to Arizona after it LOST to the Hummer and Land Cruiser. It was 400 miles, the race was longer than that. I guarantee the other two could have driven back to Arizona. You don't ever have a clue what your talking about. Drove back to Michigan, LOL


That was useless. Seriously, you need seek attention from your husband, not me.


Drive to Baja, complete the Baja Race, then drive back home to Michigan.

Posted by: Frank | Jul 12, 2018 2:43:51 PM

LMFAO! You must be a little slow...The Raptor limped back to Arizona after it LOST to the Hummer and Land Cruiser.

Posted by: Sean | Jul 12, 2018 4:48:00 PM

Agreed Sean, this is exactly why Frank has no credibility.

Maybe you both missed the story that the truck ended up in Dearborn, MI.

This entire site is losing credibility the longer it continues without moderation. It’s becoming the equivalent of a park bench with insulting graffiti all over it.

If they are already expensive image what the price would be on those junks If they would built here in the states. So yeah keep them over there in Mexico.

the truck ended up in Dearborn, MI.

Posted by: Frank | Jul 12, 2018 5:27:05 PM

Up sure did after the tow truck unhook it you f@g!!!!

Ya it ended up in Michigan and the Toyota ended up in Japan

Frank needs to drink a BIG TALL GLASS OF S T F U!!

Duallies are as rare as hens teeth in Australia. Power Wagon does not exist.


Around 450 hp and 1000 lb/ft

And while the Raptor went to Baja, competed and completed then went home GM went bankrupt and Chrysler was given to Fiat via US Government funding.

Just putting the pacifiers back into the do nothing bail out babies' mouths. Sit there and keep sucking while those that haven't gone bankrupt build the most high performance factory off road truck of all time and successfully participate in capitalism.

Back onto the topic here. I wouldn't expect the new and well so far well received Fiat interior to not be standard on all its trucks. Cant tell very much from the heavily camouflaged pictures but with the 1500's new exterior styling definitely being well received it would be foolish to stray far from it if at all. Glad to see more production inside the US.

RR- thanks for sharing.
As to the dismal Powerwagon sales, i don’t fully understand it.
Maybe its a diesel availability problem. The big engine won’t work well on top of the locked front axle, and theres a fit problem with the winch. Maybe they could market the 5l ISV engine fir the 2500. Turn up the hp a little... maybe hooked to the 8hp100 version of the ZF trans. All for less than the big Cummins costs.


I read your comment (above) several times trying to give you a fair shot, but it's almost total gibberish.

Was there a single point you were trying to make that might be clear if you just stuck to the one thought, instead of rambling chain-of-consciousness stream of words?

Good point papajim. Clint rambles on about multiple topics in one sentence. Goes from Raptor in Baja, GM bankruptcy and Chrysler and Fiat all at once. Kinda like my 4 year old nephew, calm down, one thing at a time lol..

As the owner of 2 previous PW's (05,08) I did not buy a 3rd. The reason PW sales are so low is Ram has ZERO interest in putting money into engineering. Both of my PW's had bigger tires then stick Rams and 4.56 gears. 2200lbs payload on each. Now the PW has the smallest tires of all (including 1500) rams there is. The GVWR has never been raised, even though the truck has gained 1000lbs. I looked at a PW on the dealer lot the other day and payload was 1187lbs.
These simple changes could make the PW great and sell just as well as the Raptor
1. Run a 295/70-18" tire. These all have a 4100 lbs capacity. This would allow a 55psi cold tire and still carry the weight
2. The wheel should be 8.5"-8.75" wide
3. Go back to the 4.56 gears
4. Increase the GVWR to 9500 lbs
5. Increase towing capacity to 14000 lbs.
the new 1500 will have over 12000 lbs of towing capacity. Even the new rebel will out tow the PW's dismal 9600lbs

@racerryan- with every truck out there sporting 33-34" tires, there's no reason the PW shouldn't have a 35. Any of them can carry enough weight for over 7k RAWR.
Maybe the PW package could come a la carte- axles, front suspension, rear suspension, winch, ...

Power Wagon is a Halo vehicle like the raptor. They sell but are not volume sellers. The raptor is a bit more street friendly so it gets more sales than PW. Ford also gives fleet pricing to USBP and State Fish and Game departments on Raptors. Nevertheless most Texas Game Wardens drive Silverados and most federal fish and game officers are driving Rams. But as Nathan from TFLTruck likes to say “Power Wagon Don’t Care!” It’s a heavy duty off road vehicle. It will go over things that the raptor will struggle with and will struggle with tight turns and sand washes where the raptor excelles. These are two different and incomparable vehicles. Not because one is better than the other but because they serve two different purposes.

Just putting the pacifiers back into the do nothing bail out babies' mouths. Sit there and keep sucking while those that haven't gone bankrupt build the most high performance factory off road truck of all time and successfully participate in capitalism.Posted by: Clint | Jul 13, 2018 5:57:00 AM

Right, that's why the ZR2 smokes the Ford Craptor in every offroad test. Better go put yah pacifier back in, Ford still owe the government money in a loan! They sold GM and Ram as stocks, not GM or Ram problem the government sold their stock low! You should be question obummer about that! Wait you suck Ford kool aid right from the Ford t!!Ies some common sense means nothing to you. LMBO!!!!!!!!!


Dodge-Ram-Fiat switched from 4.56 to 4.10 gears when the transmission rations changed with the transition from the 545RFE to the 66RFE, but overall crawl ratio is comparable.

I agree 100% about the payload, tires, and towing.
Ironically, since they can handle 315/70R17s as-is on the 17x8 wheels (I have one too), and a couple aftermarket parts solve the suspension capacity issue, aside from Springs and tires, there is much in-depth engineering needed to “update” the PW. They “rate” the PW lower so folks don’t think it is just like a regular 2500 gasser, but the frame, axles, cooling, and brakes are. Semantics vs reality.

From and engineering standpoint look at GM. They continue to throw bad money after good and their HD pickups still use an outdated. poorly executed, linear-rate torsion bar front suspension. The stuff Chrysler used in cars back in the 60s.
GM stuff can’t handle 35s and require major suspension lifts to actually fit them for use-which voids the warranty, thus allowing GM to escape actually acknowledging that their HD front suspension is designed for pavement, plowing snow, and towing trailers.

I like the Powerwagon. Only thing is putting those rear sensors on the bottom of the back bumper on those plastic pieces is a bad idea. If the truck is actually off roaded they will be ripped off in one day.

Will Ram next generation of HD trucks finally offer mega cab with long bed?

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