Detroit Auto Show Trades Winter for Summer

2020 NAIAS Cobo II

The North American International Auto Show is moving, although not from its physical location in downtown Detroit. Rather, it's moving down the calendar by five months.

While the 2019 NAIAS — also known as the Detroit auto show — will happen in January, the 2020 show will forgo winter and set up shop in and around the Cobo Center in June.

The move will allow one of the country's premiere auto shows to highlight Detroit's downtown assets and present an auto show that resembles an indoor/outdoor festival and dream car cruise. The Detroit Auto Dealers Association, the show organizer, said opportunities for consumer engagement will be endless. Exhibitors will be able to give media members and showgoers the opportunity to actually drive new cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers in newly designed interactive vehicle displays. Ride and drives, autonomous/automated driving, off-road challenges and more are all on the table.

The 2019 show and schedule will be similar to years past, with Jan. 14-15 being press preview days and the public show running Jan 19-27. The show will then take 17 months off to prepare for the all-new 2020 show. The Detroit auto show has seen a declining number of automakers participating due to timing, cost and audience turnout. Time will tell whether this reinvention will attract the big auto debuts that once were a hallmark of the show before it had to compete with the November Los Angeles Auto Show and the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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2020 NAIAS CampusMartius_1 II




Texas State Fair is the show I look forward to.

I have always wanted to attend the Detroit Auto Show but never have. It's a good little ways from Washington, DC and not flying for it so driving is the way. In the winter weather is tricky so have not attended. A summer event I might come to as I have driven to Ohio for tour of Honda Plant and Ridgeline meet.
Also did the drive to St Louis for meet so Detroit could be possible.

They always could have moved their January show to Orlando or Miami. Those towns wouldn't care if the organizers wanted to call it the Detroit show, even if held in Florida. Attendees would love an excuse to be in the Sunshine State during January too.

Instead of moving it from one miserable month to another they should pack up and head somewhere that doesn't suck. Anywhere but Detoilet

What's wrong with outside events in January in Detroit? Put a coat on wussies. I'd rather be cold then hot.

October or September would be better.

I hope it works for Detroit. I am not that enthused to go to Detroit anytime of the year.


I didn't know Ridgeline Owners had a cult following where they have a get-together-meet with their trucks.
No cut down, I think that's great,
sorta like Saturn Owners used to meet at the factory in Tennessee?

I guess the bragging rights is the one with the highest mileage?
There's no market out there for accessories to customise a Ridgeline? I mean you can't put 35" tires on one, or a header exhaust and stuff like that.
Not a cut down, but wouldn't it be boring to look at the exact same Ridgeline with no mods, no custom paint or wrap jobs.

do you have a link where I can look at some pics from the last Ridgeline meet?

I hope it works for Detroit. I am not that enthused to go to Detroit anytime of the year....Posted by: Jeff S | Jul 25, 2018

@the Fake Jeff S

Never forget the rural slum that you call home

Sounds interesting. Hope it will work.

@papa jim--There you go again on the attack. You don't know anything about where I live--there is very little rural about it. You like to name call and act like you know everything. Have you ever been to Detroit? I have and recently. I don't hate Detroit but there are other places I would rather go.

@papajim--I guess you have run out of attacks on RIDGELINE OWNER 2007 and Frank. Pathetic that an old man with too much time on his hands has to get his jollies by attacking others.

Seriously guys, papajim has a disorder. I've said it before and it couldn't be more true. Sophomaniac

the FAKE Jeff S

Several years ago, went on Saturday - beautiful weather, Went Sunday morning, couldn't hardly see the freeway. Left early, made an earlier flight to KC, half hour later all flights were cancelled. June should be much better, maybe be around NASCAR race in irish hills.

Agree Rob I think papajim is losing it.

@ Eco Boost Rules
Ridgeline Owners Club Forum Meet section was very active for 1st Gen Ridgeline in early year I myself with others met with Ridgeline Chief Engineer to learn more about our trucks shoot the breeze in different locations. was at the meet and plant tour Transportation Research Center back in 2008.

@ Ecoboost Rules
Remember the 2006 Ridgeline debut at Detroit Auto Show with the strongest tailgate in the industry Gary Flint Chief Engineer was going over the truck. 2nd Gen also at show

It is cool that you guys get together and hangout, talk, and even discuss with the head Engineer. It may make a difference in products.
With GM it sure doesn’t. I went to the same church, a small one, with the lead engineer for testing at the DPG in Mesa, before it moved to Yuma (YPG actually) and there was almost zero concern from GM regarding catastrophic failures of the GovLoc, steering damage in the GMT400s, and 825 IFS case fractures all associated with moderate off-road use. He even commented how myself and the families of my two relatives all had GMT400 4x4s, then we all got non-GM trucks, then slowly Momma and the kids were driving non-GM stuff.

If Honda cares, that’s really cool. If they are playing to the egos of sycophants, then it is just business as usual.
The Ridgeline is a good conceptual exercise, but the slow change that is synonymous with Honda is truly evident in the Ridgeline. How long did it Honda to build a V6 accord? Well after everyone else had a V6 competitor.
Ridgeline needs more torque, a better drivetrain with a low range (ZF has that), and a true, full range locking 50/50 center diff and rear diff. Fit some taller tires and if could be far more appealing. Also, the Gen 2 front end is horrid.

@James don't want ZF remember Pilot and MDX have 9speed transmission. They had some trouble with some Acura & Honda products with these transmissions. Latest Pilot and MDX refresh got reprogramed. They kept the 6speed for the Ridgeline to be safe so I guess it will get a 10speed in house trans for it's refresh as new Odyssey got. I am sure it will be a little different for truck.

The upcoming Acura MDX is a mostly new model and the excitement surrounding its release make it hard for me to believe that Honda will devote any shop-floor time to the un-exciting Ridgeline that has failed to meet sales expectations.

Considering that Honda can sell a new up-market MDX w/bells & whistles for near $60k why would they take precious manufacturing hours away from the MDX to build Ridgelines?

It just makes sense.

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