Ford Puts Raptor Engine in 2019 F-150 Limited

19FordF-150Limited_01_HR II

Ford has just announced it will put its strongest pickup truck engine (that's not a diesel) into its top-of-the-line F-150 trim level, the Limited. That means if you must have the most opulent interior matched with the most powerful gas engine available, now you can do it.

Previously only available in the F-150 Raptor, the high-output 450-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 that generates 510 pounds-feet of torque will now be the standard engine for the 2019 Ford F-150 Limited model. The diesel engine will be optional. The Limited also will be the only Ford F-150 to sport a dual exhaust system.

The F-150 Limited will feature new Camel Back two-tone-leather laser-etched massaging front seats with an individually numbered nameplate on the center console. Standard Limited F-150 features will include a trailer brake controller, a 360-degree camera system, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping and pre-collision safety systems, Sync 3, Wi-Fi access and a Bang & Olufsen sound system.

Expect this to be the most expensive half ton you can buy; pricing will be released closer to its on-sale date later this year.

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@ papajim

Dont talk about FE...OK?

I get 23-24 driving 70 mph on flat highway. I get 15 mpg towing a 5k lb boat up to make lake house running 75- 80 mph. Everyone cares about FE...your kidding me right!

The 8.1L when not loaded got best 10 mpg....loaded got like 5...go look it up, but I know bc I worked construction with my cousin who had one and it was a gas guzzler!!!

I am not doubting gm could do a big block but they weigh more than small blocks and since the auto industries are all about weight now, I think you are wrong about the big blocks.

Hahaha Papajim is Mr. Know it grandpa is the same way, it comes with age, think they've been there done that and nobody else knows what they're talking about

@holysmokes the base 3.5ecoboost produces about 50 less hp and torq than the 6.2 so it really doesn't compete.

Posted by: Rowdy Douillard | Jul 26, 2018 4:31:00 PM

You call these facts, getfvck0utth3re, I stand correct, you're an idiot.

Listen to him, 454/440/428...back in the day. Sure that would be nice if it was all about building the biggest motor, don't even talk about FE LOL! Meanwhile in the 21 century Ford is boosting a v6 with twin turbos. GM can easily update the current 6.2 to keep up with the competition and maintain FE.

And Frank doesn't understand a drag race???? I'm all about the ecoboost but the driver dictates that whole video, not the truck. Nice try though idiot

Ford better try to do something. Their stock is in the toilet. Their cars suck and their trucks a mediocre at best!!


@ Frank

Calm down and drink a cup of coffee. You prove everyday u can't carry on conversations or debate with anyone bc you get bent out of shape and insult.

The video is all won by the driver....we have gone through this

Yes this new HO ecoboost should scream...let's wait till its out to say it will decimate anything.

The 3.5 HO will get HORRIBLE mileage under load. Which is the whole point. The smaller high-performance engines only get FE when driven very lightly, which is the entire issue. Why buy a high-dollar performance toy unless it hauls butt?

The 3.5 HO makes great sense in a muscle car like the Mustang or Corvette. A 5500 pound pickup will use a lot of gas no matter what.

Don't tell me the mileage you get on the Interstate with the cruise on, that's not why you bought a 6.2 or a 3.5 HO

the 7.0 is wrong because it's an all alloy engine and the bore spacing is maxed. Not rigid enough to be a suitable truck engine.
Posted by: papajim | Jul 26, 2018 4:22:28 PM

The LS7 7.0L bore spacing is the same as the rest of the LS-based V8's. Same 4.40 inch bore spacing, but 4.125 inch bore and 4 inch stroke. GM has been using alloy engine blocks in halftons for a while now. The Gen IV and V alloy blocks can handle a LOT of power.


I misspoke. Please understand that lightweight alloy blocks will not be rigid enough for load. It's why Ford built the 2.7 Ecoboost with a graphite/iron block. Same with the 6.2 Ford SOHC iron block. Torsional rigidity.


@ papajim

I bought the 6.2L bc it was in a fully loaded SLT for $16k less than a Denali! I also Bought it BC it gets as good or better FE than my old 5.3L. And yes, the last reason I bough nc it hauls @$$!!!

I've never argued ever that under a load the ecobusts get horrible mileage and for a V6 to do TRUCK duties its not as reliable as a V8, but many dont haul large loads...they use them to pull boats, take kids to sport activities, ect..ect

And when your paying $70-$80k for a truck, you won't see them on job sites....unless its the head guy, and it won't be used as a truck! That's a fact!

@ Grizz
Totally agree with you. The 7.0L could be adapted for truck and be a screamer. That is if u wanted naturally aspirated... If u wanted to go supercharger.. Take the LT4. Gm can't go wrong either way

@ Frank . I stand corrected. Since 2017 model the base 3.5 eco has made 470. I had looked at the first gen numbers. I'm glad you dug through the dozen statements I have made to find the one mistake I have made. Do I need to pay rent for the space I'm taking up in your head.

So from the sound of it if you won a custom truck at a raffle and it had a big block Chevy or MoPar engine you would let somebody else have it. Salvation Army or the Kidney Foundation.

To each his own.

Do I need to pay rent for the space I'm taking up in your head.

Posted by: Rowdy Douillard | Jul 26, 2018 5:17:07 PM

The Government had you covered.

So from the sound of it if you won a custom truck at a raffle and it had a big block Chevy or MoPar engine you would let somebody else have it. Salvation Army or the Kidney Foundation.

@ papajim

When did I say that? Dont turn this around bc your opinion wasnt supported by many! Calm down. Dont stoop to Franks level!

I do know Chevy big blocks. They make huge power..not doubting you, but with FE and weight, I just doubt GM would go that route.
ZZ 454-----469/519
ZZ 502-----508/580

They have monster big blocks...totally agree with you on that

@ Frank

And the government is still covering Ford 10 years later....give it up little man!//

@ Frank

And the government is still covering Ford 10 years later....give it up little man!//

Posted by: TNTGMC | Jul 26, 2018 5:27:09 PM


Can you please advise your minion that she shouldn't be posting fake news, it's a liability.

Thanks Sir.


Not even your own GMShills like you. LMFAO!

Ford should offer that engine as an option on all trim levels.

Then they might sell 1.5 million trucks next year.

From what I've read in the last month, nobody likes Frank, fanboys or not

@ Tim

Agreed. He thinks just bc papajim.and I don't agree on something, that I dislike him or am arguing with him. I'm just having a conversation. Something he doesn't understand or knownhow to do!

He struggles a lot and needs help bad! He just never takes anyone's advice. Many have told him to go but he is like a nasty case of rust on a trucks rocker matter how many times u fix it, it still comes back

From what I've read in the last month, nobody likes Frank, fanboys or not

Posted by: Tim | Jul 26, 2018 5:45:38 PM

I ain't here to be like or un-liked, you people ain $h!t to me.

Price will be close to starting with an eight. They will sell every one they make for huge profits. High end trucks are in demand, be thankful, it helps with the costs of entry level trucks.

Actually the Denali's are now all standard with the 5.3..
The last standard 6.2 was in 2014 Yukon and Yukon XL Denali's and , the 2013 Sierra Denali..
But regardless Ford is giving people what they want and understand marketing way better than GM has since the late 90s..

this standard sh^&* box ford engine don't last 60,000 miles with out problems now they add the higher ho one to more models? LMBO!!!! I guess ford clowns like laying other their trucks working on them more then driving em!

I have an EcoBoost and I live in Phoenix.
When running US 60 up through the Salt River Canyon, even with 91 octane (our premium) when I live scan, the EB has to pull a ton of timing to not knock in 110 plus heat, with little load.
The HO, without 93 octane, and cool temps isn’t getting anywhere near the HP they claim.
EB is great lightly loaded, in lower temps. Out here, Towing, hills, heat, forget it. I doubt I will get another one.
Diesel? Yup. I’ll give up the acceleration for a more useable truck.
Put that 3.5 HO in a reg cab, short bed, 2wd and call it lightning.

What an idiot. The LS7 would never work in a truck.

It was a hand build sports car engine. Not one aspect of that engine is designed for truck duties.

This will decimate all.

Posted by: Frank | Jul 26, 2018 10:37:59 AM

Pretty much, whatever it's parked close too.


For reasons that I can't understand, the 440, the 454 and other 7 liter (plus) engines in the 1960s were available in coupes, sedans, station wagons and race cars. Very flexible platforms.

For some reason many people today cannot grasp the value of having a regular-gas friendly, blg block engine for big SUVs full sized half ton pickups and even 3/4 ton trucks.

To me they cost far less to own (and build) while still delivering the grunt needed for the job.

They have released specs of the Ranger Raptor powered by a 2 lutre diesel
Just seen some Specs for the 2litre turbo diesel Ranger Raptor. It's curb weight is 5300lbs, heavier than the Wildcat version of the Ranger. A 0-60(100kmh) of 10.5 Seconds.Tests of the Ranger by the online Car Magazines, have one thing in common..the Diesel is underpowered for the vehicle.Major critics my here that the diesel was a bad choice, has been borne out. GVM or GVWR in the US is 6800lb. For the DualCab a GCVM of 12,000lb


Diesel was chosen because of CO2 concerns? They do emit less CO2, but why choose the engine for a performance vehicle.?That 5300lb weight is pretty hefty
Most of the online magazines who have dtiven it. Like its off road abilities but are puzzled about its lack of payload and towing ability


switch to Castrol Magnetic 5W30 motor oil
I always run 87 octane pulling mountains under load with my 3.5 Eco-Boost
Ford Technician always told me ONLY run 87 cause the engine will get spoiled on higher octane like a spoiled child and adapt then when you go back to 87 it will never run right again.
I pull both a load in the bed with a trailer matched to a 6 speed, 3.5 Eco-Boost with an open 3.31 rear axle and I can still pass up the Ram Hemi and still get over 20 MPG at 70 MPH
It's fun to watch the transmission stay in 6th gear and watching the tach under 1500 RPM going 70 MPH climbing a mountain with a load.
No other truck can match that !

Don't blame the Eco-Boost cause the salesman talked you into a 3.73 rear axle. The 3.73 might work better under the less powerful 5.0 engine but it's the worst set-up for an Eco-Boost

@ Robert Ryan

What does any of your ( usual ) rant about the Ranger Raptor power plant have to do with the F150 Limited new 3.5 HO?

Get on topic. And get some new material

@ ecoturd
Ha come on, there's no mountains where you live

@ Rob Ryan; agree with BA.

As you know Ranger Raptor (like the full size Raptor) was never designed for work duties/high payloads/towing etc but a specialized high speed off-road truck with some capability to handle normal work duties. Similarly for example is my current black virgin '04 Lightning;
It handles all the usual weekend light work duties; wife loves to drive it for her occasional weekend garden stuff shopping, I tow my jetskies, boat & often carried 6 mountain bikes (using the bike rack) plus BBQ, coolers full ice/beer plus my family - all this while in style & enjoying cold A/C (unbelievably untouched/original since purchase) and sounds from my customized 1200 watt Rockford Fosgate system....what more do you really need? What is more amazing is why a 14 yr old truck still turns heads today & constantly get offers for it.

So I believe Ford took the Lightning concept one step further with the Raptor; make it good looking with uncompromised off-road capability and the formula was a hit & they've never looked back. I'm certain all other truck makers wished they had come up with it first & another reason why Ford will sell many of this high powered F150 Limited editions...


cause everybody knows the 2019 Ford Ranger is going to be popular and sell like crazy
they are worried the Ranger will take sales numbers away from their most loved brand of truck they own

,,,,,and PUTC is playing possum by hiding any news or stories about the new Ranger and promoting the new Ram instead
PUTC is also worried that the Ranger will be popular

I don't know what happened, 5 -10 years ago PUTC had a love affair with Ford and something happened, there was a noticeable fallout and now they are in love with Ram

(before you go out and buy a new F-150 Eco-Boost please contact me and I will help you match the engine to the rear axle ratio to match your driving needs) - don't listen to the salesman, he only wants to sell you what he wants to sell


we have highways with long 10 mile long 7% grade
I haul heavy steel pipe and valves and tow generators

look up how heavy those industrial generators are cause if I told you you wouldn't believe me

My F-150 Eco-Boost tows them faster and better than any super-heavy duty truck you own

I guess you wouldn't know cause you never drove a F-150 Eco-Boost

The F150 is using the Raptor engine. Going by the lack of enthusiasm for rhe 2 litre diesel on reports so might the Ranger Raptor going by it's1 5300lb base weight and 6800lb GVWR

I used to LOVE listening to the sound of the turbo spinning up on the older Eco-Boost's
Now that they pipe in fake engine noise you can't hear that anymore.
I would suggest to Ford to bring that noise back.

You guys that never drove an Eco-Boost lose out on a lot of excitement how the incredible quick rush of power and torque gives you a hardon. That race car feeling of "G's" pushing you back in the seat is an experience you never felt before.
I'm telling you that you'll love it

Technically with this engine having been available in the Raptor and the Raptor "technically" being a F150 which is classed as a full size half ton truck (even though the Raptor has a low payload capacity) the Ford F150 has had the most powerful half ton offering for some time. Technically speaking.

In doing this and "mainstreaming" this engine into a small percentage of "regular" F150s Ford has effectively done the same thing GM had done with offering the 6.2 in less than 5% of its half tons only better as the HO 3.5 can seize both torque and HP claims and is a modern engine. The marketing wars are getting more interesting now. Look for GM in the short term to respond with qualifiers like "most powerful V8 in a half ton truck, with natural aspiration, and double sunroofs on Tuesdays, between 4 and 6 PM, south of the meridian", and in the longer term maybe finally get a modern engine line out.

Ill never own one as premium truck offerings are priced well beyond my vehicle budget regardless of the manufacturer and honestly I have no need for something so powerful. But it is fun.

Look for GM in the short term to respond with qualifiers like "most powerful V8 in a half ton truck, with natural aspiration, and double sunroofs on Tuesdays, between 4 and 6 PM, south of the meridian", and in the longer term maybe finally get a modern engine line out.


You cannot be serious. GM's V8s lead the industry in their engineering and sophistication. Ford's 5.0 is a joke compared to the Gen V engines from GM. You should try one.

Buy a new GMC or Chevy and drive it for a year. Be sure to order the V8. You'll be sold.

I ain't here to be like or un-liked, you people ain $h!t to me.

Posted by: Frank | Jul 26, 2018 6:05:42 PM

I don't like you either Frankie. You treated me poorly during our relationship...YOU BRUTE!!!

@ PapaJoke

The 5.0L in every application is a great engine. GM doesn’t even have a naturally aspirated 6.2L that puts out the horsepower of the 5.0L. It’s a very advanced engine. It outpowers every version of the 6.2, let alone the truck 5.3. And even with the DFM, it equals the 5.0L in the F150, while being way down on HP and torque.

To say the 5.0L is a joke shows everyone your stupidity. And shows it in spades.

You moron.


“ Which 2019 Half-Ton V8 Truck Gets the Best MPG? (Compared) “


@ BA

Your out of your mind. The 5.0L in the trucks makes 395/400.....
The 6.2L in trucks makes 420/460. GM wins there

The 5.0L in cars 460/420
The 6.2L in cars 455/455

You can have your 5 hp and I'll take the 25 more ft lbs of tq. That's what gets u down the track.


You sound like your feelings are hurt. Here is a news flash for you. I was a Ford guy for decades. My dad and my uncles were Ford guys. Until the 1990s.

When the Ford Modular V8 came along it broke a lot of hearts, loyal Ford guys had 4.6s and 5.4s that had cooling system problems and cracked intakes and plastic junk all through the engine.

They should have just kept the Windsor V8 which was a good motor. The old Mustang 5.0 had a 302 Windsor and they were strong and durable engines.

The Modular V8 which by the way includes the new 5.0 has been a disaster for Ford fans.

Honestly, at this point what is the purpose of the V6 diesel? It's really down on HP and has no advantage in torque. What's left? 4-5 MPG? Considering the price difference in the fuels could the F 150 diesel be a failure?

@ BA

I do agree with u though. The 5.0L is a good engine. Its the only engine i would buy in the F150.

@ papajim

I also agree with you that ford should have.kept the old Windsor motors. The triton engines were a disaster!

I do think the 5.0L is miles ahead of those 2 motors. But,its now where near in means of reliability and durability as the 5.3L or 6.2L

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