Happy 4th of July From PickupTrucks.com


We want to wish all of our PickupTrucks.com readers a safe and relaxing Fourth of July and hope all your pickup trucks — whether in a parade, car show or driveway — are filled with good food, good friends and good fun. From all of us here, Happy Independence Day!

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Please be sure to enjoy the holiday, but never forget what it means to say I AM AN AMERICAN!

Everyone have a HAPPY and SAFE 4th of July!!!

This is the day liberals hate the most.

They hate this nation and seek open borders, thus no national identity at all with their stupidity.

Declaration of Independence, read it and understand it is not the government that holds the powers in this nation. We the people do! Stop believing government can solve everything or trusted to do such.

Just look at how government is slowly destroying the basic pickup truck to be more like a Prius or other liberal minded sedan. Stop letting the government make more and more dumb regulations and seek Liberty.

Happy 4th of July to my southern neighbours in the US. This is from all the way up in Canada's Arctic.

I enjoy this website and all the great conversations, articles, etc.


We get it. You are a conservative. Please take time to study great conservatives who understood the power of persuasion. William F Buckley, Ronald Reagan, Pat Buchanan each in his own way was always positive, uplifting and clear. You continually do name-calling and whining. Not uplifting.

Simply reciting conservative principles will not make you convincing or persuasive. Good luck.

A fellow conservative wishes you a happy 4th

How can someone conservative, and who doesn't want open borders drive a Toyota??? what???

Happy Forth of July to everyone! It hasn't been the best day for me having to put my dog to sleep this morning but I am working the the grieving process.


Open borders is neither liberal or conservative. Proper execution of border policy (something absent in North America during the last 30 years) has resulted in a distinct political rift on the topic. Nothing intrinsically left or right, however.

Modern globalists seem to line up on both sides of the debate regarding the proper size of government, and the correct role for private enterprise.


Like losing a family member (because most dogs become a member of the family I suppose). Esp. German Shepherds.

I've buried 3 dogs in the last ten years and had to give one to a grandson because he (the canine) was just too dominant for me to to easily manage. He's doing well but I miss him a lot.

@papajim, I agree Black Labs are people dogs probably similar to the Germain Shepard.

Hang in there Fred

I am so proud to be an American, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yd0-3Axz_Q


Happy Independence Day. Luckily 1 US Automotive Company remained Independent.

Amazing blog!!
Thank you admin for sharing attaractive articles with amazing writing skills

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