2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Creates Durabed in Truck Wars

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In the never-ending salvos lobbed by one truckmaker after another, the latest from Chevrolet for its 2019 Silverado 1500 — just getting to dealerships as we write this — is called the Durabed. This new bed strategy includes several unique selling points and even a few new technologies and many more choices than ever before.

As we noted in our January report on its introduction, the new half-ton pickup truck from GM is full of unique technologies, upgraded materials and vastly improve ratings. Yes, they've made quite a few advancements to their powertrains, but at the business end of the vehicle in the bed, there are equally impressive changes, not the least of which is pushing out the walls of the bed to increase volume substantially.

2018 Silverado 1500 Vs. 2019 Silverado 1500

Short box:         53 cubic feet versus 63 cubic feet
Standard box:   62 cubic feet versus 72 cubic feet
Long box:          75 cubic feet versus 89 cubic feet

But the interior volume is only one part of a pickup bed, so the Chevy half ton will also include 12 separate, fixed tie-downs with the strength to hold between 250 to 500 pounds. The tie-down points, basically with a stack of three in each corner of the bed, are at different heights to accommodate different sized and different shaped cargo boxes. Additionally, there are nine different movable tie-down points around the rim of the truck, which adds up to 21 separate tie-down points if you like.

2019-Silverado-Durabed-09 II

Chevrolet also wants to call attention to the material strengths of the bed itself, comparing its newly revised layers of high-grade steel in the bed floor, with the direct callout being the aluminum bed floor that the Ford F-150 utilizes. Chevy has upped its floor strength from 340 to 500 megapascals, an increase in the strength of how much pressure it can withstand over a section of area, making it more than 47 percent stronger.

Finally, in the bumper and tailgate, the new half tons will have a wider and more accommodating foothold in each of the bumper corners, as well as four different tailgate variants. Those include a standard, manually key-lockable gate without the benefit of any lift assist; a standard gate with lift assist; a gate with a power lock and lift assist; and finally, a power lockable gate with what Chevy says is an industry-first, push-button power up/down tailgate available on LTZ (standard on High Country) and higher trim levels.

We've already seen the unique features in the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 in the form of a carbon-fiber bed and MultiPro (multi-drop) tailgate, but we're sure to see more truckmakers start to experiment and come out with their own split tailgates or multifunction bed features in response. No doubt Ford, Ram, Toyota and Nissan will respond. The truck wars just got a whole lot more interesting.

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The BEST just got BETTER! Can't wait to see the Ford GURLYGIRS start crying. LOL

Let it be written...let it be DONE!!

A great example of the rising tide lifting all boats.

Excellent! Love GM.

Although this isnt going to help them beat Ford, they are still the leader for 40 years, and will continue too do so. Little bed lights wont change anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will they also engineer a fix for the driveline vibration problem?

whoopee. completely pointless.

whoopee. completely pointless.
Posted by: dan | Aug 3, 2018


Do you actually use (or own?) a pickup.

The bed of the truck is where the action is, where the work goes on. LED lights, extra tie downs and a rugged surface all contribute so much to customer satisfaction in pickups.

@ CT

LMFAO..... Keep it up imposter!

I haven't seen the payload comparo, but the above benefits offset if payloads are lower than the competition.

Oops, looks like GM comes up short again:
Ford 3500lbs with 5L
GM 2500lbs in the 4.3L v6



a one-and-three quarters tons of payload in a half-ton aluminum pickup truck sounds like ten pounds of sh*t in a five pound bag.

I am the only imposter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TNT-you got that correct sir! Please leave!

@ mark Williams

Will you please see that my username and my email have gone together since I joined this site.

Please advise that this imposter uses my user name and others acting like a child.

Something needs to be done bc we can't have normal/civil debates without knowing who is who. Its a joke!

Just like the clown doing this!

Tie downs are numerous but the openings are too small.

The increase in bed volume is a sham... it was achieved by making the walls taller - which is actually a hindrance to ease of use since it requires a more awkward reach to get something from the bed floor. If keeping something contained is that important, one of the full-size cargo vans might be a better vehicle for the chore.

Ford and Ram have had LED bed lights for years - welcome to the club, Chevy/GMC.

This is simply GM catching up. Ford has the bar set for half-ton payload and towing, and Ram has been beating them for years with interior design/features.

Where I have seen those bed lights features oh yeah FORD F-150. I hate it when the GARBAGE MOTORS COPY FORD. That’s stupid they need to come up with their own ideas. I HOPE THAT FORD DOES NOT COPY GARBAGE MOTORS WITH THE NEW WEED EATER MOTOR.

I like where they placed the additional tie downs at the mid level of the box. I'm sure Nissan will just put a vertical utility track in each corner now so you can just put cleats where you want.

Why do you come here?

Looking forward upgrading my 14 silverado. Wonder where the box light switch is on the 19s? Not a big fan of going in the cab to turn on/off the box light.

The truck bed light switch is under the hood next to the DEF spout.

Seems logical.

The truck bed light switch is under the hood next to the DEF spout.
Posted by: GMS | Aug 3, 2018 2:04:12 PM
Well GM copied Ford so same place in the Furd...could'nt find the switch in ur Furd...now u know

Those GM engineers are so smart.

Dumb Ford clowns GM trucks had bed lights in 2014, Ford got them in 2015. Ford always taking GM's great ideas.
God damn Ford clowns are r3t@rd3d!!!!!


1982 called. Duraliner wants their bed back.

I know one chevy truck guy that will not like the higher bed sides, he can hardly reach over the sides on his current Silverado

I can't wait to touch myself thinking of this bed

Chevy trucks have had LED bed lighting for years also. That's not new you idiot Ford braindead dummies

Imposters: You must have your own opinions, so sign your work (that is if you really believe what you say).

Otherwise, just continue through life, giggling and peeking from behind your mother's skirt like you have a big secret you wont share because you know, in a real world, it is only funny to you.

DAN; "Not a big fan of going in the cab to turn on/off the box light. "

Are you a fan of having to replace the battery because a jokester flipped the "accessible" bed switch while parked at the airport for a week? Not a good end to a vacation.

Put a main switch in the cab to turn off/on the light switch?
Back to square one.

Wow, spray in bed liner, lighting, electrical outlet, and tie downs, way to go Chevy, you caught up with what my 2016 Nissan Titan XD has....

Nissan had almost all of this back when the Titan debuted in 2004. Only thing missing was more elaborate bed lighting. 2005 they added a dampened tailgate. Honestly the Utilitrac system blows the tie downs out of the water.

Great! increased bed volume! Just the thing if you need to haul a big load of ping pong balls or dry sawdust.

But if you need to get a pallet of sod, pallet of landscape blocks, pallet of feed, load of manure, etc., well sorry. Plenty of room in the bed but they all exceed the cargo rating. Next time buy a 3/4 ton.

Actually, the bed redesign might work pretty well for hauling hay.

The one place tie downs are needed they neglected to put any. The middle!

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