2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Designers Create Drama

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Chances are, when you think about dramatic pickup truck designs, Chevrolet isn't the name that's top of mind. But that might be changing. From what we're told, designers and engineers for the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 were given the green light for just about everything they suggested. And that hasn't always been the case at parent company General Motors. In fact, the last significant Silverado 1500 redesign came after the big 2008 GM "reorganization," when the automaker had to be bailed out of financial failure by the U.S. government; as a result, some have argued the 2014 redesign (started years earlier) was a cautious play for cost-saving reasons. This time, with a much more solid business plan, GM is hoping to come out on top.

We had two days of seat time in the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 earlier this week. Although we can't yet discuss how the new truck drives (look for that Monday morning), we can show you some important details inside and out of the new pickup. We were able to examine in detail all eight trim levels; they are well-positioned and distinct. The 2019 Silverado is broken down into high value, high volume and high feature groups with Work Truck, Custom, Custom Trail Boss, LT, RST, LT Trail Boss, LTZ and High Country trim levels. Here are a few highlights from the new top-of-the-line High Country. Look for our driving impressions Monday.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears, Mark Williams


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lol ,dealers swamped!dealer lots packed tight with 2018 (17!),where're they gonna go?

beautiful truck. Have to see it in person to really appreciate the design of this truck! Great job GM

Agree, looks good, big local dealer near me has a giant sign near the highway with pics, inside they have a huge screen almost life size with video running on the new truck, stopped by for a look and was really impressed to see it in almost real life. Saw a lot of trade people there in work clothes...oh ya...they are a large truck dealer also and did not have that many last yr models on the lot.

The Lego generation is now buying pickups. What ever happened to style.

Love the styling on this truck. Should sell well.

Same old small fender wheels. Cut short in the back of the front ones. Have to put a lift on to get 31-32inch tires. Guess the designers never went to any truck sites where that is the biggest design flaw since 1992

If home-building remains strong look for Chevy/GMC to sell a lot of trucks in the next 12 mos. Interest rates on car loans and mortgages remain in very comfortable territory for anybody with a job and decent credit. That's the good news.

Still don't hear much about the half-ton diesel. Not good.

The front-end styling on the Chevy and the GMC seem like a small step back from the 2014-2018 models. That guy should be fired. The interiors are very quiet and pleasant but that dashboard has a face only a mother could love.

I like most of what they're doing regarding drivetrain choices but RAM and Ford are very tough competition in that respect. Overall it's hard to give Chevy/GMC any better than a strong C+ or B minus for styling.

The bigger more functional truck bed is a winner but not sexy enough to overcome the styling defects.

Do they have the same narrow, uncomfortable front seats in these trucks as they had in the last series? That’s a deal breaker for me from the start.

Yay, they finally got rid of those ugly big fenders! 'Bout time! Looks like they also finally fired their designers and hired new ones. This is actually a decent looking truck. It's been way too many years with really ugly trucks for GM. Finally, maybe they got it right. Now if they can just build a truck that doesn't spend so darn much time in repair shops.... let's hope.

I really like these new Silverado's, I had a 2000 Silverado which I loved! Used it as a 3/4 Ton for my contracting business, never let me down, never let me down, original engine and transmission no rebuilds. I finally sold it at 275,000 miles because my wife got a new car and I took her 2005 F150 Lariat which is now at 177,000 miles and going strong. I never liked the design of the 2008 through 2018 designs but this one I dig!


Interesting access openings in the rear seats, anyone know what the deal with those is?

I’ve heard that GARBAGE MOTORS copy cat FORD and this the prove that they did. Just read the article GARBAGE MOTORS FAN GIRLYS.


If you didn’t see the story headline and saw that initial photo you could say it looks like a refurbished Toyota with a bow tie.

Does calling names on the internet help you sleep at night??
At least your not the only one that needs to grow up..
Get off your butt and get a job!

Batman is better than Superman. GROW UP retards.

Did GM finally center the steering wheel?

I've always liked the styling on GM trucks but this one is just ok. What has really turned me off of GM in the past is the cheap chintzy materials on the interiors(everything just feels fragile) and a cramped cabin feel (small windows and mirrors and poor seating position for really poor visibility overall). I've always felt the Chevy's were just kind of fragile and small compared to the Ford and even Dodge. Literally like they were made for a girl or just a small man. My neighbor is probably 6 foot 4 and he said he went to test drive a Chevy and simply felt like it couldn't fit a man of his size. He just couldn't fit comfortably in the cabin and after 5 minutes sitting in the driver's seat he had enough and left. He said before lowering the seat his head was literally touching the ceiling. Hopefully they have improved on those aspects with the new design. One thing I loved about the previous generation Fords is the spacious cabin with large windows and a commanding seating position. They have moved away from that with their newer models unfortunately.

Really!! GM needs to be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition,and if you call this style then you deserve to fall behind the other big three or four.there is nothing giving this eye appeal.nothing reaching out giving it the wow factor.just blah.blah,blah,boring.good luck in the race for number one.

Great looking truck, that new Silverado. The old and now stale looking F-150 has to compete against these new high tech juggernauts, the Silverado and Ram. Also, the F-150 has to contend with getting cannibalized by it own little brother, Ranger. Rough times ahead for Ford's middle child.

I get the whole cost factor thing but really? how do you expect to take the lead or even get close to the top dogs with design and style like this.you need to send your crew back to the old folks home they broke out of and step up to the times.im 58 years old and this truck is nothing to me but BORING!! same blah,blah,blah, tell those guys not to tie there bow tie"s so tight and forget about there jobs being at stake and design something out of the box.more eye appeal,this is like looking at arerun movie.same song second verse.no wonder you can't keep number one very long.get some balls and shock us all with something that reaches out and says grab it.

Same old Chevy garbage. That’s a cute infotainment screen lol. My iPhone 8 Plus is bigger. It’s like they sat down and said ok let’s make the exterior as ugly as possible and keep the inside boring as hell. Gm junk right on par.

Now thats what called wishful thinking, pure T speculation. You might as well announce the next Superbowl, Stanley Cup and World Series winner - you would almost as much chance if being correct. Know you love to stir the pot, problem is theres a hole in the bottom.

Actually you need that to happen, if it does not and I doubt it will, gonna be some dark days ahead for GM.

All of u need to see the truck in person and relax! Totally different in person.
GM will.sell hundreds of thousands of these trucks. Can't wait for the comparison!

BTW...they kept the cabin very similar to the 14-18/models bc customers said they loves the lay out. I personally love the layout. Very simple and elegant. I have no cheap plastic materials in my premium plus SLT. All soft touch leather! Get your heads checked and get facts straight before u spew lies!

Need a lift for 31-33s???? They will hold 34s pretty easy. 285/75r16 is 34 tall. 315/75r16 are 35s 285/65r18 are 33.89 should be no problem

Sounds like lots of Ford fangirls are already starting to worry about the new Chevy. Don't worry Ford will still make your favorite ( albeit ugly ) Junk.

Still a generic Motor Company that's what GM stands for

Know you love to stir the pot, problem is theres a hole in the bottom.

Posted by: GM Blows Chunks | Aug 11, 2018 5:43:04 PM

Well it got your attention and you know I have s solid argument. The only hole in the bottom will the one that Ford's profits is draining from.

I still love my 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 extended cab. It's the Sportside composite fender model. Ordered as a fake SS package with the 6.0l V8. It's actually the LT version! It may be one of a kind! Well, all my Ford and Ram buddies went through the ol' rotted out frame and body scourge that comes with them. Maybe that's why they sell more of them! The only thing keeping me from ordering a new GM truck is the engine management systems. If I want to drive on 2 cylinders, I'll buy a Harley Davidson!

Something just seems off. The front windows look way too small. And the front grill seems too busy. And is the dash? Again something seems off.

With all that tax payers money and years later Garbage Motors still can't produce anything. Inferior company with inferior products! It will need bailing out again!

@ Jack

Lol. Inferior company?? Who has won the last 3 years in performance shootouts?? GM half tons and GM diesels. The only thing your Fords have won are recalls, fires, lies, and propaganda.....

Looks like a great truck along with the 2019 RAM. Much better than the F-Series junk that Ford is pushing.

I have had 2 Ram,09 5.7 and a 2014 Hemi 6.4 2500 and I will take the Silverado LTZ Z71 with 6.2 L anytime, just speaking from experience.

@ gms yes, The ridiculous did get my attention I will admit that.

As far as your argument goes ,well that's quite the empty kettle ( With a hole in the bottom).
I am quite content to wait for the numbers to come in, it's called reality.

Probably have myself a misspell or 2 this is what you get for using voice texting while you're doing other things at the same time.
I don't want papa having a stroke out.

Lol. Inferior company?? Who has won the last 3 years in performance shootouts?? GM half tons and GM diesels. The only thing your Fords have won are recalls, fires, lies, and propaganda.....

And yet the so called winners continuously lose where it really counts.

Papa has no stroke (God willing).

Whether you choose to look stupid or not is your business, but all of us misspell a word or two now and then. The key thing to remember is that we say what we mean and avoid being a fool. I was once a pretty religious Ford man. A few good ones and a few dogs came my way.

After years of mostly driving Fords I remember reflecting on it and realizing that my Chevy's had been mostly blameless. Even the old $100 Vega. My old Impala suffered a lot of abuse and kept running. My 88 S!0 was a champ.

My Fords were a mixed bag, some better than others. I go a little long on this comment to make a point. Don't let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird butt.

Try to realize that someday you may buy a Chevy truck that is perfect in every way. Then what will you say?

I would bet the 2.7 turbo four will out run the 5.3. Maybe 2.7 will out sell the 5.3.

Love it,would love a cowhide or color concepts in those seats also 20 inches instead of 17 inch wheels

it's made in Mexico with competitive wages but ur price doesn't show it ,,,,,it's an American truck chevorlet

Just remember that some people think that they can't afford to buy a Chevy. They don't realize the overall cost of ownership is lower on the Chevy. Parts are cheaper, and most repairs on a Chevy require less billable labor than the same repair on ford and Dodge. Then there's Ford's incessant need to obsolete parts 1-2 yrs after production

Same old small fender wheels. Cut short in the back of the front ones. Have to put a lift on to get 31-32inch tires. Guess the designers never went to any truck sites where that is the biggest design flaw since 1992
Posted by: Dave | Aug 11, 2018 9:28:42 AM

What does it matter when Ford clearly states in their new vehicle warranty for the F-150 that oversized tries will completely void said warranty. Also, the Trailboss can fit 33" tires stock and the stand tire size on GM trucks has been 32" for several years. Max tires size on a stock F-150 sold in the last 5 years? 32". Good job failing to make a factual point in any part of your comment.

I would bet the 2.7 turbo four will out run the 5.3. Maybe 2.7 will out sell the 5.3.
Posted by: frankinFL | Aug 11, 2018 9:10:05 PM

You also think the 5.4 Triton was a good engine.

@ gm blows

Last time I checked the GM twins outsell the ford half ton!! Plus gm sells more trucks than Ford. And yes , they outperform Ford. So thats 3 for 3. U can come up with some different excuses now!

Rather have the 5.4 than a 5.3.


Hey your back after I proved u wrong earlier today. The 5.3L is an outstanding durable engine. It will sell very well!

And its twice the motor a 5.4 ever was.

It looks like a very nice truck. Chevy has had some fit and finish issues so hopefully they’ve addressed all that.


Rather have a 5.4L? This explains your intelligence to the fullest. Lmfao

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