2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Video: First Drive


We spent quite a bit of time recently sampling several different flavors of the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 near Jackson Hole, Wyo., and gathered impressions on how the pickup trucks drove. With this new half-ton truck, Chevy has created one of the widest arrays of trim packages we've seen, providing a pickup for just about every personality you can image. Then there's all the new technology and special features, some of which are offered for only a specific trim level.

We did some four-wheeling, towing and canyon-carving while also loafing along some high-altitude scenic highways. Through it all, this new half ton impressed. It may be a little early to call this new truck a game-changer for parent company GM, but this is by far the most impressive all-new half ton GM has allowed its engineers to build — at least in our memory. If there's a hint of cost-saving buried in in this truck, we never found it. We share our driving impressions in the video below.


Cars.com photos by Evan Sears





Okay, I confess. The 3.5 Eco Boost is the best light truck engine offered. I will be trading my 6.2 GMC in on one at the end of the year once I pay the principle down a bit on my loan. At that time, I will change my screen name to TNTECOBOOST!!!

@ fake TNTGMC

What a clown....u make all your ford guys look bad spouting off nonsense

Pardon me!!! You are the imposter!!!

The 2.7 ecoboost would smoke that gutless 6.2 any day of the week, or is it the 6.2 that would waste that 2.7 ecojoke?

The truth is, both engines suck. You know why? Because you can't get either with a manual transmission in a pickup truck.

The 6.2 would waste that 2.7 ecojoke!!!

The 6.2 would waste that 2.7 ecojoke!!!

Posted by: TNTGMC rmerFordFanboyToTheExtreme | Aug 15, 2018 5:24

Hahahahahaha these losers are afraid of a little 2.7L, they have a big ol 6.2L and can barely win a race.


@ frank

This uneducated Neanderthal thinks having 2 turbos on a 2.7L can withstand and hold up to a 6.2L. Oh wait it can't thats why forums are blowing up everywhere upset about oil leaks, throwing timing chains, and burning oil!

Plus 5.4secs for a 6.2L 4wd compared to a 5.9 secs for 2.7L in a 2wd is close? He obviously never has raced. A true caveman at his best is Frank. Lmfao!

But this folks is the same guy that defends the Triton motors! Class dismissed

The 2.7 Ecoboost is a reliability failure. Wobbling valves, worn out valve seals, cracked heads, dropped valves, fractured timing chain sprockets, blown turbos, warped oil pans, missing coolant levels, and so much more. Buy one and watch that resale value plummet, just like the 2011-14 F-150's with the 3.5 EB are worthless these days. Nobody wants an F-150 with a ticking time bomb of an engine under the hood. Better warm the truck up, don't want potential buyers to hear that nasty cold-start rattling timing chain.


Great review. Good truck. Please please do a comparison review of Ram, Ford, and Chevy 2019 work trucks.. Please...

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