5 Fixes for the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500


Now that we've had some time to digest what we learned during our First Drive of the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, we have a few requests (complaints?). We stand by our position that this truck will be a game-changing pickup for GM and the half-ton class, but there's always room for improvement. So below we share the top five things we think Chevy overlooked.


More Juice

Good grief, it needs a larger fuel-tank option. The 26-gallon tank is the industry standard for the class, but there are so many things people do with their pickups that require a larger tank option. We understand the value of weight-savings and its resulting benefits, but, dang, even the model the 2019 is replacing had a 34-gallon option, as do competitors. If you expect buyers to do any towing or remote exploring, you need to give them more fuel capacity.


More Drama


The interior upgrades and redesign of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is nice, but this class requires drama similar to what the 2019 Ram 1500 delivered. With that said, if we hear another car guy talk about how conservative the Chevy Silverado interior is, we think we're going to puke. No doubt there is a group of pickup buyers interested in glitzy and shiny (with a bigger, Tesla-like navigation screen, of course). They want their top-of-the-line trim level to have it all — certainly that's what Ford discovered with the F-150. Still, Chevy also has GM sibling GMC to think about; GMC traditionally has been pretty good about delivering what those customers want. We'll see soon; our First Drive of the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 will publish Monday.


More In-Cabin Information

Why in the world would a truckmaker go to the trouble of loading its new pickup with a high-tech fuel-management system featuring sophisticated cylinder deactivation and not offer access to that information via the in-cabin multimedia system display screen? Even the last-generation Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid had a screen to let people know what direction and how much of the power was flowing. We get that some advanced technology probably should be invisible, but this doesn't fall into that category.


More Street

08-chevrolet-silverado-high-country-2019-action copy II

GM engineers deserve a lot of credit for putting together a factory lift kit , but there's no question that even the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Trail Boss trims are likely to see more pavement in their lifetimes than serious 4x4 trails. Why not offer a street-performance package to get the center-of-gravity a little lower with a set of Corvette tires? Of course, Chevy would need to do that without losing any payload or towing capacity.


More Skylight

One of the defining features of a modern-day half-ton pickup truck is how versatile it must be in terms of the type of work and play it does. We're hearing that to meet those demands, a big truck's interior must be less of a closed box. Lately, that's been defined as offering a sliding or drop rear window and a massive moonroof so passengers don't feel closed in. And it should be more than just a standard single-panel sliding moonroof; ideally, it's a huge piece of glass that brings the outdoors inside.

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@ just the truth

Why u twisting things around. The article states its third. How's that so hard to figure out.

I think everyone would agree that the point about in-cabin information is valid.

It has some fancy-schmancy high tech fuel management system with cylinder de-activation (which I don't trust) but information about what hat system is doing is not available to the driver.

That just seems stupid.


You indicate that you don't like variable displacement technology. I don't either.

So, are you prepared to join me in calling for the elimination of 2025 CAFE standards for passenger vehicles and light trucks?

i would agree on the 36 gallon fuel tank i have one and i love it, I filled up this morning 1st time in 3 weeks got 682 miles out of that tank all local miles, 20.6 ave, 19.5 hand calculated, went on vac. this summer 9 hrs. (way back) took a 5/8 tank only stopped once for bathroom break put another 200 miles on that same tank, got off the Hwy 23.9 ave 22 hand calculated the same tank

Larger fuel tank as option.
A fantastic interior.

Make these changes and you can all legtimately disagree as to whch is best. RAM, GM or Ford.

Right now you are overall in third place. Tied with Ford for powertrain and in third place for interior and overall appeal.

wow. I'm surprised they wouldn't offer a larger fuel tank. Huge mistake. The large fuel tank on my f-150 is my single most favorite feature. I just don't like having to go to the gas station to fill up all the time, especially where I live in the country the gas station is 5 miles out of the way. Extremely annoying when you want to go somewhere but have to go out of the way to fill up first.


Don't you live on a farm?

I worked on a farm when I was young. We had a wholesaler that would deliver fuel (gas and diesel) every few weeks.

We had a couple of steel tanks up on braces, so you could fill your pail or even your truck or tractor without having to turn on a pump. Haven't you ever considered that?


Don't you live on a farm?

I worked on a farm when I was young.

Posted by: papajim | Aug 23, 2018 3:38:47 PM

Please keep your Donkey humping days off of PUTC.

I agree 100% with old GM guy.
I also agree with the larger fuel tank option as well.

There was mention of the current truck offering a 34 gallon tank, that is not true maybe in the regular cab long box or something but GM crew cab and double cab 1/2 ton trucks have never offered bigger then 26 gallon capacity, not since the demise of the old square body dual tank 70-80s trucks anyway, those were all single or regular cab trucks as well when talking about 1/2 tons. Which 1/2 ton trucks is all that is new for 2019 GM.

"My fixes.
1) Fix that ugly front clip!!!
2) Interior needs better materials for High Country and LTZ
3) Lower the belt line and bed side height
4) Increase power for 5.3 and 6.2 even if just a little
5) Offer 6.2 across the range
Oh and one more thing..............FIX that ugly front CLIP!!!

Did I say that already?"

Let's get a comparison and watch the fanboys excuses begin!

There was a guy on here that has posted multiple times about how he couldn't wait until the 2019 test come out so we could all see the GM dominance with it's "game changing" 2019 Silverado. Here's a test from Edmunds........


Had two 2019 silverado trucks already in our fleet and both have stopped moving. We work in remote areas and both have a bad time getting rescue. They just stop moving ,it seams like a bad transmission or torque converter. after towing to chevy dealer they worked again. dealer found no codes and no problems. one had 6000 miles and 9000 miles. I would not recommend this truck.

Sorry Ethan but I'm not buying it.

Either someone at the dealer is lying or someone else is, but the dealer service departments have diagnostic systems that will ALWAYS detect a no-start in the control module's history, even if someone else has tried to delete it. Nobody's got better vehicle diagnostics than the brand's dealers.

Your story is not holding up.

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