Cummins and EPA Agree to Expand Faulty Part Recall

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In the name of protecting customers and the environment, Cummins and the EPA have decided to expand a previous recall to include close to 500,000 trucks equipped with the Cummins turbo-diesel 6.7-liter six-cylinder produced between 2010 and 2015.

According to Reuters, the recall was initiated due to a problematic part in the exhaust system that can clog with nitrogen oxide and trap it prematurely. The issue is a connector that can corrode and rust, affecting the catalytic converter in the exhaust system. The EPA said the problem is not similar to the software defeat system discovered in some Volkswagen models in order to pass U.S. emissions testing.

Cummins will roll out the voluntary recall this month, starting with Ram 2500, 3500 and chassis-cab models, with medium-duty trucks beginning next March. The fix involves replacing the old catalytic converter with a new, stronger catalytic converter — which may be pricy for some of those older heavy-duty Rams, but will be covered at no cost to owners. photo by Mark Williams


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only engine worth anything in the hd game is the iron block iron head 6.0 gas v8 in chev and gm. if that's not enough then a pickup is not enough and go get a class 6

The 6.4 Hemi and Ford 6.2 are no less reliable than the Vortec, but make more power. Iron heads / blocks while very durable are no more durable than the other’s designs.
The Vortec is proven, but nothing more substantial than anyone else.

We need to support the president and get rid of CAFE

Support the president. Time to end CAFE

that was a custom built engine. Siamese block and all aftermarket internals with 3 turbos, pushing 2000hp. you can't fault Cummins or Ram for that; but i definitely wouldn't buy anything built by Power Driven Diesel

Sounds like entirely a Cummins issue and not on Fiat. Which in itself is rare and shocking. Nice to see when something does go wrong Cummins takes care of it.

GM's gas truck engines are primitive and well behind the competition at this point in the game.

If it weren’t for overreaching emissions laws, most modern vehicle problems wouldn’t exist.

GM's gas truck engines are primitive and well behind the competition at this point in the game.

Posted by: Clint | Aug 8, 2018 1:45:49 PM

Aren't the the competition still using internal combustion engines?

California wouldnt be the worlds 5th largest economy if it wasnt for CAFE standards.

Buddy please explain.

"If it weren’t for overreaching emissions laws, most modern vehicle problems wouldn’t exist."

And the U.S would look like China.


How much time do you spend in China? Please tell us how it looks.

The air in California would be unbearable. If it wasnt for CAFE .
It had already gotten that way in the LA basin in the mid 60's. And the Central valley had many days that way in the mid 60's.

We were only able to create those environmental laws because it had become unacceptable. Not because of some wacko.

It was evident to everyone that we were heading to California 's economic end times if something wasnt done. Everyone that was living here at that time knew that.

Many years later after the rules improved our environment those people that didnt live here during the 60's complain. Only because they have not seen with their own eyes or smelled with their own nostrals the destruction we were causing to ourselves.

I have no doubt that at the rate we were going. California's economy could not survive.

Look at the films of major Chinese towns. California would be worse because of our 110 degree heat and stagnant basins that prevent winds from refreshing the air.

And even if we could get a breeze to refresh our air. The midwest would demand something be done to prevent our pollution from invading their areas.

People need to read and understand what life was like here in the 60's.

We still have people who claim our problems such as wild fires are caused by the fact our rivers empty into the Ocean. That is ignorant. It is
inflammatory. It is misstatements made without thought.

There is no convincing those type of people about how bad life was becoming.

The vehicles we have today are many times better than any thing we had in the 60's. The performance we are getting today is spectacular.

And we have semi clean air that is at times a pleasure to breathe.


Air pollution from auto exhaust is a local issue that requires local solutions. Asking people who live in Wyoming or Tennessee to pay an extra 5,000 dollars for clean air technology for the benefit of people who live in Mexico City, Beijing or LA is totally wrong. Let local authorities adopt the necessary solutions to deal with local problems.

California has their own CAFE rules. They do not apply to any other state.
In fact you can drive any car from any state no matter which regulations that apply to them. As long as they are properly registered to their home state.
So if you have a problem with federal or your own state laws you should take it up with them.

If manufacturers decide on their own to apply California CAFE regs to all their production. That is their constitutional right. And I suppose you could also say it's plain smart capitalism.

Those are two of the things that make me proud to be an American.

As a Californian I dont want to get involved in your state politics in return I would ask you to not bother ridiculing ours.

So if you have a problem with federal or your own state laws you should take it up with them.

If manufacturers decide on their own to apply California CAFE regs to all their production. That is their constitutional right.


Please read the US Constitution. There are ZERO references to CAFE in the grand old document, or even in the Articles of Confederation for that matter.

CAFE is not about air pollution. It is about Fuel Economy. It was adopted at a time when the feds thought that we were going to run out of crude oil someday.

CAFE is an obsolete idea that has run its course and adds about $5k to the cost of every new car and light truck.

The EPA is the one that measures fuel efficiency for CAFE standards.

CAFE and EPA standards have resulted in the air quality that California has now.

It's going to be difficult to achieve today's air quality with a petrol engine in a sedan that gets 3 mpg.

Can we be serious for a second?

CAFE is a foolish and very costly answer to a problem that never existed. The "green" goofballs back in the 1970s in their A-frame houses and driving their VW campers thought the world was "running out of oil" and we needed to ration it. They really believed it (I think).

Today we have enough natural gas and coal to make clean burning synthetic fuels to last 500 years.

There were a few greenies for sure. But It was the petrol companies that were screaming peak oil and the oil embargo that caused Republican president Nixon to start gas rationing.

Petrol companies had info on Shale oil and gas for decades. Bakken shale was declared in the tens of billions of barrels of oil in the 50's but petrol companies still screamed peak oil. The little bit they talked about shale was disguising it as unconventional oil. This was an attempt to confuse the public. To make them think it was something that couldnt be found or used.

The Bakken had been producing for years and the petrol companies were still denying it's worth. Saying it would die out in less than ten years.

If your going to BLAME CAFE on anyone. Thank your petrol companies they caused it by promoting the idea of peak oil.

Of course the few greenies of significance picked that up and ran with it.

Oil companies have often been their worse enemy. For instance they continually would state that fracking was safe. But they would refuse to reveal the fluids contents even in confidential reports to authorities.
That certainly does bring confidence to their 'safe theory'

In changing the subject you've tried to simplify a complex discussion. CAFE---and its impact on automakers such as Cummins (or VW) was the discussion we had underway.

Re: Oil companies

Your commentary about Big Oil sounds like a conspiracy theory. President Nixon's team withdrew from the Bretton Woods agreement back in August 1971 and the US dollar crashed against commodities (oil?) and other currencies. There was NO oil shortage. There were issues with distribution due to concerns about currency exchange rates. American consumers suffered against a whole host of commodity "shortages" in the 1970s all due to the falling dollar.

CAFE was born from the conceited notion that government agencies "know better" about spending your money than you do. It's long overdue for the ash heap. As for EPA and air pollution, it's a local discussion. Los Angeles is better suited to address their issues with air quality than Washington is.

With a name like papa jim I would have thought you were old enough to live through the Arab oil embargo. This man made shortage and resultant increase in price forced manufacturers to build more fuel efficient cars well before CAFE started. While this was happening petrol companies were pushing their peak oil tale. Sure there was no real shortage. But the peak oil tale was used to increase price on the futures market.
Conspiracy I dont know. Did all petrol companies get rewarded with higher prices from a tale of shortages that didnt exist? Yes!

The 1973 oil crisis began in October 1973 when the members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries proclaimed an oil embargo. The embargo was targeted at nations perceived as supporting Israel during the Yom Kippur War. Wikipedia.

That embargo had nothing to due with the value if the dollar.

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards are regulations in the United States, first enacted by the United States Congress in 1975,[1] after the 1973–74 Arab Oil Embargo, to improve the average fuel economy of cars and light trucks (trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles) produced for sale in the United States.


You are convinced that you're right--go ahead and blame the Arabs or the oil companies if that works for you.

Was there an oil shortage in Japan back then? No.

Was there an oil shortage in Germany then? No.

They had currencies with stable value. They had stable commodities markets, but the US with its weak dollar did not and American consumers paid the price.

The very minute that Paul Volcker and Ronald Reagan stabilized the US dollar back in the early 1980s the price of retail gasoline (and crude oil) instantly returned to normal, and it stayed that way until the late 1990s when Congress and the president allowed the dollar to crash again.

Today's dollar is worth a fraction of the 1971 dollar and it's losing its punch again. Unless Washington beefs up the dollar we'll be back to $4.00 gas real soon.

CAFE adds thousands of dollars to the price of a new car and offers nothing in value.

Did the "arabs" start storing all of their excess oil in a swimming pool? Be serious.

Despite all the noise we hear in the media about oil companies, typically they really aren't all that profitable. Five percent or so--and that's under good conditions.


You need to quit when you are losing.

CAFE standards werent't meant to protect the world. They were not implemented by California because of the fuel shortage created by the oil embargo. It was done by the federal government under a Republican president, with the hope of making America less dependent on foreign oil.

And the horror you attempt to promote has resulted in trucks that can pull 32,000 lbs while still achieving close to 20 mpg. Oh, the Humanity!

California has seperate pollution rules that only apply to Calfornia. No where else. There other states that have chosen on their own to follow California's rules.

Nobody is mandated to follow California pollution rules. Nobody is forced to sell cars in California.

What bothers me is those who fight for stronger states rights. But then argue to take away California's right to determine their own air quality.

By the way your last message supports my statement that peak oil was a fictional story made up to promote higher crude oil prices.

The new story is concerning peak demand.

Even though this peak oil demand message points to decreased demand. It has the effect of increasing the price of crude. This very story indicates more crude will be needed with every new day until 2036.

It's an excuse for higher prices with out the ability to even be sure what's going to happen in the next hour. Let alone the next 18 years. Three years ago oil was 105 dollars. Crude dropped to least than 30 dollars a barrel in just a few months.

Feb. 2011 gasoline price dropped to 92 cents a gallon largely because of the grounding of aircraft after 9/11.

The whole time the peak oil story being sold. There was a 1950's report that the Bakken existed and contained over 500 billion barrels of petrol products. But that info was never released to the public until the mid 2000's. And many petrol industry leaders still claim the study was wrong and that the Bakken will be completely useless in very short order.

There is a bunch of info printed that is meant to confuse the public. Proven reserves, conventional, unconventional, tight oil, barrels of crude that can be accessed by today's means.

None of those things are meant to Express to the public that we have a boatload of petrol products. And that we have plenty of Crude for our near future.

So if you are a leader in the petrol industry and you keep saying crude oil supplies are in shorter and shorter supple. Then you will have to suffer the restraints as applied by the CAFE standards.

If you are going to call out fake news. The first thing you should label fake is oil industry propaganda.

Above I meant 20 mpg while empty.

California wouldnt be the worlds 5th largest economy if it wasnt for CAFE standards...Posted by: Buddy | Aug 9, 2018 10:01:52 AM


You began this volley with this [above] frantic statement.

I correctly noted that CAFE is an obsolete, overly broad, legislative response to a condition that NEVER existed. The world is not running out of fossil energy.

You need to lay off the Koolaid, but that's just my unsolicited advice. The fact that modern internal combustion engines are superior to those of 1960 is like saying that we should use leaches to suck the evil spirits out of cancer patients. Try diversifying the kinds of reading you do.

It sounds like you get all your information from people such as Paul Krugman. As an alternative, take a look at John Tamny's stuff. Bright guy and and non-partisan. You could learn something.


The only thing you correctly stated was your feelings your statements are completly devoid of facts.

Arguing with out facts is like calling dirt , mud, in the absence of water.

You have become a waste of time.

Facts please.

Good day sir


In all seriousness though, look up John Tamny's stuff. He's neither Democrat or GOP. He's a brilliant economist who will make you see things in new and irrefutable ways.

Or not.

papajim--You are obsolete and unethical. There is nothing write g with CAFE. George W. Bush, a Republican, loved CAFE and so do I.

@papajim--You are obsolete and unethical. There is nothing wrong with CAFE. George W. Bush, a Republican, and Barack Obama, a Democrat, loved CAFE and so do I.

the FAKE Jeff S

@papajim--Stop it. You would not know what is real if it was in front of your nose. If Buddy likes CAFE then it is his business and nobody else--not even yours. If you like dirty air, that is your choice, but a stupid one.

STILL the fake Jeff

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