First Drive: 2018 Nissan Titan XD Pro-4X

Opening II

By Mathew Barnes

Three Likes

  • Large cabin
  • Easy maintenance
  • 360-degree camera system

Three Dislikes

  • Incessant beeping and double dash warning lights
  • Non-rubber floormats in an off-road package
  • While you can set 18 preset XM radio stations, we couldn't figure out how to manually type in a station number.

We spent a week with a 2018 Nissan Titan XD Pro-4X crew cab with the 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins turbo-diesel. We took a trip to Moab, Utah, for some off-highway fun — and even pulled a trailer along the way.

What It Is

The Nissan Titan XD is an "in-betweener," meaning it offers higher ratings than a typical half-ton truck, while being more efficient and easier to drive than a three-quarter-ton pickup. The starting price for our Titan XD Pro-4X crew cab with the 5.0-liter Cummins diesel was $53,380, but ours came with the Pro-4X Utility, Convenience and Premium packages, bringing the total MSRP to $61,210.

Interior Details

The interior was quite comfortable, with heated front and rear leather seats, a heated steering wheel and cooled front seats. The cab felt larger than most of the other full-size pickups on the market; it easily fit four people and a car seat comfortably. There was a lot of storage room within the cabin and plenty of power outlets up front for charging devices. The rear had one 120-volt power outlet, which left rear passengers with only a few options for charging devices. The backside of the front seats had two separate storage slots instead of one, as in most vehicles. This allowed for better organization and reduced the risk of small items getting lost in the typically deeper pockets.

Interior 2 II

One item that would be a nice option in the Pro-4X is rubber floormats. The ones in our test truck were carpet, which worked fine, but when things get really muddy, it's nice to have the easily cleanable rubber. The gauges do provide significant information, including a diesel exhaust temperature gauge and turbo boost pressure gauge. The downside to many of the gauges was that they were simply marked with "L" for low and "H" for high, rather than giving a numerical value.

Exterior Design

This truck was so large on the outside that it made the 18-inch wheels look small. Our Titan XD didn't come with optional side steps, making the climb into the cab a little difficult for shorter passengers. The mirrors were large and provided an excellent viewing area except when towing the widest of trailers. The bed had a storage box on each side, similar to the RamBox but a little smaller and more difficult to access; however, they were a convenient place to store the off-highway recovery gear and other dirty items that we didn't want inside the truck. The boxes were also lockable for added security, but required a physical key instead of being lockable via the key remote. The Titan XD also came with the Utility package that included a ton of convenient accessories like LED bed lighting, a rear utility step, a 120-volt bed outlet and an electronically locking tailgate. 

Exterior 2 II

Driving Daily

This pickup is big all around, which provided for a commanding view of the road. The turning radius was larger than expected, so careful planning was needed to hit parking stalls just right. The ride was certainly stiffer than the current crop of half-ton trucks but definitely smoother than the 2500 competition.

The engine drove just like one would expect from a Cummins diesel. It didn't accelerate exceptionally fast, but there always seemed to be more torque on tap. The surround-view cameras were a major help in getting the truck in and out of tight spaces. With the Titan unloaded, we drove 176 miles, with two-thirds of that being on the freeway or highway and the rest being city driving. Over the course of that 176 miles, we averaged 16.7 mpg, which was a little lower than what we expected. It didn't seem to get any better fuel economy than its three-quarter-ton competitors, which diminished some of the Titan XD's value proposition.

Diesel Maintenance

Modern diesel engines do have some additional maintenance items that need to be addressed, and the Titan XD made keeping up with those extra tasks easy. The fuel filter was an easily accessible element inside of a canister located on top of the engine. The diesel exhaust fluid fill port is located right where it should be: next to the fuel filler. The water separator was also easy to access from underneath the truck and required no tools to drain, just a simple twist by hand of a yellow cap that's easy to see and access. 

Fuel Filter II


To be honest, living with this truck on a daily basis wasn't much different than living with any other pickup truck. Its large cabin was comfortable and easily fits a car seat behind a 6-foot-2-inch driver. The turning radius was clearly larger than a normal half ton, which took some getting used to. The power was great and the transmission was well controlled; the fuel mileage could have been better but wasn't horrible. Look for our towing and off-roading impressions in an upcoming piece. photos by Matthew Barnes


Interior 1 II

Rear 3 II

Gauges 1 II

Double Dash Lights II

Trailer Brake Controller II


Tire and Wheel II

Towing 3 II



With some smart negotiating a fellow could get into one of these for less than $50k Not bad for a modern pickup with diesel, and HD pretensions.

Better than an F-150 any day of the week!!!

Reading about the new stuff from Nissan, GM and RAM isn't it about time that Toyota phones-in from the 1990s and updates their half-ton game?

I'd rather see Toyota endure a bit longer with the dated Frontier model, than have to wince every time I see some poor guy buying a Tundra that reeks of 1999.

Nobody buys a base mid-sizer for the latest and greatest features and style, but half-ton buyers do have some expectations and Toyota is really giving them the business---not in a good way either.

Not bad for a pickup with diesel, and HD pretensions.

Posted by: papajim | Aug 6, 2018 12:38:34 PM

Yeah. If you want a HD from 15 years ago. I'll pass on $61k.


Payload/towing isn't the whole story. Besides payload & towing ratings what is your complaint? Most reviewers say it's a nice truck.

If Toyota updates as fast as Ford, they would drop to Ford quality level.

I like this truck! I'd buy this over any Ford product any day of the week. Sounds like Nissan has gotten first years bugs fixed. Great Job Nissan.

Now let's see what the imposter thinks?????//

Wait for it, wait for it...

Ugly, but better looking than a '19 Silverado.


Ugly, but better looking than any F-Series truck.

Total flop! On paper it looks good, in real life not so much. The inside door handle latch opener is the same as a Altima! Let that sink in... a latch designed for a Everyman economy car is in a 60k truck. Nissan has bought back a large number of these thru the lemon law for many issues, some for the Cummins. I do not know how Nissan is able to give one of these away?

I had the 2017 pro4x Diesel and had Diesel/Def fumes come into the cab through the Defroster or the outside return air averytime we were driving under 35 Mph and it’s in Regen, Nissan replaced the truck with a 2018 and the same issue, this makes my wife extremely ill and unsafe to drive it, Nissan so far refusing to buy back the truck, instead they seem not to care about family safety of the driver, family and people in others cars on the road, so my two cents says I have $50,000 of junk, also now brakes were sticking then in traffic, transmission shifts extremely hard when going into 3rd at 25 mph in bumper traffic and very noticeable with 8500 lb trailer, will keep everyone updated on Nissan’s Fix or buy back, this one could end up being a lawsuit!!

The Nissan Titan forums are full of threads complaining about the transmission lugging and hesitating. People for taking it in to reflash the transmission several times. And lots of annoying little things like radio problems, squeaks and rattles.

I like this truck! I'd buy this over any Ford product any day of the week. Sounds like Nissan has gotten first years bugs fixed. Great Job Nissan.

Now let's see what the imposter thinks?????//

Wait for it, wait for it...

Posted by: TNTGMC | Aug 6, 2018 2:48:55 PM

Nobody has ever said you’re smart or intelligent ( but have been told you’re a liar and an idiot ). So it makes sense you’d buy this over a Ford.

That's a good looking truck. It doesn't look weak like the F-150 does.

@ BA

Grow up...insulting something useful and get a life.

It is funny watching the GM and Ford clowns sling mud at each other all while RAM is nipping at their favorite brands heels!!!





You whine about insults as you insult.

Thanks for proving your lack of intelligence

@ BA

That's not an insult! Thats a demand! Big difference. Go get educated! Thats not an insult either by the way. Thats a command!

@ BA

The only one whoever whines is YOU! Bc u can't handle the fact that I get the FE I get bc whatever vehicle u drive doesnt get what's its suppose to get... U pout, get upset, insult and call people liars. When u should actually grow up, be a man and be mad at yourself for getting suckered into a poorly designed truck.....better luck next time butter cup


I love it when wannabe internet tough guys think they’re intimidating and can tell others what to do ( or not to do ).

TNT is the GayManChariot. Take him for a ride. He likes it.


Lol...keep insulting bc it shows your lack of intelligence!!

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I'd love to help u out at no charge. If your willing to accept that u have a problem. That's the first step in recovery little fella. Have a great night.

So you’re a sub to a Master huh. Either that or very poor grammar skills.

Like I said TNT is the GayManChariot.

Well I see the comment section is up and running again...

Altima Door Handles? That’s a complaint? Interesting.

Grabbing a bag of popcorn and watching the GM and Ford fan boys going at it. Do you see the RAM in your rearview mirror?? LOL





Here is the problem with the Titan Cummins XD. Even if they have the bugs worked out it’s still a questionable value proposition if you tow (all data from Nissan website) XD Cummins Pro4X
GVWR 8890, minus CURB 7246 = 1744 avaliable capacity. Let’s say you have a 10k trailer to tow and assume a generous 12% pin weight or 1200. Avail capacity minus pin leaves you with 544 pounds for passengers and gear. All this for $61k!?
ANY of the BIG 250/2500s give you more capability for the money.

@ BA

Snappy comeback. Your acronym for GMC took lots of thought. I bet that strained your brain.

@ Grnzel

I agree with u. I still like the looks and idea of it. I have heard the ride suffers a bit in HD form. Could anyone who owns one comment on that??/

Agree with BA, TNT is the biggest whiner here. he lacks intelligence and has no clear understanding of trucks.

Grnzel-Agree, if you really want to tow buy an HD truck. I would love to see a comparison between the ride and handling of this truck and a 3/4 ton. I do not see nay value in this truck to be used to haul heavy at that price. Any 1/2 ton-diesel or not- should be light duty period....

@ papajim

Again thats your opinion. But the only whining i have ever done is complain about the imposter using others name. That's it!

As go knowing trucks. My posts speak for themselves. I give facts and its your problem if u like them or not.

Not to change the subject...
Has anyone heard about the new 7.0 Windsor from Ford for the 2020 SD and 2019 Raptor? It’s DOHC, dual injection 450 hp and 510 tq - so they say...

@ grnzel

Those sound like the same specs for HO ecoboost. But my nephew has mentioned this to me that its coming out? We shall see.


People are gaming you by using my ID. Sorry. It happens a lot.

@ papajim

Now u understand my frustration. We can't have normal conversations bc we dont know who is who. Its a joke!

PUTC needs to reserve the comments section as a members only section. Members would have to register their usernames through Google or Facebook like other sites do. Maybe, Just Maybe the childish behavior will come to an end.

I don't try to have real conversation online. Just make statements (or ask questions). Make it as binary as possible and see what happens. It's part of the fun.

@ MLS956

members only? that would ruin it. Every newspaper and website on the Web that tried a firewall discovers that it takes away the best part of comments---the spontaneous input (and replies)

the price for having an open comments page is obvious, but it drives a lot of traffic to the website and provides a fair amount of fun for the regular readers.

I happen to like the circus type environment in here. It reminds me of the Jerry Springer Show!! Good entertainment. HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA

Quit your UAW crap really.

It is getting to be very long in the tooth.

You wanted to debate me, but only on your terms.

How can we debate if your only viewvus is to support the UAW?

Look at Detroit and what you did.

Membership has its privileges. If it got rid of papajim, that would be start.

I wonder if Mark could elaborate on the interior a little bit.

I honestly felt like I was looking at the interior of a 2012 Cruze. It has some of the same characteristics from what I'm seeing and that doesn't bode well for a $50k truck.

So I guess if you had to rate it, would you call it a better interior than any of the other half ton/HD trucks out there based on an in the driver's seat perspective?

@ papajim

Now u understand my frustration. We can't have normal conversations bc we dont know who is who. Its a joke!

Posted by: TNTGMC | Aug 7, 2018 8:35:35 AM

I told you how to fix it.

You can click on my name and see all my previous posts so you can ignore the childish crap.


Christine LeGarde is holding on line 2

@ andrwken

I have tried to create an account and it pulls up an error?

Wonder if i have to create it from a desk top. Instead of my phone

As a former diesel owner.....get the gas V8 and never worry about having $6000 injectors replaced again.

Dim and the other detractors,

The more you push the more I will become resolute.

What I find intriguing is that you have labelled me a midsize zealot, when in fact I don't support anything.

I give midsize feedback because you guys don't have what we have.

You seem to talk about midsizers much more than I do, you must very interested in them.

Give it up, between all of you I don't think you are convincing.

It's all well and good to be loyal. But loyalty can only go so far.

When there is a plethora of facts and data supporting an argument it becomes rather boring. Sort of like re-inventing the wheel, if you have heard of that phrase.

Most of the time the impression I'm gaining is that I'm debating the same person, but with different names.

Post what you want, I have proven all of you are just ignorant and fearful of what you deem the unknown.

Our country went more or less what you are going through now. You have nothing to worry about. No matter what happens in your vehicle market there will always be some form of light commercial vehicle.

Christine LeGarde is holding on line 2

Posted by: papajim | Aug 7, 2018 12:56:27 PM

@papa DiM and UAW DiM,
So far I've been quite accurate in my predictions of the changes occurring in your pickup market. I never thought of aluminium pickups. But, people are prepared spend lots on SUVs.

All along people like yourselves will argue.

But, Australia has travelled where you guys are heading right now.

Even as close as 2004, people in Australia thought Ford and Holden V8s will be around forever. How wrong they were.

I would even hazard to guess that these aluminium pickups might even be the last of the full size 1/2 ton.

Hard for you guys to fathom. But some will live in the past. Many British did this up into the 60s, remember Britannia once ruled.

Even in the 20th century many British (and other Europeans) refused to believe in the rise of the US. Just like the attitude you two have. Adjusting is hard and I have empathy for you guys.

"We will not change, how is this possible".

Maybe you two should travel around the world, or at least use google.

That's what scares you, there are vehicles that can replace what you thought were invincible. Like our Holden and Ford utes, an Australian icon, gone, like the horse and cart.

What I find really odd is you guys want to protect and industry. But, yet claim that this industry is so strong that no competition will ever overcome it.

So, papa jim and DiM, should the chicken tax, and other technical trade barriers, ie, protectionism of gasoline engines, design, CAFE, etc be lifted?

You guys claim that the strength of the US full size pickup market is that great what impact would removing these barriers have? None apparently according to you.

Jim aka DenverDetroit,
Why do you persist?

It appears the UAW lies and misinforms. You still are bullying and trying to use stand over tactics. Look at what you are trying to do to me.

You guys obviously think I'm a problem or you would not go to the lengths you go to multiposting under my name or writing blogs that will attract a response.

Trash America? I doubt it, I'll not talk something up or distort and mislead. Are you telling me that the US is in fine shape?

Read your above comment on tax. How much taxation was used to pay out your UAW pensions? Americans on little income are paying for your poor decisions. And you don't even accept responsibility, its always someones else's fault.

Explain that to my cousin who is needy and requires insulin.

You UAW guys will lie and misinform. You will tarnish and destroy if you don't get your way.

I might not see the US in the eyes of the UAW. But how well did you guys see it. You are selfish and don't give a damn about your fellow Americans.

Look at Detroit, you done a fine job in that city. How can we expect you to make responsible decisions for a whole country without ruining it.

FE is as important to me as anyone in the US, probably less so. Many have this view that running a vehicle is cheaper in the US. But in fact most in the US drive little cars.

And a REAL buyer looking for a truck would place runnings costs as paramount to a purchase.

So, there are very few in the US who wouldn't consider FE important.

Half the trucks sold in the US are life style vehicles the rest business and I would assume that over half of the so called business trucks are write offs and not used for anything more than a daily driver.

I see many small cars in the US. This leads me to believe FE is important in the US.

This Colorado will be coming out around the time of the aluminium Ford. So, how much will a aluminium Ford cost to get into?

The steel Colorado might be a lot more attractive. It will tow as well as most would require from a full size pickup, carry a family of 1.8 kids.

I think you will see the argument for a full size truck gradually diminish as the cost of buying and operating them increases, just like what happened to cars in the US.

Pickups will tend to migrate more into the 'SUV' market more than they have now. These will be replaced with Euro style commercials. This trend is already starting.

Remember many NEW full size buyers are the ones living the middle class dream. Not many can afford to own and operate a full size truck.

You are living in hope. The reality is the US pickup market will never be the same as the past. Many who blog on this site only look into the 'grand old days'.

Look at what is impacting and going to impact your pickup market. Exactly what killed the road barges of yesteryear. CAFE.

Pickups will gradually rise in price, until many can't afford them. Already the majority of the US population can't afford a pickup, that's why most drive 4 cylinder cars.

I agree with Big Al--This is an insightful link into the consequences of income disparity. Most of the guys on this site assume that the ability to afford full size loaded down trucks will last forever not realizing that what created the American dream is no longer true.

The FAKE Jeff S. The FAKE Biggie. The FAKE ozman. The REAL ****

Who knows why he plays these games, but he clearly enjoys it. His goofy ideas about politics and economics are LOL funny.

Look at Detroit, you done a fine job in that city. How can we expect you to make responsible decisions for a whole country without ruining it.

@Big *** from **


Don't blame trade unions for the mess that Democrats made of that once-great city.

I agree with the above statement made by papajim

Democrats giving everyone free sh$t ruined this country. If u WANT something, you should get off your @$$ and EARN it. Everyone now a days wants a free ride/pass. Its out of hand.

The house needs cleaning and HE is doing it, but Democrat's dont like that!!

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