Ford F-Series Sales Numbers for July 2018 Are Flat


Although statistically possible given the flat sales that Ford's F-Series experienced in July, breaking the 1,000,000 sales barrier in a single year is going to be difficult.

Selling just a tick under 500,000 units in the first six months of 2018, the F-Series is theoretically on track to hit the target because it usually sells between 52 and 54 percent of its total yearly sales in the second half of the year, meaning F-Series pickup trucks are very likely to sell more than 500,000 in the second half of the year. But will that be enough to push them through the million-unit ceiling?

F-Series sales were relatively flat in July, officially selling 70,949 units. However, to give you some perspective, that's a little less than all other pickup truck sales for the month (mid-size and full-size) combined — excluding GM's products (the Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, and the GMC Sierra and Canyon) because they now only report total sales every three months, not monthly.

If you're a Ford fan, however, you shouldn't worry too much. July is typically a difficult month to sell a lot of trucks; although the weather is usually pretty nice around the U.S., incentive spending is typically low and on-the-lot inventories are usually thinning. Big months in the second half of the year are usually at the beginning of fall (when dealers want to clear out current-gen models to make room for the new models on the way) and at the end of the year, where big attention-getting sales by all the big truck makers are in full swing before the last day of December.

Still, for Ford to hit this historic milestone, it would need to have its best-selling month of the year every month for the rest of the year — certainly not impossible, but very likely improbable, especially if we have some extra challenges in the economy like rising fuel prices, geopolitical issues or unintended consequences regarding tariffs. We'll have to wait and see. photo by Chris Collard




The foot traffic I spoke of weeks ago has began. Unfortunately for Ford, the traffic is leaving their dealerships and moving on to competing dealerships as consumers checkout and purchase newer more advanced pick-ups from Ram and GM.

Still the strangest looking frontal profile since Ford opted for the half ton body. As if seeing a reflection in a distorted circus mirror.

from above

"If you're a Ford fan, however, you shouldn't worry too much"

what do ya think they gona do, stop making them?

Most people are either waiting for big incentives on the 2018's or the 2019's to come out.

Still the strangest looking frontal profile since Ford opted for the half ton body. As if seeing a reflection in a distorted circus mirror.

Posted by: ken | Aug 4, 2018 8:31:37 AM

I agree!!! It looks like $hit!! HAHAHAHAHAHA


Maybe people are finally getting some common sense and tired of lies and propaganda? Wouldn't that be great! Making America Great Again!

SD suppose to have best in class HP/TQ yet gets out performed.

Ecoboosts suppose to get best in class FE, yet in comparison tests its gets out performed.

Even new navigator got 13 18 mpg....
While the escalade with a more reliable V8 achieved 15 and 21!! Amazing! This all with over 4 year old tech. The facts just keep.rolling in! Not even Jim Rowe or Dennis Leary is helping anymore..... Who is Ford gonna get know? Hilary Clinton!?! They both are very good at telling lies.

will [a half million trucks sold before year end] be enough to push them through the million-unit ceiling?


I think the more important question for Ford will be the level of satisfaction that Ford dealers are having.

Much of Ford's budget for product development during the last 8 years has been focused on small cars, coupes and electric/hybrid/AI research.

Ford's competitors did not have the budget to do that but they're selling SUVs and pickups like crazy. Probably an irritation for Ford dealers.

Just like Facebook. Both companies have given gravity a shot in
the arm.....Like that old adage says: What goes up must come
down. Enjoy the plunge !!!

F Series was up 2.1% for the month.

Ran up 1%. And that’s with a new truck on the market. FIAT should be worried

Tundra -10.1%
Frontier -40%

Jul 18...Jul 17.............YTD 18....YTD 17
Colorado..12,098...11,206...8.0%...81,973...61,507.. .33.3%
Canyon....2,672...2,76 1.....-3.2%.....19,520...17,649..10.6%
Sierra.....23,046..19,963....15.4%...123,920...119,116...4.0 %

ford give a big discount almost 2 for one the way they go they will paid you to get one ..

Too many dealers have fully loaded or stripped down contractor trucks.
At least with GM and FCA you can find mid-level trim in stock

HA Ford sucks!

Chevy's next 1/4 report should be amazing. July was truck month, August is the summer clearance and September is "Trucktember"... Followed by Trucktober, Truckvember and the end of year clearance in December. I can see GM selling a ton. Especially people wanting the proven 5.3 and 6.2 before the over advanced versions hit on the ugly 2019. Oh yeah, and the 4cyl.....performance numbers should be better than competitors base V-6 engines, but a 4cyl 1/2 ton might just flop on sheer principal.

@Dave: I bought a near 49K truck for less than 40K, a crew XLT FX4 4x4.

That was in March.

How much you think they want off?

Most people are either waiting for big incentives on the 2018's or the 2019's to come out.
Posted by: Dave | Aug 4, 2018 9:33:58 AM

You only need to look around to find the big incentives. My local Ford dealers have all been offering up to $15k off a 2018 F-150 since at least March 2018. Ecoboost Rulez has been pointing out for months now to all you guys that if you don't get at least 15-20% off an upper trim 2018 F-150, you paid too much. Judging by the "how much did you pay" thread on the F-150 forum I hang out on, he seems to be right.

@real truck

If people actually wanted what Ford's selling, the discounts would not need to be so deep. Ford needs new senior leadership to set new goals and fine tune their product focus. They are presently out of tune with the times. Hopefully the new Ranger will help set things right.

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