Ford Releases the Real Prices for 2019 Ranger

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 8.22.13 AMA IIThe all-new Ford Ranger, set to debut later this year as a 2019 model, is now available for pre-order through Ford's official build-your-own pickup website, with pricing starting at $25,395, including destination, for an XL 4x2 SuperCab.

For those who have been keeping score, it was just last week that we noted reports that the U.S. Ranger configurator site went live with misinformation about the mid-size pickup truck's cab configurations and pricing, forcing Ford to shut down the site. We're told this time the numbers and configurations are real.

The Ranger will be offered only in SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations with a choice of 4x4 or 4x2 drivetrains, and a 6-foot or 5-foot bed. For those more fleet-minded, there will be a bed-delete option that will save buyers $300. For more information, visit Ford's Ranger site.

Here's how the 2019 Ford Ranger's pricing breaks down (all prices include destination):

4x2 SuperCab, 6-Foot Bed

  • XL: $25,395
  • XLT: $29,035
  • Lariat: $33,305

4x2 SuperCrew, 5-Foot Bed

  • XL: $27,615
  • XLT: $31,210
  • Lariat: $35,480

4x4 SuperCab, 6-Foot Bed

  • XL: $29,555
  • XLT: $33,035
  • Lariat: $37,305

4x4 SuperCrew, 5-Foot Bed

  • XL: $31,775
  • XLT: $35,210
  • Lariat: $39,480

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20/20 F150 will have the same front end

WOW !!!!!!! $39,480 for a crew cab with a turbo 4cyl..... That is well into F-150 territory.....

@David Russo

I was predicting this 3 years ago when the Ranger re-do was being discussed in the press.

Ford needs to tread very carefully here because there's a lot of mid-size product in the market now and quite a bit of it is competitively priced. You can buy a nicely equipped six cylinder Frontier SV crew for the price of Ford's entry model.

I'm sure Ford's dealers like the new Ranger but they won't like it if it's too much money. As you point out, their pricing puts them at risk of hurting F150 sales.

They're making a mistake not offering a reg. cab long box.

Parts sourced in Asia and assembled in America.

Would love to built and buy a new Ranger, but without a SuperCrew AND 6' bed option, I'm not interested!!! I hope the people at Ford realize they are making a huge mistake by not offering a basic option that their competition has. NO, I WILL NOT move up to an F-150 just for more bed volume.

I would love to sell my '02 F-150 SuperCrew and one day own this truck. but I'm not a brand snob and wouldn't cave on such a basic option not being offered. I hope they come around to see their error?

WOW !!!!!!! $39,480 for a crew cab with a turbo 4cyl..... That is well into F-150 territory.....

Posted by: David Russo | Aug 14, 2018 10:37:46 AM

Fake News. A Lariat F-150 starts at $50k.

It's clear Ford knows their fan base and understands that the F-150 sales will be canabilized by the new Ranger. Ford also knows that their fans would fall for buying water front property in Arizona. Ford is taking advantage of this knowledge by overcharging for the Asian parts sourced Ranger and ultimately keeping their profits up.

I built a very well equipped Lariat 4wd Super Crew, with most of the add on purdy things. Over $49,000.

Not fun of the ranger but they should remake the front end. But it looks better than the garbage motors Little twins.

Unless something changes before actual launch, i'm surprised there is no F-series designation given to the Ranger. This should cement the Silverado has the best selling model truck in America.

@jason, he never said it was in f150 lariat territory, but I can get an f-150 crew xlt everyday and twice on Saturday for under $40k here.

The ranger lariat will have to be very well equipped to compete with the f150 xlt .

And to be honest, if I was buying a Ford today, it would be the crew 150 xl with stx and Max tow package, hands down the best grill on the f150 right now

But alot of people will choose the ranger just because of size. Chevy found this out. Not everyone wants a huge half ton.

The reputation of the previous Ranger will assure the short term success of this Ranger. A year from now every auto parts place in America will have a white ranger for delivery. All the late model Colorados traded in on Rangers will kill the Colorado resale value. Now all the Ford haters can unload on me.

Ummm. He clearly quoted the Lariat Ranger price. It doesn't matter what you "can get." We are talking build prices. The XL F150 STX CC I built was $47k. I wish F150 prices were Ranger territory.

YUCK! Way to over priced for a Ford Taurus...I mean Rangerous!

10 or so years ago I would have been excited about this, being the owner of a 97 ranger AND a 75 F100, but I am not. Because the beta male cucks who designed this didn't think to add a manual transmission which was so common in compact/midsize trucks of the past.

Garbage if you ask me. Just like everything Ford makes these days. Ill take a taco or a jeep truck before any of this crap.

And if you want to compare XLT.

$35,210 for Ranger XLT 4x4 crew cab turbo

$46,145. for F150 XLT 4x4 crew cab turbo. No options.

Educate yourselves.

Ok, "Rangerous" was funny, gotta admit it.

The Ranger I built is within $1000 of the most comparable Colorado. But I get more equip with the Ranger and a higher resale value and with a little negotiating Ford will match the price of any competitor.

Dag nabit! I don't care what you say! Fords completely ruin my day and are overpriced!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Let it be written!

GM wins again!

More Ford junk from a junk manufacturer!!!

ANNNND for 4 to 6K more, (roughly 10 to 15%) maybe less depending on incentives, I can put you into a full size truck that has A LOT more HP, interior room, cargo capacity, and actually does tow all at nearly the same MPG. O you say you don't want or need any of that in your "truck" "this is just for you to look cool in / haul the Christmas tree home once a year / pretend you off road." "you don't really need a truck but just wanna own one", "you don't really value your money or just have it to burn", "you cant park or drive a real truck" "you don't have any work to do". Well lucky day... Ford's got you covered now too... sit down and lets take your money and get you into your new "truck".

I ordered my 2016 Tacoma SR 4x4 Accesscab for only $26,000...

My 2010 Tacoma SR5 Accesscab 4x4 was ordered for only $25,000...

Tacoma wins against the Ranger in pricing!

I see the GM defenders are in full force today.....I would be scared too if I were GM...

Ox, Again it doesn't matter the buy price. These are build prices.

Taco SR 4x4 Access starts at $29,520. with dest.

Ranger XL 4x4 Supercab starts at $29,550. with dest.

Phords ate junk and are overpriced at any price! Hahaha!

I see the GM defenders are in full force today.....I would be scared too if I were GM...

Posted by: Nitro | Aug 14, 2018 1:04:46 PM

Why do you always have to defend Ford?

Not a good day for GM

Very bad day for papajim's predictions. If you don't agree with him he calls you fake. Watch.

the FAKE papajim

GMS,talk about the pot calling the kettle black-classic misunderstanding, just like you and TNT do all the time on trucks.......

@ nitro

That's all your posts ever say....GM has to defend.

Have u look at this hideous truck. Why don't u go save yourself thousands of dollars and just go buy a Taurus. Now u can defend your little ford rangerous! What a pathetic attempt on a midsize truck. Absolutely nothing new from a styling aspect. Let's just recycle our retro 2010 Taurus.

And u constantly bicker that GM is following. Get a grip and a clue man. Stop drinking that kool aide with the 5 different Franks on this forum.

@ all ford mustang lovers..blueman, 5 franks, nitro, and imposter CT

Sorry to change post but read this article

Ford still can't dial in the mustang to beat the camaro. What a pathetic attempt. So tired of u clowns thinking your fords are great , yet their not! But again u guys will drink up the coyote 5.0L that has 460Hp, yet u have to rev it to 7400 RPMs to get it going.

There just is no replacement for displacement!! I can't wait till ford scraps the 5.0L and puts that junk gerbil engine in and then u guys will really whine! Just wait bc its gonna happen!

Now Nitro..... U and your little hood winks can start defending...

My Crewcab ZR2 listed for $41,600 loaded. almost that much for the Lariot? I was hoping they would be priced a little less...

I heard the Ranger Raptor might be close to $48k

My 6.2 gets 30 mpg and my dog gets better mage than your dog. You know I am right because I am smarter than you.

the Ranger Raptor might be close to $48k
Posted by: Dave | Aug 14, 2018


Considering that Ford will probably make about fifty of them anyway why worry. You and Jay Leno can each get one.

After all the REAL Ranger Raptors are sold, you can expect Ford to make a big deal out of releasing a regular Ranger with Ranger Raptor paint schemes and interior accents.

Who knows, it might even be a diesel!

No v6 and 5 spd? Pass

Forget this Ford junk, I'm getting me a Colorado...

oh wait, the only manual transmission option I have is 4cyl/2wd? Nevermind.

@tntgmc This is about Rangers not camaros. Now that you brought it up. No matter how much you polish a turd it is still a turd. The camaro is a turd sales prove it. That 2.7 Ecoboost will blow the doors off your 6.2 that you likely do not have. Now let's hear your 3 year old tantrum.

@ fake TNTGMC aka imposter

Look at the f@nboy imposter get butt hurt bc I post facts and he can't take it. Get a life and your own username. Pathetic


A 2.7L beat a 6.2l. Wow. You are so lacking any knowledge or intelligence! Buy go figure u would take a 5.4 over a 5.3. You are truly clueless!

And yes I have a 6.2L, have posted pic of it.

I dont have to justify anything to u BC your lack of knowledge on anything is pretty evident. U are probably the worst on here about spewing non sense..... Owe and u hate facts too!!

@tntgmc Keep bragging on yourself a few of the gullible may bieve it. And yes a stock 2.7 will blow the doors off a 6.2. The 2.7 is faster than a 3.5. And a3.5 will likely out run AMD certainly out pull your 6.2 dinosaur engine. Now you can throw another 3 year old fit.

@ FIF.

A 3 yr old fit?? Hmmm. Keep dreaming. Your clueless and hopeless all in one. What a peach

Look up the last comparison test the 2.7L didn't come close to a 6.2L. Keep dreaming though. Lmfao.

@tntgmc The reason you hate Ford and 5.4 is the short bus that took you to school was a Ford van with a 5.4.


That's best comeback u have? Wow. Pretty your intelligence

Best it did was 5.7 secs in supercab form

This is a 2 wheel drive truck crew cab 5.9 secs

6.2L in crew cab form did it in 5.6 secs. Those are facts. U want to get out in your place anymore?

U make yourself look rather silly and childish spewing non sense all the time. Who is the 3 year old here?!?

So u lose again.

Have great night.


Sorry I found it did it in 5.4 secs. FACTS!!!!

@ tntgmc You scramble all over the internet hunting links to prove you are right. You only post the ones that agree with your thinking..That is a.sad life. If you really believed the 6.2 is faster why don't you try yours against a 2.7. But you won't because you would have to admit the truth. But I live in the real world where we actually try one against another..That way you know.

@ tntgmc You scramble all over the internet hunting links to prove you are right. You only post the ones that agree with your thinking..That is a.sad life. If you really believed the 6.2 is faster why don't you try yours against a 2.7. But you won't because you would have to admit the truth. But I live in the real world where we actually try one against another..That way you know.

Posted by: frankinFL | Aug 14, 2018 7:55:11 PM

I have a 6.2 and I routinely take down ecobusts. It's too easy, when you have no turbo lag like ecobusts have.


So I give u facts after facts and your still in denial? You have truly lost your mind!

I research fact based vehicle magazines that do tests on trucks. What more do u want? Its facts at its finest. See how I said u dont like facts! U prove my point... Your pathetic!

BTW. I blow the doors off ecobusts. There hasn't been one that has hung with me yet!

Just stop commenting bc u your just hurting yourself after every post

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