Ready for the Revolution: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 First Drive


We've seen this playbook before: Big truckmaker redesigns a popular pickup truck and it looks like designers mashed everything but the kitchen sink into and onto the new body and frame. Most recently, we saw it with the 2019 Ram 1500, but also the 2017 Nissan Titan and even the 2015 Ford F-150. Now Chevrolet puts its best effort forward in one of the most important (and profitable) automotive classes with the 2019 Silverado 1500. There's plenty to discuss here, but if you just want our driving impressions, skip down to More Sport, More Strength. 

All-New, Top to Bottom, Front to Back

Chevy gave us our first opportunity to get behind the wheel of the fourth-generation Silverado half ton in the wilds of Wyoming and Idaho, where we drove several iterations of the new pickup on lonely, scenic high-altitude byways and on a challenging, multi-obstacle off-road course. We also pulled some 6,000-pound trailers around parts of the Snake River. This new pickup is bigger, stronger and lighter than ever before, saving more than 400 pounds of total weight (the hood, tailgate and doors are made from aluminum) while providing more power with more engine options, all of which will offer impressive fuel-saving technology.

This entirely new vehicle has a new, fully boxed frame made from several different types of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels with nine unique cross-members. The new frame saves 88 pounds from the previous model. The suspension components attached to it have been reengineered to reduce and minimize resistance points to better control ride quality. Also, the truck's body has been computer sculpted with nine different types of metals to save weight and improve strength, as well as help absorb any crash forces that need transferring away from occupants.

The most popular configuration for this class is the four-door crew-cab short-bed (5.5 feet in the Silverado's case) model, which now has a wheelbase almost 4 inches longer than the 2018 model's but increases in overall length by less than 2 inches. This means engineers moved the wheels farther into the corners for more stability. All crew-cab models will provide almost 3 inches of additional legroom for rear passengers and two hidden storage pockets in the seatbacks of the rear seats; seatback will also be wall-mounted to better insulate the cabin from outside noise.


The new Silverado 1500 will eventually have six powertrain choices, doubling last year's number, some of which introduce new Dynamic Fuel Management technology that allows the V-8s to run on just one to eight cylinders to conserve fuel. DFM will offer up to 17 different software adjustments that can control each cylinder individually to provide the most specifically tailored and most efficient use of the cylinders needed at any given point based on load and other inputs.

The powertrains include an entry-level 4.3-liter V-6 with GM's active fuel management (deactivates from six to four cylinders to conserve fuel) and six-speed transmission, a 5.3-liter V-8 with AFM and six-speed, an all-new turbocharged 2.7-liter inline four-cylinder with AFM and a new eight-speed, a more technologically advanced 5.3-liter V-8 with DFM and an eight-speed, the 6.2-liter V-8 with DFM and a 10-speed, as well as the yet-to-be-seen turbo-diesel 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder Duramax engine with a 10-speed. The only EPA fuel economy estimates currently available are for the two engines we drove: the 5.3-liter V-8 with DFM (17/23/19 mpg city/highway/combined) and the 6.2-liter V-8 with DFM (16/20/17 mpg).

A Favorite for Every Fan

The new trim level lineup delivers some interesting choices. What Chevy calls the high-value-category trims begin with the base Work Truck that offers features popular with fleet buyers like vinyl floors and cloth seats with a less stylized overall look. The next trim is Custom, which offers a more personalized look with body-colored trim, chrome accents and even a 20-inch aluminum wheel option. The final choice in the high-value category is the Custom Trail Boss, a more economical off-road truck that will still offer some impressive 4x4 features (a 2-inch suspension lift, the Z71 Off-Road Package, and locking rear differential and extra skid plating). In the mid-trim high-volume category, the LT will have a unique bow-tie grille, bigger touchscreen and available leather. Next is the all-new RST street-performance trim that adds a new all-wheel-drive transfer case, a 22-inch wheel option and LED lighting. The LT Trail Boss gets all the options of the LT along with a unique extra look and the Z71 Off-Road Package. Of the top two high-feature trim levels, the LTZ will include a leather interior and the High Country will get, among other things, a unique grille, a two-tone chrome-and-bronze finish and a class-exclusive power up/down tailgate.

Relatively unchanged for decades, Chevy's new pickup bed includes a few structural changes that could prove important to many new-truck buyers: It has a thinner out wall, providing 7 extra inches of usable inside width. This directly translates into more volume than any other short-bed pickup in the class. Additionally, the bed itself is made from several different materials to both save weight and increase strength; the floor is made from cold-rolled steel while the walls are made from several levels of high-strength steel. Every bed will offer 12 tie-down loops (three vertical stacks in each corner), some rated for up to 500 pounds. Additionally, there are nine other holes (three horizontally in each wall) to allow buyers to add more tie-downs or other bed accessories they may want. The new beds will also offer LED lighting and a 120-volt three-prong outlet as well as a newly reshaped (and more useful) bumper step. Finally, the tailgate will be offered in four variants: a manual gate with no lift assist that's manually lockable, a lift-assist gate with a manual lock, a power-lockable gate with one-touch power-release capability and the top-of-the-line class-exclusive gate that raises or lowers via the key fob, touchpads on the gate or a button in the cabin. As you might expect, the four levels of tailgate tech are matched with different trim packages.


In the technology arena, the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 continues to offer 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and wireless phone charging along with all the benefits of OnStar. But it will also include a new, larger color head-up display and a full-time rearview-camera display in the rearview mirror (full width) that means you can literally see past head restraints, passengers or cargo in the bed for a real-time view of what's behind you. The truck will also offer a five-camera option to provide a stitched 360-degree bird's-eye view on the center console screen, along with auto braking, lane-keeping assist and forward collision warning with vibrating driver's seat alerts. Optional active safety features include a front camera system that can detect pedestrians and employ braking at up to 50 mph, visual and audible blind spot warnings, rear cross-traffic alert and more.

More Sport, More Strength

We drove three different versions of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 that gave us a pretty good understanding of the breadth and depth of the model lineup. The RST AWD crew cab marked our first chance to drive the new all-wheel-drive transfer case. The system allows for two-wheel drive, full-time all-wheel drive and 4-High, and includes a feature, through the antilock braking system, that allows the big truck to behave as if it has a low-range gear for short stretches of time (the system uses the ABS to create the effect). Chevy said owner feedback indicated they don't use low range much, but they do like having it "just in case," whether for a slippery boat ramp, washed-out dirt road or tugging a friend out of a ditch.

Our time with the RST crew cab was spent running up and down some two-lane mountain highways where we were able to romp on the throttle and carve through some tight S-turns as well as claw our way around a few decreasing-radius corners. Yes, the RST does get street-biased tires and ours did have the 22-inch alloy wheels, so the extra grip shouldn't have surprised us; however, what did surprise us is how well-integrated the throttle response, steering precision and road manners were in a pickup of this size. The quietness of the interior and composure of the chassis are in a different league from the truck it's replacing. We'd guess that the front-end feel would rival a normal European sports sedan. We know that might sound like an overstatement (we've certainly driven more pickups than European sports sedans), but the ride quality matched with tight and versatile steering feel is unusual in a vehicle this large, especially when there's a giant bed in the back.

We should note that all new Silverado half tons receive a two-position rotary dial (one turn for Towing/Hauling and the other for a Sport mode) that controls mapping for the electronically controlled steering assist, throttle sensitivity and transmission mapping. We found the RST loves to be in Sport mode, which drops you down a gear or so, elevates engine rpm and has you jumping in and out of turns.


The RST will be offered with a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine (something many longtime, full-size pickup owners might be skeptical about), bringing back the Tripower name, but our test truck had the 5.3-liter V-8 with the new multi-displacement DFM system. Since much of our test drive with this truck was at an elevation of 7,000, power was down more than 20 percent, but we sure didn't feel it. We found the pedal response immediate and the eight-speed transmission was always ready to jump up or kickdown a gear when called upon. It's like a performance package the lineup has never had. Clearly Chevy is putting its best efforts in the more subtle and invisible details of the chassis and suspension tuning here, matching power with road feel. We like that.

A Better Off-Roader

We also drove the new off-road 4x4 Trail Boss Z71, which has a mild 2-inch suspension lift, monotube shocks, extra skid plating, optional Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires and a better approach angle due to the absence of a lower plastic valance. Our off-road truck also had the standard 5.3-liter aluminum-block V-8 with the DFM system and eight-speed transmission, exactly the combination we had in the RST.

We ran this truck through the Grand Teton mountain range and, even at elevations reaching 9,000 feet we weren't wanting for passing power or carving prowess through the mountain passes. Even with a slightly taller stance than the other trim levels, there was not the slightest bit of "tippyness" to the road feel. The standout feature here during a section of smooth road was during hard cornering: The balance and control of the front end, as well as the composure of the rear live axle when running over choppy blacktop, was notable. We've driven a lot of half-ton pickups that have trouble maintaining their poise when driving empty over uneven surfaces. This is where you can tell GM gave its chassis engineers a lot of latitude.

We were thankful that at the end of our paved mountain drive, Chevy had created a private off-road park with several interesting 4x4 obstacles for us to challenge the Silverado 1500 Trail Boss. Given how controlled and firm the suspension was on mountain road, we found the Trail Boss impressively supple and compliant when navigating in low range over a pile of unevenly spaced logs and ruts. Combine that with the easier-to-use push-button electronic four-wheel drive, and the truck feels like it has a split personality.


Our test truck in the 4x4 park was equipped with 30-inch-tall Goodyear Wrangler tires at full tire pressures, which gave us the climbing power to claw our way over the crest of the steep hill climb. Waiting for us on the other side was a boulder-strewn pathway we had to traverse — it almost looked like those sharp and jagged chunks of broken granite wanted to reach out and slash the body panels. We found the throttle sensitivity sufficiently modulated to allow us to dance along the tops of the rocks without any of the annoying surge and stall cycles we've experienced on some trucks. Thankfully, Chevy kept the column shifter that can control the transmission with a manual rocker switch once pulled down into a manual mode. We crawled the rocks in 1st gear, L1.

Our final obstacle was a 20-yard stretch of mud and muck, just waiting to splash past the bumper and grille to be ingested into the air intake and engine compartment. So, we crawled along slowly, keeping our wheel speed relatively low while in low range, fighting for traction under the sludge. Not much drama there, but we did get some good action shots. You're welcome!

Living the High Life While Towing

Our third and final test truck was the top-of-the-line High Country hooked up to a 6,000-pound closed cargo trailer. The High Country (and the LTZ) come standard with the all-new Advance Trailering System that makes towing about as easy and safe as we've ever seen on a half ton. Chevy does this by including a departure checklist within the touchscreen, equipping the truck with as many as six cameras, all of which can be accessed on-screen (some with zoom-in capability). There is even a theft alert you can activate that taps into the vehicle's alarm if someone is tempted to unhitch your trailer.

Among our favorite features: The system can check all the trailering lights to make sure they're in working order, as well as give the driver individual temperature and pressure readings for each tire in real time. But the most significant thing Chevy is doing to make trailering safer is putting a dedicated label on every Silverado 1500 that lists the gross vehicle weight rating, gross combined weight rating and maximum payload, tongue weight and trailering capacity for that particular pickup. Everyone will know exactly what their specific pickup can legally tow and carry — no more guessing. We really like that.


The camera settings were remarkably easy to control and adjust; we used the cameras to search around the truck and trailer, and even checked to make sure our chains were crossed properly — all from the safety of the driver's seat. As to ride quality, we suspect the trailer Chevy provided was perfectly weighted with low-center-of-gravity material (maybe lead ingots or bags of cement) and likely had the perfectly apportioned amount of weight on the tongue. It probably was not close to a normal towing experience, but with that in mind, the High Country with the 6.2-liter V-8 was composed and quiet during our 20-mile lake-loop highway drive. We found the 10-speed quick to downshift when looking to pass and it provided energetic downshifts when braking (sometimes two and three gears at a time), especially when in Tow/Haul mode. Our only complaint was that it did not have towing mirrors, which we hear will be an option by the end of the year. They will be electronically extendable and foldable into the truck, similar to what current heavy-duty models offer. Also, although Chevy's tow package gives you a bigger and stronger rear axle and lower axle gear, it does not offer any type of overload spring package to beef up the rear of the truck beyond a composite overload spring that is essentially there to save weight. We'd like to see more here.

Game-Changing Pickup

The pickups we drove were quite diverse and covered a healthy price range. The RST listed for just less than $50,000, while the LT Trail Boss Z71 was just less than $55,000 and the High Country just less than $65,000. For the full lineup, excluding options, base prices (including destination) start at $29,795 and go to $54,495.

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is packed with new features and an impressive number of upgrades and improvements, but from what we've seen from the Silverado's direct competitors, that's pretty much the price of entry, especially if you want to make some noise and get attention. Manufacturers of other half tons will be watching, because this is what it looks like when a big corporation understands the value of a prized nameplate and gives it full support. Chevy doesn't seem to have skimped on this one. A dramatic look, new features, new trims, new technology and a vastly improved powertrain lineup (especially important to this class) clearly show this is a different Silverado 1500 than we've seen in the past. The Truck Wars are motivating engineers and corporate executives to go all-in to sell profitable pickups and grab more market share — and this half ton is just the latest piece of evidence. The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 looks like it's going to be a game-changer for Chevy and the class. photos by Evan Sears






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Work Truck




Custom Trail Boss






LT Trail Boss




High Country





Looks just like a RAM. Geez GM, do your own thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The powertrains include an entry-level 4.3-liter V-6 with GM's active fuel management (deactivates from eight to four cylinders to conserve fuel).

Should be very cool to see a V-6 deactivate from 8 cylinders down to 4...

This is not a good looking truck at all. Not even close. $55,000 for an LT?? Uhhh, no.

I look forward to all the upcoming reviews on this truck, and really want to test drive one. It still looks like a Toyota in profile (not necessarily a bad thing), but I'm not sold on the front end design yet. Hope it grows on me.

However, that dashboard is just downright aweful. I'm not sure if I could live with that constant reminder after dropping $50k on this truck. I could overlook the front end, but spending hours a day looking at the dash could cause insanity.

The Ram 1500 keeps looking like the best overall product. Hope the reliability is good.

Mark, you sure have a rough job. Look forward to seeing on in person, and driving it.

I can't believe it has taken 30 years to finally put HUD in a pickup.

I think the truck looks good but the front grill might take a little getting used to. I like the RST and High Country Grills the best. The wider bed thing doesn't do much for me though I think it might make it easier to access tie downs. The trailer and camera tech looks pretty useful. The interior looks good even in LT trim. I don't understand the why they have two transfer case options either.

Overall I like it and think it will do well.

Can’t wait to see the aluminum and manstep commercials from GM.... also will be great to laugh at these new grills when you see them on the road. Poor fools that get duped into buying these.

Those wheel wells prevent larger tires from being installed, much like the Colorado unless huge modifications. Rear lower shock mounts are a joke. Needs better approach angle.

Other than its weakness off-road, should make a fine on road truck!

Great looking truck. Once a prospective buyer drives one of these new units, they will be hooked. GM has always been the leader on improving the overall truck driving experience by improving steering feel and ride quality. Sounds like they just moved the goal posts again and now FORD is really left behind and all they can see is RAM and Silverado's taillights. Good bye Ford.

@papajim -- Good catch. Appreciate you keeping us honest. Fixed. @Alan -- We'll admit this can be a pretty good job. They're not all like this though. More coming.

The front ends on all trim levels are UGLY. I’ll be keeping my 2017 Silverado HD with the Duramax for along time if the 2020 Silverado HD’s look this bad

I love the off-road oriented spare tire on the Trail Boss...

$65,000 for a High Country is almost as stupid as $70,000 for the new F150 Limited. Some idiot will finance one of these for 84 months or perhaps even longer. I'll stick to buying used and paying cash with no aluminum. To many hail storms where I live for aluminum hoods.

One thing that Chevy has copied from the other two, is putting pass through vents in the center console. Y'all might not pay much attention to that but it was a big point to wife when we look at new family trucks. It gets really warm in a rear facing car seat if the air is not stirred in the back seat.

I don't have a life, so I care what my truck looks like.

Or maybe I care how well it works.

great job GM. The looks of this truck is amazing in person! Can't wait for comparison testing.

@ imposter...CT

Get a life and post under your own crunch time loser name again.

Great looking truck inside and out. Front reminds me of a modern version if the 03-06. Can't wait to drive one

Sounds like GM swung their big engineering hammer and came up with a great driving truck.

I'd verify the RST is AWE though - I don'tont think it is. My understanding is it's a single speed transfer case unless you opt for the affordable Z71 package which adds a few things, like 2 speed transfer case and dual exhaust.

That thing has a face that only a mother could love. Those squinty headlights are horrible.

The front end is awful and the grilles on the lower trucks are just painful to look at! The profile looks "tall" for a lack of a better term., almost cartoonish! The squinch eyed headlights look terrible for this design, maybe a bigger more square headlight lens would help even things out a bit? I'm not a fan of the look of LED lights anyway but seems GM could have thought this out a little better!
I appreciate GM "upping" their game" but there is no symmetry or balance to this look. Even the interior looks "off".

Junk just pure junk. FORD # SECOND TO NONE!!!!

@Joe -- You are correct to note the single-speed transfer case on the RST but they do offer and allow for 2WD, AWD, and 4High, as well as a kind of "low-range" that uses the ABS to reduce wheel speed -- definitely not something to use over long timeframes, but it could be handy for a lot of folks.

So the 4 banger has AFM, dang, what does it deactivate, all but 1 cylinder. This will be interesting, very interesting.

The more trim versions I see the less I like the new design.

The more trim versions I see the less I like the new design.

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Aug 13, 2018 10:26:38 AM

They should have kept the previous design.

The exterior looks great, something I have not said about a GM truck in years. The interior looks a little dated but appears to be functional. 55K for an LT is high but I looked on the lot and you can't find even an Impala for less then 40K these days. Luckily expect 10K off sticker after six months time.

So the rumors are true, they are using parts mostly sourced from Asia.

Luckily expect 10K off sticker after six months time.
Posted by: Jim | Aug 13, 2018


Want to get $20K off the price of a new car? Get Washington DC out of the process. Between the EPA & CAFE rules, and the oppressive safety rules, and the enormous taxes automakers pay, you could subtract huge money from the price of modern cars (without losing anything at all in the way of functionality and safety).

FINALLY!!! Welcome to modern times Chevy.

All of its fans of its old junk must be so confused... aluminum, turbo, choices, smaller / modern engines, modern materials, probably a 5 star crash rating...

Poor old fans. You all HATED all this stuff others have had for years now. How will you ever forgive Chevy for getting with "the program" aka copying the competition? Well if youre fine with them going bankrupt youre fine with anything.

Its ok. You finally got something modern. Try to be happy. GMs past is best conveniently forgotten.

While I'm not reading about anything really raising the bar they definitely seem to have caught up and refined it to a finer point.

@oapajim aka the fake JeffS (including di.)
"Between the EPA & CAFE rules, and the oppressive safety rules, and the enormous taxes automakers pay, you could subtract huge money from the price of modern cars (without losing anything at all in the way of functionality and safety)."

Reading most of your posts I can see why you make so many errors.

You really are a fool. I would have thought people choosen for marketing would be smarter.

papa jim and your other aliases, you are dumber than dog, try and add quality and truth in your statements. But from what I've read truth and guerilla marketing have nothing to do with each other.

I just wanted the site to become more welcoming without the marketing I saw from papajim.

This truck is not a game changer.

All brands have positive and negative attributes. The minor difference between brands is what the manufacturers target. They target the personal preferences.

All pickups are competitive against each other, but GM is pinching pennies again and could have done more.

A veteran bomber-pilot once said to a newby that you can tell when you're over the target by the volume of anti-aircraft fire and flack you start seeing.

The same logic applies to the infantile and gratuitous responses that I see from the multi-personality disordered guy who hates my comments so much.

I must be straight over the target...bombs away!!!

Fake news, folks. GM tries to catch up and misses the target.

Mid range 5.3 still there and with the 8 speed. Yawn.

Finally got a turbo, but only in 4 cylinders. No thanks.

6.2 10 speed available again, but only in upper trim.

Interior looks like the old. So they centered the steering wheel. Good for them.

More tie downs? About time. But old news.

The ride quality has improved as it should have as the last truck had the Chevy shake.

The truck is better, but not a game changing truck compared to the competitors.

The ride quality has improved as it should have as the last truck had the Chevy shake.
Posted by: Chevy Truck Guy | Aug 13, 2018

@truck guy

You were doing so well, then you mentioned the Shake. The infamous shake is a unicorn.

I spent a weekend with a 2018 double cab LT recently and the chassis and ride were awesome. No shake.

I would like to see a true weight compairson between the F150 and Silverado. The F150 was heavy pre aluminum trim. I bet the lariant and high country are very close in crew cab configurations. The 2 dr reg cab in the F150 if you can get the 5.0 would be a rocket. Ford also seems to be geared more agressivly.

FAKE-TNT, not sure why you keep blaming someone who hasn't been on here for awhile!!!!!!!

@papa--You borrowed a truck for the weekend? I guess you think that makes you an expert. lol. Back to the bingo hall for you.

@ imposter

You can't fool me! You (CT) havent been on since all this nonsense 2 began. Plus your the only one who ever talked about a BMW beating a camaro, and the only one whomever complained about mpgs using the digital readout. Just man up and use your own name. Its rather pathetic

Kinda like your lies about getting a new Ram, talked about it, then didn't. So childish and unmanly.

Get a life And use your own name. I've had this since I've joined.

The Chevy may shake and rattle, but at least it rolls.

Cant say that about the Fords.

And really, the Ford are the ones that shake and rattle more, just look at the Raptor's flawed rear suspension that they finally admitted was flawed and have attempted to remedy in 2019.

Don't believe me? Believe Ford themselves.

Why else did they change the rear suspension for 2019? Now you know.

The 2.7 4cyl turbo has the deep rumble of a V-8.

The complex AFM and advanced engine controls are still the same simple design that made the 5 3 bullet proof for the last 60 years.

I paid cash for my Denali 6.234 liter. I'm a legend. Just ask me or my 3 other user names. We'll tell you!

You borrowed a truck for the weekend?

@big *** from **

Shall I get your permission next time?

Are you finding new and more unctuous ways to behave online? Do you have any friends? Were you raised by wolves?

Fake TNTGMC comments

Get a life

Love this truck. Just drove by dealership with my 18/Sierra. Had to stop and look. I love the storage in back rests of seats. Box has a lot more volume than my 18.

The title of this article should read:

READY FOR THE DISAPPOINTMENT: 2019 Chevy Silverado First Drive.

@ Frank guy

Thats what was put on your birth certificate by your mother when she saw u for the first time!

Those wheel wells prevent larger tires from being installed, much like the Colorado unless huge modifications.

Posted by: oxi | Aug 13, 2018 8:03:06 AM

The Trailboss is designed to accept up to a 33" tire without any modifications.

Rear lower shock mounts are a joke.
Posted by: oxi | Aug 13, 2018 8:03:06 AM

Trucks have had shock mounts identical to this for decades and have never had an issue. I've said for years now that Toyota needs to stop hanging the Tacoma's transfer case so low. 2 or 3" below the frame rails is a JOKE. So is the "skid" plate Toyota puts on it to "protect" it.

Needs better approach angle.
Posted by: oxi | Aug 13, 2018 8:03:06 AM

The approach angle on the LT Trailboss looks god to me. And look, unlike Toyota, GM has engoneers that are smart enough to design the truck so the transfer case is tucked up above the bottom of the frame rails. Toyota can't seen to figure out how to mount the transfer case so it doesn't hang 2 or 3 inches below the frame rails. I'd rather scuff up a rear shock mount than crack an aluminum transfer case.

Other than its weakness off-road, should make a fine on road truck!
Posted by: oxi | Aug 13, 2018 8:03:06 AM

I don't see any fullsize truck coming out of Toyota today that could even come close to a Trailboss. Between the Tundra's flimsy weak frame, weak IFS, and poor quality rear axle, it's very poor option for going anywhere near an offroad trail.

I think the GMC looks better than the Chevy, but the styling of this truck is starting to grow on me. Love the look of the RST. But I just bought my 2011, so I’ll be keeping that for awhile!

Luckily expect 10K off sticker after six months time.
Posted by: Jim | Aug 13, 2018

Hey that would still be less incentives than the 2015 F-150 wonder truck needed after 6 months...

READY FOR THE DISAPPOINTMENT: 2019 Chevy Silverado First Drive.
Posted by: That Guy Frank | Aug 13, 2018 5:17:41 PM

The only disappointment is coming from the Ford fans that thought the 2019 GM half-tons were going to be all-aluminum. Unlike Ford, GM is smart enough to know that reynolds wrap doesn't make a good bed.







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