2019 Jeep Scrambler Trim Levels: Spied

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The mid-size pickup truck class will see three new players in 2019: the Ford Ranger, the Nissan Frontier and the highly anticipated return of the Jeep pickup, called the JT Scrambler. Until now we have seen only some rough preproduction prototypes of the Jeep Scrambler, but we just received these from our deep-cover spy photographers that clearly show two different trim levels of the new Scrambler. Here's what the photographers had to say:

"Today we bring you our best look to date at a prototype Jeep Scrambler in what we believe are the JT Sport and JT Rubicon trims, complete with the all-new Wrangler JL interior. Earlier prototypes had Wrangler JK elements throughout the interior.

"The new Jeep Scrambler is expected to be based on a modified long-wheelbase Wrangler Unlimited platform with similar front-end styling to the SUV and traditional Jeep styling in the rear. Expect the new pickup to compete in the mid-size pickup class, leaving plenty of breathing room for corporate stablemate Ram 1500.

"Like the Wrangler, the pickup will adopt more aluminum panels to save weight while still allowing for reasonable hauling and strong off-road capabilities. The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and an eight-speed automatic is likely to be the mainstream powertrain, but an eTorque hybrid is rumored to be added later. A diesel option is still on the table and if fuel prices start climbing, it could become more likely.

"From what we've seen, the JT Rubicon will wear 285/70R17 all-terrain tires (identical to the JL), while the JT Sport will wear 255/70R18 street treads. Expect to see an official debut later this year, with an on-sale date in early 2019."

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But but...it's got square wheel wells

A vehicle that long is not a Jeep.
That's just a Dakota.
Real Jeeps only have short wheelbases.

HUMMER was better

But but...it's got square wheel wells
Posted by: budsy47 | Sep 4, 2018 3:30:34 PM

So did older Dodge trucks. The only rainbow wheel well diehards are the Ford guys. They hate any truck that doesn't have rainbow wheel openings.

Wonder how much it will leak? The doors don’t look that tight.

As long as it has a competitive tow rating, it can get 10 mpg and leak from the roof and I’ll still take one over a ranger.

Wonder how much it will leak? The doors don’t look that tight.
Posted by: Charles | Sep 4, 2018 7:07:18 PM

Look tighter than the misaligned doors on my 2015 F-150 were.

it would be great with a removable top...

I'm turned off by one thing.

Jeep dragged out this process for a very long time and they ended up with something that looks like a Jeep with a balcony on the back. I wish them well because Jeep as a company is doing some good things these days. I hope they get it right.

Americans need a pickup you can buy off the showroom floor ready for the woods. It should do very well.

The new Nissan Frontier has been pushed back until 2020.

After waiting that long you just expect more. After eight sleepy Obama years the US economy has really woken up, the big automakers missed a key opportunity to address a lot of new demand. The first company to bring a really exciting new midsize package to market will hit a real home run.

Posted by: papajim | Nov 5, 2017

Almost a year has gone by and I still could not have said it better myself.

budsy- yes it does, they do not want to copy GM's huge failure...

Oh boy. More unreliable Chrysler/Fiat junk. Sure it will look cool, but will it go the distance? Probably not.

Why didn't they just take a Wrangler Unlimited and remove the back seats. This thing is loooong!


It is just a regular Jeep configured with a bed, nothing original here, move along!

Sad, very sad!

If fuel prices climb people will spend thousands more to buy a diesel that likely never pays for itself in most applications. The only reason to buy a diesel is if you tow heavy or just like diesel power.

What is this trying to be anyway? Too long for a jeep but too short to be a useful truck, and looks ugly even covered. Honestly it would be more useful with a shell over the bed for more cargo capability. I'll bet it's like $45 grand or more too. No thanks.


Fuel prices are volatile. When they go down the media ignores it. When they go up the media goes crazy.

Here is a fact the media ignores. I'm paying less today than I did five years ago. Works for me.

Re Diesel. Most of us will discover that a diesel costs more to buy, to maintain and is only really practical for those who really need the extra performance that diesel brings to the towing and hauling of heavy loads.

papa-the fake papa? Diesel stats you mention are fake news. Depending on where you live and how you use the diesel it can cost less.

I pay way more in the NE than five years ago, thats a fact.

It will be a niche vehicle. It will sell as well as and appeal to the same fans of little hummer truck that came and went.

Its hard to see any real advantage over the Wrangler as an off roader/recreation or even "I have the money and comfort to waste being a jeep daily driver for my image" vehicle.

The little Raptor, and ZR2, and TRD will probably match its off road performance or even exceed it at higher speeds and be more comfortable the other 360 days a year on pavement.

Bad name too.

I am sure this machine is going too cost a whole suit case full of money. Im leaning more towards the Ram 2500 4x4 truck . now that's a machine that may cost a lot but is proven and for the long haul.It will out live me.

A vehicle that long is not a Jeep.
That's just a Dakota.
Real Jeeps only have short wheelbases.

Posted by: Telford | Sep 4, 2018 3:34:53 PM

I agree. A 4-door Scrambler will most likely only appeal to die hard Jeep enthusiast. I've owned a few Wranglers and I loved them. Will always be a fan. Have never been a fan of this new pickup, but was waiting to see the final product. I'm thinking they should have went more Comanche style than Scrambler.

it would be great with a removable top...

Posted by: Dave | Sep 4, 2018 8:36:15 PM

They should of went convertible like the old 89-91 ish Dakota's......



You can select any state, you can search back 10 years. You are also full of rich organic fertilizer. Gas in my area is a dollar cheaper than it was anytime between 2012 and 2014


I've been saying that the trim levels will be aligned with the Sport and Rubicon- Sahara and Rubicon are too close together. I couldn't fathom buing the Sahara instead of the Rubicon for $3grand more.
@ MLS956- leaked dealer docs have tow rating at 6500lb, regardless of powertrain.
@Charles- that's vinyl camo stuck to the outside. it doesn't seal anything.
@Dave- Rof is definitely removable, hard and soft tops are supposed to be available.
@Oxi- yes trim. the content/alignment of the trim levels has not been announced. This supports an equivalent of the Sport and Rubicon levels. if you don't care, take a dump elsewhere.
@BD- it's trying to be an off-road focused midsize truck- a segment that keeps growing.
@carl- pricing should be right about the same as the 4-Door JL Wrangler (which isn't cheap).

Can't catch the #1 selling brand Silverado

Was going to buy one if they kept it a 2 door. Too bad!

I do not understand all the negative comments. It looks like a gasp..pickup truck. Because that's what it is! See how that works?

I love the side view-it has a usable load bed. You guys do recall what that is? It's something you use to carry things. And it really helps if you (and the wife) can actually access it.

What a novel concept You don't need a man-step. Or bumper steps. Just lean over, pick out the chain saw, or gas trimmer or whatever.

Now...if they can make it reliable and build some lower trim models-they will sell a whole bunch. Really.

Well, I've owned 5 jeeps, two of which were CJ-8s. Have been waiting on this pickup for years...years! It's offload capabilities and overloading abilities are paramount in my mind...and, I truly believe it will meet my expectations with a diesel...range...range...Baby...that's what I want!
Daily driver...yes...Rock crawling...no...overlanding with the wife...yes! Don't like my opinion, then get an Unlimited or a 2 door...and power to you! But, don't expect your wants, needs and desires to be the same as mine. Freedom!...that's what the Wrangler provides to You and Me. Blessings!

If it doesn't come in a two door then I will just to have to keep driving my 1986 Comanche... i really need a two door Scrambler...

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