2019 Ram 1500 Rebel 12 Hoping to Raise Off-Road Luxury Bar

Rebel 12 front three quarter copy II

As the full lineup of all-new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup trucks make their way to dealerships, Ram continues to find new permutations of the half ton to offer its customers. The newest in the 2019 line is the Ram Rebel 12, named for the impressive 12-inch touchscreen now available on Ram's most off-road-biased trim level.

The Rebel 12 is part of a move Ram is making to allow Rebel fans to outfit their pickup truck with many of the same high-tech features available on the more upper-end trim levels, such as leather seating, heated front seats, the exclusive SiriusXM 360L on-demand content package, and its class-exclusive, reconfigurable 12-inch touchscreen display. In addition, the Rebel 12 will still offer all the previously available features we've seen on past Rebel packages, such as a locking rear differential, available four-corner air suspension (coil-sprung Rebels have a taller factory suspension height), 33-inch all-terrain tires, larger skid plates and specially tuned Bilstein shocks.

Pricing for the 2019 Ram Rebel 12 will start at $48,685, which is just over $2,000 more than the Standard Rebel. 2019 Rebel 12s will be in dealerships soon.

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That grille needs to go.

I agree Uh Huh. Hopefully the aftermarket will start producing Crosshair replacement grilles soon.

Charp Chruck!

The whole truck needs to go. Still slower 0-60 than trucks were 28 years ago, 1991 GMC Syclone can beat this thing, even a 1991 Ford lightning or a 2004 SRT 10, or a 2007 Supercharged Tundra. Garbage. Build an electric drive battery powered off road rig like Bollinger, better center of gravity, more ground clearance, more power for less, easier to fix, more low end torque, fill/charge up at home, less noise. This is junk, won't buy into old technology, waiting for Workhorse, Tesla, Bollinger or possibly Ford's Mach 1 program. Then I will buy a truly new truck, this is a con, nothing more, same old platform for over 3 decades and it got slower.

These new RAM trucks have stepped to the front of the class, however, as others have noted, the grille on this model lacks a bit.


I'm sure you're a bright guy, but your comment makes you sound like an idiot. Your statement comparing this RAM to the platform of 20 years ago is bone headed foolishness.

They should put the grill from the other trucks on the Rebel. Not a crosshair though, that is just outdated now.

Thomas has mastered 0-60 and not much else. What a special Hi PO street version of something or a model of car did 20 years ago compared to what a modern, working 4x4, truck (that retains its payload capacity) will do at a drag strip is pretty much meaningless. If 0-60 is your ONLY thing I would as a general rule advise avoiding trucks all together.

The most interesting thing about this article is that Fiat has elected to at least partially, but literally name a trim level of the Ram after the size of its touchscreen. This is something that not long ago truck buyers would never have cared about. I wonder how many are obsessed with inches now? This does take us down an amusing rabbit hole. What will be next? Badging for the display size next to the engine/tranny on the door/hood? In the past I would have said no way. But today I learned of the Rebel 12.

Wow, another (yawn) special edition. Fiat is a strange company.

Great looking truck. This thing will look better in a mall parking lot than any of the bloated shiny Raptors I see now.

Great looking truck. This thing will look better in a mall parking lot than any of the bloated shiny Raptors I see now.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Sep 24, 2018 9:16:51 AM

i find it amazing how many Raptors i see out and about anymore, was at a football game yesterday and in our parking alone lot there was 6 to 8 Raptors

Nice truck, no wonder in all the GM truck commercials, they ask who people think won this or that award, and they all say Ram or Ford-genius marketing there shows most people dont think of GM as an awarded company due to all the bad press they get, we can see why. this truck is hands down much better than the old crap GM is putting out. I would say Ram has caught Ford in the luxury arena now-nicely done!

I remember the football tailgating days. Clearly, that is where one can shine their braun. Raptor plays into that.

Was at a car show a few months ago, and had a beer with my nephew and his fiancé, and his fiancé's twin sister. Very nice looking lady's, 25yrs old. The twin sister said something about a Raptor as being cool. Guess I need to get me one to be cool again, or noticed. Ie, go back to the days when vehicle status was a definition of who "we are". The bicycling around is really not a status thing whatsoever in most of society. Many people, my brother too, just want to bump us off the road. Ouch!

that's a nice looking truck. Great interior. Too bad the new 12 inch is a nightmare! Hopefully they get it corrected. Overall, I'd look at one. Dont know if I can get past reliability issues Dodge/RAM has had over the years. But I'm liking the looks more and more

Still can't believe they already have $10k+ off new 19 models. Must not be flying off dealer lots like they thought?

Let me get this straight, are you saying a 2019 Ram 1500/Ford f150/Chevy Silverado would be slower to slower than a 1988 Dodge Ram/Ford f150 or Chevy C10? If so, will you provide proof. perhaps video of a stock 1988 F150 vs a 2019 F150 on a quarter mile?

I wish I could get this grille on any model, like Big Horn. I like it most.

Pickup poor 0-60? That's like saying my Vette doesn't pull a big trailer very well.

I would take away the ugly bar from the grill it detracts from an otherwise clean design. In the case of the grill less is better. The design of the truck itself is very clean and a simple grill work with the word RAM is enough.

Aftermarket makes grills to replace this one I will order a Rebel immediately

@ the blue tntgmc, so you have one and have problems with the 12" display? Oh thats right, you read about it online so it must be bad. How you are a GM fan amazes me.....

Its true. If electric motors are not turning the wheels, the vehicle is junk.
Mechanical drive is such a bad way to deliver the power to the wheels.
Just keep the fire breathing big diesels and gas motors, and connect them to a generator/alternator to supply the electricity to the electric motors.
We don't need to wait for big expensive batteries to be developed and mass produced.
Just stay with better, simpler cheaper technology of a range extender combustion engine and...


For goodness sakes, its 2018. This old mechanical drive junk is all going to break down soon and pay into the pockets of the old auto industry business plan.

Red is not impressive or luxury.

Thus Ram is still in third place no matter what interiors you get. Not the head of the class. What a joke.

@ Nitro

Do try to start an argument with me constantly? I think you try and start confrontations just to make yourself feel better. Terrible!!! It's a known fact their having issues with them. READ!! It would do u a ton of good! Heck there was an article right here on PUTC that stated they had issues.

Please dont try calling me out anymore. You look rather silly!

I would take away the ugly bar from the grill it detracts from an otherwise clean design. In the case of the grill less is better. The design of the truck itself is very clean and a simple grill work with the word RAM is enough.

Posted by: Jeff S | Sep 24, 2018 12:04:14 PM

I was thinking exactly the same thing.! Just get rid of that center bar and leave the word RAM. Good looking truck.

Its true. If electric motors are not turning the wheels, the vehicle is junk....Posted by: Jim | Sep 24, 2018


How many different ID's have you used on this website since the first of the month? Your foolishness is very transparent.

I was thinking exactly the same thing.! Just get rid of that center bar and leave the word RAM. Good looking truck.

Posted by: What The Heck | Sep 24, 2018 3:55:34 PM

It would look like ford ranger then. This design mimics bull horns and looks much better, than generic design without the center bar.
That's the part I like, so keep it there RAM.

Why do all the manufacturers have to copy each other? The Ram Rebel, Chevy Trail Boss, and Ford Raptor all have a black front end on their off road trucks.

Ram is already knocking $10k off 2019 Ram 1500's. I guess people didn't see the value proposition the same way as Ram did. Ram didn't fix the absolutely awful minivan transmission shifter, the payload ratings are still terrible in real-world configurations, the 5.7 is an ancient pig that struggled to keep up with the 5.0, 5.3, 6.2, etc. And that 12" touchscreen has a whole lot of debugging left.

The bull horn plays into the Braun of it all. Geez, how much effort, ie discussion, goes into a front end. Horns no horns. It should all be more arrow in the first place to play into the fuction of it all. This is another discussion that's played out 100 times over. Ok, have at it guys.

Some of the extra trim reminds me of some of the cars in the 50's where too much extra trim ruined the looks of many of the cars especially true of the 58 Buick and Oldsmobile. I guess if some like that bar on the grill then that is their choice but if they like it that much then maybe they need to buy it. I do like the overall design of the new Ram in that it is a very clean and simple design. Adding anything else ruins what is basically a good design. I also like the red accents to the interior. Ram seems to have really nice interiors on the upper trim models.

I love the Rams's shifter. It's faster and easier to use then a column or pistal grip shifter and not to mention takes up way less space. From what I've heard Ford and GM will have them in the coming years. You already see it on the Expedition.

I wonder how long Ram keeps making all these detailed, trim-specific interiors with how quickly they had to start offering heavy incentives. Only a few months in and Ram dealers are already pushing $11k off. I know they had to compete with Ford dealers offering $15k+ off brand new 2018 F-150's but still.

Don't know why i am always surprised of the ignorance out there. If any of you think your influencing anybody's buying decision from your ignorant comments think again. Your only kidding yourself. lol

Does being first in fleet make you the BEST truck?

Does a plastic aluminum truck that is quick 0 to 60 make it the best truck?

Ram has the best features of any truck on the road. Biggest screen, best ride, more controlled while towing, Best interior, largest interior.


It look like the Oder compagnie have some catch-up to do this is the best looking interiors for a truck,,,,


Please stay on topic or do not comment.

You only ridicule others without responding to the substance of their comments about pickups and the auto industry.

If Elton John were a truck he'd be this one.

You only ridicule others without responding to the substance of their comments about pickups and the auto industry.
Posted by: Jim | Sep 24, 2018 9:56:07 PM

You electric-only propaganda is completely bereft of substance.

Your inability to read is disturbing.
I never said ""electric only".
Where did I say that?
You can't find it, because it is not there.
This points out the real problem.
You all are just too dumb.
And I have cited many substantial evidences for "electric drive"(not electric only vehicles).
They are here to buy right not all over.
And more importantly, they will be the large part of the market soon.
Infinity has announced "all" their hybrids will be range extenders(with combustion engines by the way--not "electric only"--as you say).
Nissan will soon follow.
Honda, BMW, Mitsubishi, GM, Via Trucks, Workhorse Trucks, and many more have many vehicles to buy right now that have abandoned the mechanical linkage to the wheels for electric drive.

So, what is your evidence from your cave you live in?

Good looking truck!
I do participate in some RV forums an people are finding out the RAM Rebel door sticker payloads are kinda low compared to other versions of the RAM 1500.


How are things going on the sheep station?

"off-road Luxury".....luxury SUV/Truck that "looks" like it could go off-road....

This is mainly for the GM fans on here:

Either GM didnt grease the wheels (pay) at MT or the 2019's are really a overall letdown as other reviews have concluded...



Blue TNT- my apologies for constantly calling you out on all of your incorrect assessments. I believe Ford just called you , GMS and papa as well in their commercial-classic, it is as it was written for you guys....

It's a good looking truck.
I guess red is making a comeback. Perhaps at least with the accents and maybe a little more on the door panel. Kinda looks nice. I think that's enough since I inherited an old Honda Accord with Red interior and it's a bit much. Even the old airplanes in the late 60-70's had all red, which I think is too much.
Dial shifter seems like a good migration if it clears up interior space.
Drove next to a 6.2L Raptor on the freeway this morning. That sure is a wide truck. It sits like my brothers 70 Must/Mach1, ie somewhat squatted at the rear. Ford had a tendency to squat their Muscle cars at the rear just a pinch.
Blows my mind how big these things can be.

@ Nitro

Incorrect assessments? Get a clue. Just read about it. Again you assess nothing and start garbage. Go for a walk or drink a cup of coffee and come back with a positive attitude!

@ fulsize

I agree. I read both reviews and they haven't been best. Main thing for both has been interior. I think gm missed out by keeping it relatively the same. Who knows?//I love the layout of my 18. Very easy to operate and get to all buttons.


Yeah i can see that the interior should have been changed up more to match the redesigned exterior, what strikes me the most as being disappointing is that the engines weren't really updated unless you can call an engine "all-new" because of a different fuel saving tech whose fuel saving advantage will be minimal at best. To make matters worse these particular reviews (im usually skeptical of MT) bring up the crappy shifting/drivabilty that is present on many 2014-18 trucks as being present on this generation too.

@ Fullsize

I agree. What I have also read is that GM offers a Sport mode for the engines and it allows a more aggressive shifting for the transmission. MT didn't mention using that mode??

Yes, all reviews have bashed the interior, but I like the simplicity of it. Is it as luxuries as Ram's. Absolutely not!

As for the power? I also agree, another reason why I went with an 18 body style with $12k off. I'm wondering if they are giving it a year to see how well the new engines do with the new management of fuel. I could see a power bump in 2020.

I want to see a comparison done here between all 3 and then Ill make my judgement!

Yes, a head to head of similarly equipped 2019 model half tons would be a great article. Hauling, Towing, Interior comfort and off roading. But wait till the crash test ratings come out so that those can be factored in too.


If the past 2-3 Gm truck generations are seen as a forecast i wouldn't hold my breath on a power bump till the next generation is introduced....

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